How to View Old Stories On Facebook in 2021? (3 easy steps)

How to View Old Stories On Facebook? (3 easy steps): You’re looking for Facebook Stories that was posted a long time ago? So in this post, I have come with the solution to your problem.

And in this post, I will tell you some such ways and you will get its solution whether it is on mobile or on your favorite laptop.

Nowadays like Facebook, Instagram is the social media that are used more than any other app. So there are some problems or issues that keep coming. So today I will discuss a problem related to Facebook.

Facebook is such a bubble in which you can find it difficult to find some old memories. Or maybe it looks easy but it is not unless you have all those right ways. If you have all the information that makes it very easy to find your Facebook old stories it is very simple to find them.

Facebook keeps on bringing some updates every year, which makes it complicated to find your old favorite stories or you have to rediscover them.

Because the Facebook story is limited-time content and gets erased in 24 hours. So with time you also forget that story but maybe you want to see that story in the future.

Since this is Facebook’s default setting, you cannot change it. But there must be a way for that too. That’s why Facebook gives such a feature that even after the time limit, you are able to see your story.

Archive Turned is a feature that is a default setting so that your stories in Facebook are available even after the time limit.

The archive is already turned on as this is a default setting. If by chance it appears to be off mode, then you should always turn it on.

But if it happens that there are stories posted from your friends or any group. And you want to see that story and because of the time limit, it disappeared before you can see it. So it can be a little difficult to find those stories.

So let’s see some ways in which all these problems can be resolved.

How to View Old Stories On Facebook?

Facebook App Mobile

1. Open your Facebook app

2. Click on your profile on the home page

3. Next to ‘Add to Story’ click on the 3 horizontal dotted line

4. Tap on Archive Icon

5. Scroll and click on the Story Archives option.

6. You will get to see all your stories in order from New to Old.

The above steps will also be applicable for Facebook lite.

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How to View Facebook Old stories on Desktop

1. Open your Facebook account by using your ID, Password

2. Then go to the profile page (click on Profile Pic)

3. On the Profile Page, the option more will be visible just click on that

4. In the next step, the Story Archive option will be shown click on that

5. In the Story Archive section, you can see all the stories in order from New to Old.

How to check Story Archie is Turned on or Not?

Suppose that due to some reason what to do when the story archives are turned off, but before that, it must have come to the mind that how will we know whether it is there or not?

Like if you follow all the steps I have mentioned above, and then you will be able to reach the story archive section. After that, you have to click on the Gear icon (Settings) next to it.

After that, you will see that the Save to Archive toggle option will pop up. Now you have to decide whether you keep it ‘on’ keep it ‘off’. But as I have been saying before, always keep it ‘on’.

Because if you keep it ‘off’ then after the time limit of 24 hours it will not be able to be saved anywhere and you will not be able to find it.

Your Facebook story Archive is private anyway, so security is not a problem. So it is always the best option to keep it ‘on’.

How to find old stories on Facebook posted by your friends?

When it comes to finding the stories shared by your friends or groups, it becomes a bit complicated. Even if your friends have set their archive mode on, it will not show you after the time limit.

Because earlier also I have told that it would have been private only to the one who has shared the story.

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In this, you will get an option which is named ‘Highlight’. This can be helpful for you to view the old stories that are shared by your friends or groups. This will be helpful only if your friends have saved their stories in Highlight.

For this, whenever you or your friend shares the story, then an option will pop up for you to highlight your story. Or you have to save your story by selecting the star icon that appears in the right top corner of the story.

Note: Before highlighting your story keep in mind that our Story Archive should be turned on.

If your friend has highlighted his old story or video then you can easily see it by going to your friend’s profile page and clicking on the Story Highlight option.

And for this, your friend will have to set the settings of his story to highlight to the public or friends. And to edit the privacy settings of this story highlight, you can do this by clicking on Edit Story Highlight.

If it is not set as I said the story or video will disappear from their profile after the 24hr time limit.


I hope you got all the ideas to find out or view your old stories on Facebook. So make sure if your Facebook Story Archive option is turned on or not. With this, you can revisit your old stories anytime and can easily view them. And also share this information with your friends so that you can see their shared stories too.

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