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Who does not know what a computer is, but do you know what is the full form of computer? There are so many such competitive exams or test or interviews where these type of questions were asked. Interviewers often ask it many times. Many people fail to answer that question because they don’t have the correct information.

It is very rare that anybody answer this question. So don’t worry, in this post “Full Form Of Computer | What is Computer’s full Form” I will clear your doubt and answer some of questions that you search in internet.

What is Full Form of Computer?

You have searched so many times in internet and search in the websites to collect the information about Computer but very few people mention the full form of computer.

Actually its name is also given because we use it mainly to perform all basic arithmetic operations. So let’s know without delaying much what is computer’s full form. By the way, it has many full forms, further I have provided information about them. Let’s know further.

Computer – computer is the machine that helps in computing. And nowadays this is the device that, without it there is no work that we can do. There are many full forms, but not even a single one is officially standardized.

Full Form of COMPUTER

C = Commonly

O = Operated

M = Machine

P = Particularly

U = Used for

T = Teaching

E = Education and

R = Research

Why we mainly use computer?

For solving the arithmetic and logical calculation we use a computer which is an electronic device.ALU (arithmetic and logical unit) is located in it that’s why it can be easy to calculate these type of calculations. Along with this, this electronic machine also has memory, which helps it to store data and with it they can store data.

Programming machine, it is the other name that some people call it because without program it cannot do anything. In it when user put some raw data It receives then it processes the data and finally gives the output result that the user require.

I think Computer is not an acronym, because this word is derived from a Latin word “Computare”, and it means Calculate. Simply put, a computer is such an electronic device that we mainly use it for fast calculations.

Is there any truth on the deffinition of Full Form of Computer?

There are some people who believe Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research is the full form of computer. Computer has invented on the basis of calculating machine and that’s why I don’t think there is any truth in the definition of this full form of computer.

At that time, the computer was not updated or advanced so much and on the basis of which they kept such a full form. It is also necessary to establish the space.

Computer = Arithmetical Logical Unit (ALU) + Control Unit (CU)

 Hindi name of Computer

There is nothing to worry, because today in India if you are going to tell the Hindi name of computer here, because such a question happens in many interviews these days. Such questions were asked by many students and interviewees but there is no answer. Because of there is no answer, they fail.

You must know the correct answer of this question, if you do not know the answer at time of the interview in Future, then your impression in the interview will affect.

Some people ask what is the name of computer in Hindi?

The answer to this question of yours is that the Hindi name of the computer is संगणक”. If we translate the computer in Hindi language, then its original and pure Hindi name is संगणक’.

There will be some people who did not even know its exact name.Hope you will not forget this thing now. And definitely share this information with your friends too.Let’s analyze the computer.

Compute means = to calculate, and also has a suffix “R”, which makes it “calculator”, and since it is also a machine so “calculator” = computer machine. The Hindi meaning of computer is “संगणक”. CSTT (the Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology) designated the name of computer in Hindi.  Department Ministry of Hmana Reources manages CSTT.  So you can rely on that.

Computer is a programmable machine. At the same time, in many places some people also name it as calculation machine.

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What is the old name of computer?

The old name of computer was Atanasoff-Berry computer (ABC).

When was the computer born?

Charles Babbage was the person who suggested the first general mechanical computer in 1837. The analytical engine includes techniques such as the Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU), basic flow control, and integrated memory.

Who invented the computer and when?

Computer was first designed by Charles Babbage in back 1849 and after 143 years in 2002 in London built process finished.  ENIAC was the world’s first computer’s name. And it was built back in 1943.

Which was the world’s first electromechanical computer?

ENIAC was the world’s first electromechanical computer.


I hope you must have liked my article, what is the full form of computer. It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about Computer Full Form to the readers.

So that they do not have to waste their time in searching different sites or internet in the context of that article.

I think this much information will help to save your time. So I gathered a amount of information in one place that you can read. Comment bellow if you think there should be any other information that in this post.


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