How cloud is secure with Android technology in 2021 ?

How cloud is secure with Android Technology article gonna help you to find out why and how to use Cloud storage system in your device.

When it comes to data storage we mainly use a hard drive or pen drive or any other portable devices. This method is good but it has some bad drawbacks.

It may happen that somehow your hard drive or pen drive gets corrupted and you lose your all data that may be a lot of important information for you.

And it can happen also that, you are going somewhere to the town or a distant place and you want to take all the data with you but you can’t.

It’s not that you simply pick up the whole computer set up with you. It is possible that you can take any portable device or your hard drive but there is the possibility of getting lost.

An easy way to avoid this problem is a cloud storage system. What is Cloud Storage Systems? First, let’s talk about that.

cloud is secure with Android Technology

What is Cloud Storage System?

There are many companies which maintain their own data storage systems and they let you store your data there, for which they charge some money.

Those companies allow up to 15GB of storage capacity to store your data for free and if you want to keep more than that, then you have to pay for that.

Some companies which provide you cloud storage systems are:

  •                Google Drive (Google)
  •                One drive (Microsoft window)
  •                Drop box

All these companies that have their cloud storage systems have many data centers where they need data servers and all your data is stored in these data servers.

This method is a very good and efficient and reliable way to secure your data.

That is because your data has kept away from your physical index.

And you can’t lose it and they keep your data by making multiple copies of your data because if any of their servers go wrong or crashed then your data will not lost, they do it for back up.

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How cloud is secure to use?

Simply the cloud means services have delivered over a network like the Internet and cloud storage is a service model in which data has backed up, managed, and accessed remotely.

Usually over the Internet users, typically pay for their cloud data storage on a per-gigabyte monthly rate so the more data you have the more you’ll have to pay to keep it in the cloud and vice versa.

Consumers are probably conversant in cloud services like Drop Box or Google Drive typically for photos and documents for enterprises.

Cloud storage is most often used for data backup disaster recovery, archiving, and development projects.

There are three type of cloud storage system those are

  • Architecture Models,
  • Public-Private and
  • Hybrid Public cloud storage.

Architecture models provide a multi-tenant storage environment that’s most fitted to unstructured data for Google Cloud and Microsoft like these big companies.

Private cloud storage provides a dedicated environment protected behind an organization’s firewall appropriate for users who need customization and control over data.

Hybrid cloud is a mix of private cloud and third-party public cloud services with orchestration between the platforms for management offering businesses flexibility and more data deployment options.

Cloud is secure for an Android Technology?

Cloud in android technology is secure because the data that you keep in Google Drive has nothing to do with your android device storage.

Your data has stored in Google’s own cloud storage system. Which you can get by logging in to your account that you have created in it through Internet.

Though it has kept away from your physical index there is no worry about losing it.

How to use it on Android devices?

Google Drive is already installed in your Android Smartphone if it is not then you can get it from Playstore. And you can install it there.

After installing it, when you open it you will get an interface that will have an interface with “no item”.

This is because you haven’t stored any data there yet. It will show 15GB of storage capacity that means you can store your data up to 15GB.

If you want to store more than that then you have to upgrade it. And for that, you have to pay.

After that, you can create your account by using your Mail ID, and then you can store your data there.

To store your data you have to copy your data from your device to Google Drive and then upload it.

Nowadays it is a very safe, efficient, and reliable way to store your data in Google Drive for Back up. You can use it and can keep your data safe for your future benefits.

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