How to check Jio balanace | How to check Airtel Number?

Hello guys, In today’s days along with upgrading techonolgy, we are also upgraded. But some minor things that we are ignoring and those are- Checking mobile balance and how to find out our own mobile numbers.

In this post “How to check Jio Balance | How to check Airtel Number?” I will give you some tips and codes that will help you to check your balance and find out your mobile numbers.

How to check your SIM balances?

There was a time when we were aware of the code to find out our own mobile number or other mobile numbers. But everything has changed since JIO had launched. We started to recharge online from the internet instead of recharge from telecom shop and slowly forgot the code from all mobile numbers.

Because of this situation, we are facing some difficulties like we couldn’t remember our own number and if your relative or your friends want your number you can’t give them. Think about it.

How to check your Jio balance?

There are 4 ways that you can use to check your Jio balance and those are:

Jio balance check through IVR

  • By dialing the code *333# you can check your Jio balance through IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Jio balance check Via SMS

  • You can check your balance by sending an SMS – MBAL to 55333

Jio balance check via Jio App

  • You have to download the MyJio app first
  • Log in to the app
  • The balance will be shown on the homepage and also you can see, active plan details’ and the ‘left balance’
  • If you want to know more details then click on ‘Check Usage button’.

Jio balance check via website

  • Browse the official site of Jio
  • Sign in with your SIM number
  • Log in and at the top of the page it will show check Jio balance
  • If you want to check data plans then go to the My Plans section.

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How to check Airtel balance?    

There are Mainly 3 ways that you can use to check your Airtel balance

Via MyAirtel App

  • First download the Airtel App
  • You have to Sign up then log in with your sim number
  • It will show the main balance and validity of your number.

Via Airtel self-care service

  • Browse to Airtel Self care help at
  • Log in with your SIM number
  • An OTP will pop up on your number and enter the OTP
  • Now you can see your mobile balance

Via USSD code

By using these codes you can obtain information about data balance, main balance, and more information services.

  • What you have to do is just dial *123# and you will get information about balance and validity
  • By dialing the code *121# and then enter 5 and you will get net balance information.
  • The code *121*2# by dialing this code you can check your main balance.

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How to check your Mobile numbers?

Ever since we started using Smartphones, we have been advanced but we do not even remember our relatives or our friend’s number. But don’t you worry guys I am here some tips that surely help you guys.

Right now there are only a limited number of SIM companies have survived after Jio lunch. Let’s go then

  Jio phone number checks:

There are two SIM slots, one of which is fixed Jio SIM in every Jio mobile. Ok then

  • 1st we have to install the My Jio application and log in
  • If you are using mobile data then skip it to direct My Jio app and log in
  • you can see your SIM number here.

Airtel mobile number checks:

Bharati Airtel is still the most used SIM card because still, people have faith in this SIM Company. But after Jio lunch people have stopped recharging that’s why they are forgetting the number. But if in any case you need this number and you can’t remember, this tip will help you

  • There are some USSD code to check the number but the easiest and popular code is  *1#  you have just dial this code in your dial pad

The other usable codes are

  • *121*93#
  • *140*175#
  • *140*1600#
  • *282#
  • *141*123#

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some other additional tips to check other SIM number

Idea mobile number checks:

I today’s time, Idea is lagging behind in terms of users, but its reputation is still intact. We can find out our Idea SIM number at any time anywhere if we have this code


We have to just dial the code on your dial pad on your Idea mobile number

Vodafone mobile number checks:

After Jio lunch Vodafone couldn’t survive that’s why Vodafone and Idea merged and made their new combo named ‘VI’. The same code works on Vodafone and Idea to find out someone’s phone number.

  • You can dial this code *111*2#and get your number directly

BSNL mobile number check:

And for Some BSNL users, there is a code *222# you can dial this on your BSNL number and find out your BSNL number

I gathered some information regarding Jio and Airtel balance check and to find mobile number.

So guys I hope this information to check your mobile balance and find out your mobile numbers is sufficient. Please comment bellow how is it helpful or not. Thank you guys

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