IOS 15: you can enjoy face time call inviting android and windows users

IOS 15: you can enjoy face time call inviting android and windows users

Face time call is basically related to iOS or iPadOS. You can enjoy video call or voice calls by using face time. Face Time is basically an app that you can use it to video call or voice call. It is applicable only in iOS users. But in this post “IOS 15: you can enjoy face time call inviting android and windows users” we will learn how to do face time by connecting Android and Windows users through iOS.

For the first time ever, iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 has brought this so that you can connect with Android and Windows users through iOS.

But before doing face time, you or your friend who uses iPhone will have to send the invite link to others.

In this post we will know how to do that on iPhone or iPad.

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Is it available for Android or Windows?

Android users or windows users wil be the third parties in face time, face time app is not for third party platform because this app is only for iOS users.

However, Android and Windows users will be able to join Face Time calls now. So for this you need to have iPhone device to initiate the call. And you can generate an invite link and send it to others.

And it is much easier to use in iPhone and iPad.

How to invite Android and Windows users to Face Time calls?

Follow the steps given bellow:

  1. First you have to open Face Time
  2. Then you have to create a link
  3. Give a name to the link that you have created by clicking Add Name
  4. Then send the link to others using any medium that you have- texting, email all do just fine.

After sending the face time ink, when the recipient will receive that link and open it, you will be connected with him in face time.

One good thing about this is that when you join Face time you don’t need to give ay Apple ID. You just enter the name and you can enjoy Face Time.

Apart from this, you can also send this invite link to other users like, Linux, Chrome OS and other modern devices. And join them to your Face Time call.

How to Face Time on the web?

There are mane Face Time controls of the iPhone and iPad which are easily available in the web as well. These controls are same as iPhone and iPad.

For example microphone mute button, you can disable their web cam and you can end the conversation by taping end call button.

Just like you can send invite link to Android and Windows users, similarly you can send link to other iPhone users, iPad, and Mac users also.


Face Time is the app that helps you to do video calls or voice calls with your friends or collegue. But the condition is that you should have iPhone or iPad.

It will help you to connect other devices like android or windows. But this app is not available for third party platform. And it only work if you send an invite link by your iPhone or iPad to third party devices like android and windows.

In this post “IOS 15: you can enjoy face time call inviting android and windows users” I gave ideas how to connect with your android user friends with your iPhone.

I hope you got the information that you wanted in this post. If you liked this post then comment bellow and let me know that it is valuable or any other tips that you know. Thank you guys and All the best.

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