How to change Billing Address and Shipping Address in Amazon? Simple Guide

How to change Billing Address in Amazon: Amazon is one of the top 3 companies in the world. And you must be using it too. But you are looking for the solution to your problem in this post, which means that you are facing a problem in changing the billing address and shipping address in Amazone.

I assure you that I will solve your problem regarding this problem. So you read this post till the end.

Because people do not know the difference between billing address and shipping address, so they get confused.

Like they have to change the shipping address but they are searching how to change the Billing Address.

So don’t worry I‘ll discuss both the shipping address and billing address.

Like I mentioned that there is a lot of confusion about the difference between billing address and shipping address in logon, so first let us know what is the differences between them.

Difference between Billing Address & Shipping Address:

Billing Address

When you shop on Amazon and you have a payment method like a debit card, credit card the address which is attached to these cards is known as Billing Address.

Shipping Address

When you order a product from Amazon and the address at which you will receive the product is called the shipping address.

We can also say that the billing address depends on your payment method or card, which means it can be called a permanent address. But the shipping address is not permanent and you can change it according to your convenience.

Why do we need to change our Billing Address And Shipping Address?

  • If you do a job and you get transferred to some other place.
  • Or you want to gift your relatives to their address. (Shipping Address)
  • You can use any other nearest address than your first address.
  • If you change your card according to the new address

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Now let’s know how to change the billing address

How to Change Billing Address in Amazon? (Amazon App)

Changing Billing Address in Amazon App is Very Easy

I will tell you how to change Billing address in Amazon in 7 steps.

Step1: Login to Amazon App

First, you have to open your Amazon App and log in to your Amazon Account

Step2: Click on hamburger Icon

Click on three horizontal lines on the Amazon App Home page

Step3: Your Account

Go to the menu bar and some options will appear then you have to choose the Your Account option

Step4: Your Address

After clicking on the Your Account section, you will get to see other options and then chose Your Address

Step5: Edit Your Address

On the next screen you can see your current saved address and what you have to do is click on the Edit button and change your Billing Address.

Step6: Add your New Address Details

Clicking on the edit button you will get the options to add your new address details to change your Billing Address.

Step7: Save the changes

This is the final spot where you will get the save option and you have to just click on the save button to save the new address details.

How to change Billing Address in Amazon (Desktop)

Changing the billing address given in Amazon with the help of a laptop is the same as changing the billing address in the Amazon app.

The only difference between them is that in laptop you have to open your account by browsing and you can make changes by going to Amazon app directly from mobile.

Follow the steps given bellow to change Billing address in laptop-

  1. First go to your Amazon site
  2. Login to your account
  3. Tap on Menu bar (3 horizontal line)
  4. Click on Your Account
  5. Click on Your Address
  6. Tap on Edit button
  7. Edit the Address
  8. Save the Address

This is a simple way to change the Billing address but What to change in your new address details?

How to fill in New Address Details?

Country, now, first of all, you will get the option of country, so select your country from this

Full Name, Enter your Name

Enter Mobile Number,

 Mobile Number is not necessary. You can enter the same Mobile Number which is linked in your previous Amazon Address.

 If you have a new mobile number and you want to add that number then you can put that number. You can put any of your mobile numbers in it.

The mobile number that you have given in detail will not be used anywhere on Amazon. But This mobile number will be used by Courier Boy at the time of delivery.


Now you have to enter your new Area Pin Code, Amazon will automatically trace your City/District through your Pincode as well as your State.

Flat, House No., Building, Company, Apartment, enter the information related to the house, building, etc.

 The new place where you will live, such as House Number, Room Number, etc., and if your new place is in a Village then simply enter your Village Name.

Area, Colony, Street, Sector, Village

 In this box, you enter about your new Colony, new Street, etc. And if you are from Village then just enter the name of your Village and also put your post along with it.

Landmark, in this you can put about any most famous location of your house like any road, shop, market, etc.


Even though Amazon can trace your city through your given Pin Code, but if you want, you can change it according to you.

State/Province/Region, you also can change these details like your new Address

Address Type, Select your Address Type. There will be two options like Home or Office you can select one of these.

Finally, Click on Add Address

How to Change Shipping Address In Amazon?

You must have understood that the difference between billing address and shipping address. Now let us understand how to change the shipping address?

In the old version of Amazon, the option to change the billing address was given. But in the current version, when you order a product, you have to add the shipping address.

Right now there is no need to change the shipping address and billing address separately in Amazon.

But you can create different addresses and save them in your Amazon account. If you keep traveling to different places, then you will not have to change the address again and again.

And whenever you want to place the order, you can simply place the order by clicking on the saved place.

There are many questions are asked by people regarding How to change the Billing Address or Shipping Address in Amazon? Let us check it out

How do I change my default billing address on Amazon?

1.       Login to Amazon App
2.       Click on hamburger Icon
3.       Go to Your Account
4.       Go to Your Address
5.       Edit Your Address
6.       Add your New Address Details
7.       Save the changes

Can you change the billing address on Amazon after the order is placed?

No, If your order has been placed on Amazon, you cannot change your address.

How do I give a different billing address on Amazon?

First you have to add a new address on your Amazon account, after that you will order by simply clicking on that address.


When you order a product from Amazon you have to select the Shipping Address. So there is nothing to worry about changing Billing Address.

I hope this post has cleared the doubts in your mind regarding How to change the Billing Address and Shipping Address in Amazon?

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