Streamline Your Travel Experience on DigiYatra App: 3 Ways to Digitally Add and Share Your Boarding Pass

Adding and sharing boarding passes is very easy with the DigiYatra App. This is a very convenient option and prevents you from losing or forgetting your paper boarding pass. This article describes three ways to add and share boarding passes using the DigiYatra app. With this article as a reference, you can plan your trip and proceed smoothly.

The first way to add and share your boarding pass using the DigiYatra app is to scan the barcode included in the e-ticket you received by email when you booked your flight. This method is very easy, there is no need to add a separate boarding pass, and the booked flight information is already registered in the DigiYatra app and can be scanned immediately. Don’t worry if you lost or deleted the email, you can check it again on his website for the airline. This method is most recommended for users using the DigiYatra app.

3 Ways to Digitally Add and Share Your Boarding Pass

Scan and Store it Digitally on DigiYatra App

The process of scanning your boarding pass on the DigiYatra app is very simple. This article will guide you on how to scan your boarding pass on the Digiyatra app.

1. First download and install the DigiYatra app. Then run the app.

2. Click the ‘Add Boarding Pass’ button on the main screen.

3. Next, take a picture of the barcode on the boarding pass using a smartphone with a camera function.

4. The app automatically recognizes the barcode and loads the boarding pass information.

5. Check that the boarding pass information is correct, and click the ‘Add’ button.

6. Check that the boarding pass has been added successfully.

You can check the digitally saved boarding pass by clicking the ‘Boarding Pass’ button on the main screen.

By following the steps above, you can easily scan your boarding pass on the Digiyatra app. You can now view your boarding pass in the Digiyatra app and share it if needed. This makes it easy to manage your digital boarding pass and seamlessly plan your trip.

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Upload Your Boarding Pass Image and Streamline Your Journey

You can plan your journey seamlessly by uploading a picture of your boarding pass. This article will guide you through the process of uploading the image of your boarding pass.

1. Take a picture of the boarding pass using the smartphone’s camera function. Make sure the boarding pass is visible and the image is clear.

2. Select a storage location where the boarding pass images can be saved. You can use ‘Gallery’ or ‘File-Manager’ apps for this purpose.

3. Launch the DigiYatra app and click on the ‘Add Boarding Pass’ button.

4. Choose to enter your boarding pass information manually or upload it as an image.

5. If uploading as an image, click on the ‘Select Image’ button and choose the boarding pass image that you saved earlier.

6. Check that the selected image displays correctly, and click the ‘Add’ button.

7. Check that the boarding pass has been added successfully.

By following the above steps, you can easily upload the image of your boarding pass on the DigiYatra app. This will prevent the loss of your paper boarding pass and ensure a smooth itinerary.

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Instructions for Uploading a PDF Copy of Your Boarding Pass

Below are the steps on how to upload a PDF boarding pass on DigiYatra.

1. Log in to the DigiYatra Portal.

2. Click on My Profile to go to your profile page.

3. Go to the “Boarding Pass” section and click the “Upload” button.

4. Select and upload your PDF file.

5. When the upload is complete, click the Save button to save your changes.

You can now upload PDF boarding passes from the DigiYatra portal.

What benefits can travelers avail by using DigiYatra?

Passengers using DigiYatra can enjoy the following benefits:

Online Check-in: You can check in online using the flight information linked to your DigiYatra profile. This will save you time at the airport.

Unmanned Services: You can access a variety of unmanned services within the airport using the DigiYatra app. Examples include automated baggage dispatch systems, automated boarding gates, and automated baggage claim systems.

Smart Security Check: Reduce waiting time at security checks with the DigiYatra app. Passengers can see how long they will wait for the security check in the app and get notified when it is their turn.

Passenger Management: Use your DigiYatra profile to easily change flights, change seats, pay for excess baggage, and much more.

Authentication and Entry: Entry and exit at the airport are made easy with the DigiYatra app. Passengers are authenticated through a security check in the app, and can then arrive by scanning a QR code at an accessible point.

With these benefits, travelers using DigiYatra can enjoy a faster and more convenient journey to the airport.


What information is required to create a DigiYatra profile?

Passenger’s name
Contact details, such as phone number and email address
Flight details, including flight number and departure time
Boarding pass information, including seat number and gate information
Aadhaar or passport number (optional)
Security-related information, such as the passenger’s photograph and biometric information for identity verification

How can passengers link their DigiYatra profile with flight bookings?

Complete your flight reservation on the airline’s website or mobile app. Ensure that the personal information used by you at the time of booking, such as your name, email address, and mobile phone number, matches your DigiYatra profile. Flight reservations are linked to your DigiYatra profile. You can use the DigiYatra app while using flight-related services at the airport.

Does DigiYatra guarantee passenger information security and confidentiality?

Yes, DigiYatra offers a high level of assurance for the security and privacy of passenger information. Passengers’ information is stored in a highly secure manner, and this is done following data protection regulations. DigiYatra uses SSL technology to encrypt passenger data and keep it secure during transmission.

What if a passenger loses the smartphone with Diatra Profile?

If a passenger loses a smartphone with a Diatra profile, they can block the profile through the DigiYatra website and restore the profile on a new smartphone.

Wrapping Up

DigiYatra, an innovative system launched in India, is a service that allows passengers to access the airport easily and quickly through their smartphones.

I have provided all the information related to Digiyatra in this article, if you need any more information then you can ask in the comment section. Do share this information with your colleagues or close people and if there is any deficiency in this article, then share it in the comment box, I will do better.

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