Should You Root Your Smartphone In 2021? | Rooted phone vs Unrooted phone

Should You Root Your Smartphone In 2021?

Before 7-8 years ago at that time smartphones have not modern UI and OS. So at that time there was a way to make mobile phones advanced by rooting their phones.

But in 2021 keeping all those flaws in view, today’s mobiles have been advanced a lot. All the smartphones of today have modern UI and OS.

So is there any necessity of rooting the mobile phones or not we know in this post “Should You Root Your Smartphone In 2021? | Rooted Phone vs Unrooted Phone”

But why do people still want to root their mobile phones?

Before that what does mean by rooting?

Should you root your device?It’s like basically being an administrator.

It takes control over full authority on your mobile. When you are rooting your device, privileges you get but if you don’t want to use root, then you do not get all the privileges that root users get.

This means the root is such that, it takes full control of your device like an administrator.

What can you do with a rooted phone?

In 2012 or 2013, if you have rooted your mobile before then you should have known that without rooting your device.

You cannot get some features like customization, themes, and changing fonts. If you are a root user then it is possible.

All these features were not installing in the android device that we use in those days, nor could we install and there were lots of bloatware apps in it.

At that time the hardware of the smartphones were also not so strong, but today, features like modern UI and OS are also easily available in under 15k rupees of mobiles.

In today’s day, whatever mobile phone we use, its hardware is very strong and we also get the facility of SD 7 series even in phone costing less than 15k rupees.

Most of the people use root that they can give more beautiful and cool look to their smartphones themes.

So think should you root your mobile?


For example, ln operating system like Lineage OS, Cyanogen OS, theme engines were used but it was not available in non rooted mobile phones.

In today’s time these features have already installed in almost all mobile UIs. Upcoming new version of android which will get customized theme features in Android 12.

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Is rooting safe?

Many times your phones get stuck while rooting your phone, you are also at risk of losing your new phone while rooting. And it can be completly damage your device and you can’t do anything.

Most of the time it happens that we get bored when we keep using the same phone and it’s features.

For example like you are using oxygen OS and you wish to get MIUI, realme UI or color OS just for a change. Then most of the people what they do yes root their smart phones.

Nowadays the functions of android phones or their features are the same.

And the Modern UIs which are almost all mobiles would have installed similar in most of the devices so that you can feel their graphics and designs.

So you don’t need to root your smart phones.

Most of the people root their mobile phones because they want to look cool. You may have to pay the price for looking cool. Your phone’s warranty period is more likely to be expire. There will be at most 1 or 2 companies that will allow for rooting.

How to root your Android Phone?

There are 2 ways with the help of which you can root your android mobiles.

One is with the help of computer and other is without the help of computer.

The easiest way to root your device without your computer that is by the help of  KingRoot application.

Step1: at first you go to official website of KingRoot and download the latest version.

Step2: If there is some problem occur after downloading the app then you have to make changes in your settings.

Step3: Then you go to settings then click on security then you have to allow to unknown sources.

Now you can download any application without occuring the previous problem.

Step4: Then install KingRoot

Step5: After you install the app a status will pop up “root access unavailable” then what will you do just click the ‘get now’ button.

Step6: After you click rooting will start and will stop at 97%. Then you click on continue

Step7: This will start purify system download of the app

Step8: After completing the download the process of rooting your mobile is ok.

How can you check whether your mobile is rooted or not?

In this you will get help from Google’s Playstore where you can download an app to know whether your mobile is rooted or not. The name of the app is ‘Root Checker’.

If your mobile is rooted then it will show you a green colour status and will be written that Root access is properly installed. And if it is not then it will show you a red colour status.

Advantages of rooting you android device

1: You can increase your mobile’s Battery life performance. You can do it by downloading applications.

2: There are some apps that are not compatible with your devices. By rooting the mobile, you can install all those apps.

3: You can customize your themes, icons, color, font, notification bar with the help of custom ROM. Which is only possible, by rooting your mobile.

4: There are some Root only apps that you can install by rooting your mobile.

5: you can backup your device by an app Titanium Backup. If some issues create by rooting you can use this app and backup your datas.


1: Every smartphone or device has an warranty period. If you root your mobile then you may lose your warranty period.

2: if rooting technique that you use does not work well in your device then your mobile can be completely spoile.

3: you cannot update your device after rooting your mobile. If you want to update your mobile then you have to unroot your device. In some cases there some problems occur when you update your mobile after unroot.


When you root you device then some backdoors open because you are a root user. Root users who root their devices do not even get the facilities of updating.

They can’t update. You can’t even do the OP update, then a lot of risk arises with it which are associated with rooting. So in my opinion you should not have to root your device in 2021.

I’ll suggest if you have a secondary device along with primary device then you can apply rooting as a test to your secondary device.

Some quistions that people ask

Q- what do we call Root in IOS?
A- In IOS we call Root as Jail Breaker.
Q- Does Rooting a mobile void the Mobile Waraanty?

A- Yes it happens. Because if you root your mobile then you are tampering with 
OS set by the manufacturer of the mobile.

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