How to Fix BGMI or PUBG Mobile lag issue? (9 Fixes)

PUBG has gained a lot of market share in a very short span of time. Many players from all over the world play this game and there is no shortage of these figures. It is ruling the mobile segment.

New updates keep players engaged with the game. A player may occasionally encounter leg while playing the game. There can be many reasons behind this such as low RAM, high ping or mobile overheating.

Because of these issues the player gets irritated and frustrated and can’t play the game smoothly. These issues occur because of the BGMI or PUBG Mobile game is high standard and having higher quality graphics, lots of animations and many more. So it is obvious to lag issue occur.

In this article I’ll discuss some fixes to solve the lag issue in BGMI or PUBG Mobile game.

Requirements to Play PUBG on Android

There is also some requirement of your mobile to play PUBG. If all these requirements are not met then you should not be able to play PUBG Mobile. For this your mobile should have


Storage of 2.5 GB

OS- Android 5.1 or higher

Adreno 505/ Mail T830 or higher GPU

Processor Snapdragon 430/ Kirin-655 or higher

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The basic Optimizations for Pubg on Android

There are some basic Optimizations that you should keep in your mind to prevent any kind of lag issues on PUBG Mobile

  • Reboot is the easiest process to clear out the cache so you should Reboot your mobile before playing PUBG
  • Mobile data is not stable so use or connect your device to a stable Wi-Fi broadband
  • To enable smooth experience battery saver is helpful so enable no restriction on battery saver for PUBG

Battery settings > battery saver > pubg > no restriction

  • It will be a good idea to keep Airplane Mode on when using Wi-Fi
  • Playing while charging is bad for your device and lag issue can happen.

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Uninstall and Reinstall process

It happens that sometimes the lag issue becomes more and the problem of lag does not go away. This is what happens when you play PUBG too much.

So there might be a problem while installing the game so uninstall the game and again reinstall it. It can solve your lag issue so I will recommend you to try this.

Remove Unused Apps & Games

Even today there are many gamers, who like to use some other apps and games along with playing games in mobile. If you want to know how to correct Ping Issue in BGMI then read on.

But they do not know that due to all these apps and games, your phone starts slowing down, which starts making your game hung.

If you are one of those people, then you should uninstall all the Unused Apps & Games from your mobile soon. After that, reset the phone once and open the game, your game will not hang.

How to stop Apps running background

Even after applying the previous process, there are some apps that keep running in the background. So to close all those running apps follow the steps given below.

  • Go to settings
  • Then click on Permission option
  • Tap on Autostart
  • You have to turn off all the unrequited apps that you don’t need.

Free up Device Storage

Friends, if your phone does not have much internal storage. But you keep more files, photos and some things stored in it. Then your game will start hanging your phone too.

Expansion: If your phone has 60 GB internal storage, but you have used more than 80% of its storage. Then you will soon have to delete or backup everything and reduce it to less than 50%. Only then your phone will run fast and your game will also not hang.

Graphics options setup

The solution to the problem lies in it. This means that the lag issue that occurs while playing the PUBG game is also resolved in the settings of the same game. So what you have to do is

  • Open the game
  • Go to the settings
  • Click graphics
  • Then chose ‘smooth’ graphic option and ‘classic’ as style
  • And frame rate to ‘Low’.
  • You can also choose the map in which it is showing low ping.

Add Game booster Application

BGMI game is lacking in your phone even after clearing Unused Apps & Games from your mobile and clearing phone storage.

Then you must use a good Game Booster App. Only then your game will run smoothly without getting hung up and will never crash.

In today’s smartphones, the Game Booster App is being given by the company in every phone. If you do not have game booster app in your mobile, then you can download and use a good gaming booster app by going to play store.

Remember the rating and download number of the one you are installing should be high. Only then your game will work properly and you can play Battlegrounds Mobile India Game without getting locked.

Fix network and Ping issue

Ping issue is the main lag problem while playing PUBG. Ping is used to determine whether a computer or device is connected to its server network. And what is the latency of the connection.


The higher the ping, the longer it will take to connect to the server to stabilize the function in the game. And if your game itself is not stable then the game’s lagging issue will increase that much.

And to fix this problem, you have to keep in mind that you are connected to the right server or not. You can use VPN to connect with the right server.

Need Strong Network & Good processor

Even after using the game booster app in your phone, if BGMI Game Hang is happening. Then you should first of all use a good network or Wi-Fi.

Because many times due to bad internet all online games start getting stuck and BGMI is also an online game. So first of all you get a good internet connection, because a good internet connection plays an important role in running your entire game properly.

If still Battlegrounds Mobile India Hang Issue is not getting fixed. Then you can change your phone and choose a mobile with a good processor.

The graphics of BGMI are increasing day by day. If you buy a phone with the latest processor, then you will not face any inconvenience in BGMI for a whole year to year.

You can play without gaming booster app and using multiple apps at the same time.

Repair Pubg Mobile

Even if you use a good processor, your game is getting hung up. Then you first clear the data of BGMI.

After that open the game and once click on repair option clear all data or all resource pack and download again using your internet.

When all is downloaded then log in with your account and play a match and see your Battlegrounds Mobile India hang issue will be fixed.

How much GB Ram is needed to play Battlegrounds Mobile India?

To play Battlegrounds Mobile India, you need at least 2Gb of RAM and at least 10Gb of free storage on your phone.

BGMI is the game of which country?

BGMI is made by India and this game is owned by krafton.

Can I transfer account in BGMI through pubg?

Yes, you can easily transfer your data from pubg mobile global to bgmi very easily.


I have already told you about all the necessary steps which will fix your Battlegrounds Mobile India Lag Issue. In the end, I will tell you only two things which will help you even more.

First of all you should buy a gaming processor mobile and after that get a good high speed internet connection. Only then your BGMI Game will run without Lack.

I hope friends, your problem will be solved. If you still need some information, then you can tell through the comment, our team will definitely help you.

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