How to make video on Instagram Live? Full guide

How to make video on Instagram Live?: In this article you will get to know about it and Instagram is a social media site and any user can create an account on it and share photo, video on it. You can share and you can follow anyone on Instagram Yea, someone can follow you on Instagram.

And with this, you can interact with anyone by DM in Instagram and connect with them through Instagram. And apart from this, there are many more features on Instagram that every Instagram user can use according to their need.

There are so many social medias like whatsapp, telegram, Facebook, Instgram so they walways try to attract their users so they use them.

One of the feature of Instagram is Instagram Live Video and this feature can be used by every Instagram user.

And can make Live Video on it and watch that Live Video on Instagram. It is very easy to make Live Video on Instagram, everyone can become an Instagram user but some new users need to know how to come live in Instagram. It is new for them, due to which they cannot make Live Video in Instagram.

If you also do not know about how to do live video on instagram, then through this article you will get to know about how to do live video on instagram. So read this article completely, you will get information about it

What is Instagram Live?

As I have said earlier that Instagram Live is a feature of Instagram in which user can stream video with the help of built in camera of his mobile.

As it is the age of online, so there are many company brands who want to host their brand promotion, workshop or interview. And in this the use of Instagram Live feature is proving to be very effective.

And this is the reason due to which the popularity of Instagram Live has increased by 70%

To start Instagram Live you have to swipe and plus icon and toggle on live it is so simple isn’t it? User can live stream up to 4 hours on Instagram and can host it with 1 account or maximum of 2 accounts.

And if the user’s account is live, then it appears in front of the stories bar and can easily know which account is currently using it.

Once the live stream ends, Instagram live videos can be saved to IGTV or shared for 30 days before being deleted. Live broadcasting is very easy to start.

How to go live on Instagram?

By using Live Video feature of Instagram you can come Live on Instagram. And this feature on Instagram can be used by every Instagram user and when you do Live Video on Instagram by using this feature then you will go Live on Instagram. After coming Live, your followers on Instagram can see that Live Video of yours.

And you can also comment on that Live Video of yours if your Live Video is Interesting and your followers feel happy to see your Live Video. You can comment on that video.

Sometimes you must have seen someone’s live video on Instagram and people must have seen it even while commenting on that live video, that same person can also comment on your live video.

If they were interested to see your Live Video and the way to come Live on Instagram is very easy, for this you will not need anything else because this feature is present on Instagram, using which you can come Live and do your Live Video. You can connect with your followers on Instagram and interact with them through Live Video

And when you come live on Instagram, then all your followers who come to see your live video will see your voice and your face in real time. If you do Live Video by showing Face then they will get to see your Face on Live Video.

If you are doing Live Video of anything else, they will be seen in Live Video, it is very easy to come Live on Instagram. You can easily come live on Instagram thanks to the Live Video feature of Instagram.

How to make live video on Instagram?

You can easily make Live Video on Instagram but for this you have to follow some steps, after that you can make Live Video on Instagram with these steps. Follow the steps give bellow to make live video:

Step1: First of all, you will have to open the Instagram App, to open the Instagram App, click on the icon of the Instagram App.

Step2:And now you will see the Plus icon on the top right site, you have to click on that Plus icon.

Step3: After clicking on the icon of Plus icon, below you will get to see some options like Story, Reels etc and with them you will also get the option of Live, you hav to click on that Live Option.

And now you will see the icon of Camera on the right site below, by clicking on it, you can set the camera. If you want to make Live Video from Front Camera, you can set Front Camera by clicking on the icon of Camera.

And if you want to make video from Back Camera, you can set it by clicking on the icon of Camera.

You can set the camera according to your choice and you can also use the effects according to your wish.

Step4: After setting everything click on the Live icon.  And as soon as you click on the ‘Live’ icon, then you will be live on Instagram.

Step5: And if you want to turn off Live Video, for this you will see the option of End on the Right Site above, you have to click on that End Option.

After clicking on End, you will get the option of End Video on the bottom left site, you can click on that End Video Option.

Step6: And now you will get to see some option if you want to share that Live Video on IGTV, then you have to click on Share to IGTV Option.

Step7: If you want to download that Live Video you can click on Download Video Option.

And if you want to delete that video, for this you can click on Delete Video Option, you can click on any option according to your choice.


Who can see your live video on Instagram?

The live video of the user can be seen by his followers. If the user wants some close friends or relatives or only a few selected people could see, he is able to limit the live.

How effective is Instagram live?

Instagram Live is a very powerful medium to reach your followers. Through this you can easily influence your followers. Because you are live then the trust of your followers will increase towards you and the followers will definitely increase.

What is the best time to go live on Instagram?

Many of the best times to live on Instagram are from 7pm to 9pm and 12pm. For your information, let me tell you that user can come live only for 1 hour on Instagram. If you need more time you will have to start the second session again for 1 hour.


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