What is Android Studio and Its Requirement?

What is Android Studio and Its Requirement- Nowadays the use of Android devices has increased. Why? Because android devices are available in cheap price, its functions are very easy to use, every single day some new features keep coming.

Its applications make these devices even more useful. Android gives you Playstore to download reliable and safe applications that you can download for your device.Have you ever thought about how these apps are made?

In this article“What is Android Studio and Its Requirement” we will know after all what is Android Studio and what is use of it? In today’s progressive world no one wants to be dependable on others. That’s why some people are also thinking to create their own applications.

There are some websites where you can create apps in no time. But these websites will not prove to be effective in making you ‘more functional apps’. If you want to make a quality and more functional app then you need Android studio. And you should have basic Ideas about Android Studio.

What is Android Studio?

In this article we’ll be discuss about Android studio that help us to create our Android apps. Android Studio is an Operating System that made for App development.  Android studio is what’s, known as an IDE or Integrated Development Environment.

If this is your first time, an IDE you can think of it as being like a workshop with a lot of tools. These tools help you write your code and layout how your app will look on the screen.

It is mainly designed for Android Development. You can run it in windows, Linux and IOS also. This is free app that you can use it for free. This is very secure and reliable software that made for App Development.

Today’s most used apps such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, and Phonepe all these have made through Android Studio.


As we know that, this is an OS of Google which was brought on 23 September 2008. Android Development Tool (ADT), Eclipse was used to make apps before Android Studio. With the help of Java Programming, apps were created by these Softwares. Uses of these softwares decreased after Android studio came. It proved to be very powerful and easy to use for app development. It has included many advanced features that App developers needed.

Why was Android Studio Made? 

Choosing the right tools for your app development is more important than ever. And as the Android platform matured you need developers making great apps. It is so much easier when you have a rich and complete developed environment. And this was the driving decision behind the creation of Android studio.

It is developed by Google which was launched in 16 May 2013. It previously had its first beta testing version as version 0.1. Another beta version 0.8 was launched on June 2014 which was not stable. So therefore its stable version 0.1 was released under the name of Android Studio 1.0.

Android Studio versions History with Release Date

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What is Android Studio used for?

It shows you a real-time preview of what your design will look like as you create each screen and similar to how Google Docs check your spelling.  Android studio checks for errors in your code as you type it.

Also gives you suggestions to help you code faster and of course as you create your app you’ll want to see it in action. It builds and runs your app either on an actual Android device or on something called an emulator a tool that allows your computer to simulate a physical device.

It is an IDE because it integrates multiple developer tools together doing a lot of the heavy lifting for us. Without it the development process would be much longer and it would be easier to make all sorts of mistakes as you create apps. In this article you’ll learn how to use Android studio and get plenty of practice with it.

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What is Android Studio and Its Requirement?

Features of Android Studio

Android studio is Google’s official IDE for App development. There are some features that will help you to make some small basic apps.

A rich layout editor

Android Studio combined a robust code editor with an entirely new build system based on Gradle.  First the getting started experience is crucial for every app developer.

In it you can easily design your app by drag-and-drop to the UI components. You don’t need to master in coding for it.

Gradle based built support

Android studio included a tool that lets you import legacy projects not only will it create a new Gradle build configuration for your app but also fix your project structure behind the scenes.

It also identifies commonly used libraries and brings them in as dependencies eliminating the horrible process of moving folders manually. Gradle tool will help you from IDE development of apps to publishing your apps in Gradle.

Support for building Android Wear apps

You can create apps for smart watches also because of Android Wear apps features. It is similar to apps for smart phones but there is a difference between their screen sizes.

So in it focused on making it easy to create new projects as well as adding modules to support Android TV, Android wear glass and even a Google cloud back-end.

Instant App Run

This is a very good feature of it that you can check your app by running it live at any time. If you want to make any kind of changes in your Instant app run, you can do it for your app and you will not need to download any new apk to see it.

Support KOTLIN


Guys you know that java programming language is used to make or create any apps. KOTLIN is also a programming language that you can use it to make an app.

KOTLIN has been declared the official language of Android development. Now you can built apps with KOTLIN programming also. Because, now Android Studio support KOTLIN as well as JAVA.

Fast Emulator

This is a virtual device. With the help of Fast Emulator you can test your Android Apps like your physical Android device. It will show the output of your apps on the screen of your computer.

you can test your android apps according to your android devices such as your smart phone or your Tablet etc. It will work as your physical devices.

Systems Requirement

Android Studio is a very powerful IDE so if you want to run it you need some specific System requirements. If you want to run it in your laptop or PC then your system should have contain 8GB RAM.

It will run in lesss RAM like 4GB or 6GB but it will run very slow that will irritate you. If your system cotain less RAM then upgrade it then run in your sysem.

Advantages of using Android Studio

You know that there are other websites that you can use to built an app but by using Android Studio You have some advantages like

  • you can make any type of apps according to your knowledge on coding.
  • this is not a thirt party service provider so you are the boss of your app where the third party websites keep there rights if you create apps through it.
  • It makes very simple to use because of drag-and-drop feature. If you have not master in coding you can also make some apps.
  • By using Fast Emulator you can test your android app and you can change your settings.

Guys inthis article“What is Android Studio and Its Requirement” we learned about history about Android Studio and how it will help to built your own apps and what are the features of it.

So i hope these informatios are just enough to know about Android Studio If it helps you then comment . Thnak you.


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