Top 10 Android Games High Graphics in 2021

Top 10 android games high graphics in 2021- In 1958 video games indroduced to the world first time. From then to today video games have upgraded so much that in todays modern society it seems that you are playing in real world. Nowadays Android Games high graphics  ignite competition among players.

As games are evolving players have started giving more importance to video games with high graphics. So gaming companies upgrading their quality of games and making them more intersting and fun.In this post I am sharing Top 10 android games high graphics in 2021

Top 10 Android Games high graphics in 2021

MY HERO ACADEMIA (taptap | 6.7 GB)

This game is based on anime series My Hero Academia which is a top rated anime series. If you love to watch anime series then this game will blow your mind. This game is available in taptap store you can download it from there.

If guys you haven’t watched this series then wait because it may be the spoiler for you. Because in the beginning of this game it has followed its anime storyline.

If I talk about the game play there is some open world type of cities and locations. The main character has some decent types of powers like super punch, super kick.

The fighting scenes are just awesome and in the middle of fight scenes there are some cut scenes of the story that will look like you are watching an anime series. As you go on playing the game new skills will also be unlocked.

The quality and the graphics are world class you will definitely enjoy this game. Before download it you make sure that it is compatible with your mobile or not. If it is ok then you can download it from tap tap easily.

PUNISHING GREY RAVEN (4.7GB Online |taptap)

The graphics of the game is 3d and game plays and controls are really awesome. The story line of this game is the main factor.

The story line is such that- the virus affects all the mechinaries in the game world and they all start destroying the world. Now it is your duty to save the world from the evil mechinaries.

The sword skills are awesome and powerful. You will upgrade yourself going forward and you will also discover new skills.

The main attack is very powerful and the boss level fight will be overwhelming. So download the game and enjoy.

DISORDER (Online 2.3GB | taptap)

It is a multiplayer shooting game and the world set of the game is 2030. You can make a team and fight against your opponent teams.

There is going to be such a concept that everything is being destroyed and you are saving that place and taking it under your control.

You all can use drones for transportation means drones will let you a ride from one place to some other places.The graphics quality of this game is awesome and control of the game play will give you like Pubg type of concept.

This game is from Netis and you know Netis keeps bringing very good games.

Some of the games are compatible Android games high graphics

with your low end devices


It is just a standard game but when you give it a try it will change your genre conventions. To say the least your main objective is to get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ through any means necessary.

Which usually means are massive jumps, nitro boosts and healthy amounts of speed? Overall it’s a good game that offers decent controls in polygon style graphics. However game mechanisms are a bit annoying.

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CAT KILLER (264MB | Offline)

It is an action adventure game where you play a rabbit who is wandering through a colorful cell shaded world filled with ‘crystal to smash and cats to bash’.

For some reason Rabbit hero has some kind of blood feud with the felines and sets about dispatching them with nothing but a sword and ability to shoot plasma balls.

Also the game features are dynamic yet simple combat system where your finger movements give life to your character.

Overall the game has cute graphics and great controls.

ACTION RPG GAME (Offline 330MB | Playstore)

If you guys have some problem on device requirement or low specification device then this game is for you.

Some says it is like GOD OF WAR because of its character. The main character has an axe like god of war.

Enemies come in a wave and the background location is rough and tough which is very fun to play.

This is an action type of game and if you love fighting style or RPG type of game then it will give you some chills.

RONIN THE LAST SAMURAI (online 320| taptap)

Top 10 android games high graphics in 2021

Again it is a game that inspired from an anime series if you watched the anime then it will give some chill.

Like the Anime the background location and the animation of this game is dark type of theme which makes this game unique.

The animation of the game is like white smoke type background and black shadow type location which will give a black and white anime feeling to the character.

The name of the game defines the character yes the character is a samurai. That means he has a sword and you can play as a swords man and defeat the enemies.

Nut the game will not be that easy it will gonna be very tough. You have to block enemie attacks and there is a main weapon that you have to be fully charged to perform that attack. Guys you will love it.


Top 10 android games high graphics in 2021

The concept of this game is kept so great that you will not be able to stop playing this game.

In this game there are 8 players who goes to an dangereous island where you have to explore that island.

And there you have to find out what is valuable and which is not to survive. Then 7 out of them have to form a team, help each other to stay alive.

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Remember I said beginning of the game that there are 8 players in the island. Here is a twist that among of them one is your enemy who is here to kill the rest 7.

Isn’t it interesting concept. So you have to find out that enemy and kill him. This Android Game’s high graphic performance will sure atrract your attention.


Top 10 android games high graphics in 2021

It is a nice racing game because the texture of the cars, the tracks and the graphics of the game is very realistic.

Not only this, here you also have the support of Real time multiplayer and realistic physics. That means when you drive the car or drift the car it will feel like real.

And you can also customize your controls as you wish and there are much more function regarding your cars will unlock while playing the game.


It is a game in which you have to keep going and dodge the obstacles that will come in front of you and you have to reach to your finishing line. It’s background music also very nice to listen.

As easy as it sounds, it is difficult to play. As you go on playing the game, the difficulty will also keep on increasing.

And you’ll have the obstacles coming in front of you so soon it will feel like impossible to clear the game.

Bonus game for IOS

FUGL (1.4 GB | offline)

FUGL is an open world meditative bird flying game where you’ll fly across procedurally generated Voxel trains.

That try to nail the wondrous feeling of flight using dual stick virtual controls to glide around and even attempt of flying stunts.

It sounds very easy and relaxing but you will have to avoid projectiles and other flying creatures that are coming at you.

So it’s not without some excitement. In the game your body will change according to the nearby animal so you can enjoy all types of experience in the game.

Overall it’s a great exploration game which is yet only available in beta mode.


In this post we get to know about some top 10 android games high graphics in 2021. These android games will definitly give you best experience to play.

Comment belllow how are these games are the fun to play or not.

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