How to transfer WhatsApp chat to your New Phone? 3 Methods

WhatsApp chat transfer:  Guys, all of you must be aware that WhatsApp is a very popular app in today’s time.

Mostly everyone uses WhatsApp in Android and iOS devices.

But sometimes we have to face such a situation that we have to transfer your WhatsApp messages. Like after the phone gets damaged or after buying a new mobile etc..

Nowadays one of the best smartphones are coming in the market, seeing that we want to switch from old phone to new phone.

But the problem is that I have to buy a new phone but how to get my WhatsApp message back again? There will hardly be people who will know the solution to this problem.,

How to transfer WhatsApp chat, WhatsApp data or WhatsApp chat history from old phone to new phone or how to take WhatsApp backup?

By the way, it is not so difficult to transferring WhatsApp messages if there is a minor issue.

So there is an error in transferring WhatsApp chat data and it becomes difficult to transfer that data completely.

Today in this article I will tell you the solution of this thing in this article that how to transfer whatsapp chat from old phone to new phone.

How to transfer WhatsApp chat?


How to backup your WhatsApp chat history on Google Drive or iCloud:

If you take WhatsApp chat backup on “Google Drive” (for Android) or “iCloud” (for iPhone), then it will be easier to transfer WhatsApp chat from old phone to new phone.

And if you are transferring WhatsApp data from one phone to another, then you have to keep this in mind –

The Google Drive or iCloud account that was loged in into the old phone will also have to log in to Google Drive or iCloud in your new phone with the same account.

That is, while setting up WhatsApp on the new phone, you will have to use the same Google Account or iCloud Account, which you used to use in the old phone,


First of all open WhatsApp on your old phone, then go to settings by clicking on the 3 dots on the right side.


After going to the setting, you have to select the chat option below,

After clicking on it, you have to tap on the option with chat backup.


After that, 2 things will be visible in front of you, the option of backup will be visible above and the Google Drive setting or cloud setting will be visible below.

Tap on Google Drive or an iCloud account on which you want to save WhatsApp backup data and link it with it.


After this click on the Backup button, now the backup process will start in front of you, and the backup will start on the Google account or iCloud account you have linked.

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2. How to restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive or iCloud

After creating WhatsApp data backup, now the process comes, to restore that backup to the new phone from Google Drive or iCloud,

So just follow these simple steps –

Step 1: Install WhatsApp

First of all, install WhatsApp on the new phone, then after opening it and entering the phone number, verify it and click on “Next”.

Step 2: Restore WhatsApp data

Now you will get to see this option whether you want to restore or download WhatsApp data, then click there.

But remember that the new phone also has to log in with the same account from which the Google account was logged in the old phone.

Step 3: backup download process

After that WhatsApp chat backup download will start.

After the WhatsApp chats are transferred, all those chats will start appearing in your WhatsApp.

If all the media files are not showing after the WhatsApp chat is restored, then don’t worry, this process takes some time but gradually all those files will be shown.

In this way, you can transfer WhatsApp chats from your old iPhone to the new iPhone also through iCloud.

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If you want, you can also do WhatsApp chat backup or WhatsApp data transfer by manual method –

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How to save WhatsApp messages from android to pc – How to backup WhatsApp to pc

You can also transfer WhatsApp chat backup file to another phone through your computer, for that you have to follow these steps –

Step 1: – First of all connect your phone to a PC or Laptop through USB.

Step 2: – After this open the internal memory of your phone, there you have to go to the folder of the WhatsApp database.

Step 3: – Then you have to search there “Backup file” which will show you according to the save date, on which date your WhatsApp backup was made,

Step 4:- When you searched that file, then you copy it to your PC or Laptop and save it.

Step 5: – Then install WhatsApp on the new phone,

But it has to be kept in mind not to open WhatsApp until you haven’t saved the backup on your PC. So you have to paste the WhatsApp backup file from your PC in the database folder of the new phone.

If you cannot find the Database folder, then you create that folder and paste the Backup file into it.

Step 6: – Now you have to WhatsApp on your new phone, an you will see the notification of the backup file on your new phone.

Step 7: – After this what you have to do is click on the “Restore” option, after clicking, the process of restore will start.

And after this, you will start showing WhatsApp chat history.

So in this way you can transfer your WhatsApp chat history backup to another phone.


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