Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps for Android Phones 2021

Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps for Android Phones 2021


Top 5 Best video editing apps for android phone, is the topic that will help you to edit your videos without any watermark or pop up any ads.

If you haven’t computer or you want to edit your video with your Smartphone then these best video editing apps will make your videos classy. It will help to find your perfect video editing apps to edit your video.

 These apps have their unique functions that will blow your mind. These Apps have pro type features.  All this will make you pro type feel by using it. You can check yourself by downloading and using these.

In today’s time, no one can get out of the house due to CORONA’s ring, through these apps you can have a good time sitting at home and try something new techniques.

Something better than sitting empty, learn something new and use it in your boring daily life. You can share your videos in platforms like Instagram, YouTube stories, takatak, josh.

Now a days slow motion and zoom implemented videos are in trending, so these apps are going to help you making your videos trendy. These are free to use and you can use it for learning for free.

Right now schools, colleges are closed due to COVID and if you are students then this the good chance to use these  Best Video Editing Apps for Your Android Phones.


#1- QUICK 

 If you are not pro in this field or you are new then no worries, you can use Quick video editing app very easily.

This is specially for editing Istagram and YouTube short videos.

This app already created templates for your new projects. It also has a filter feature that makes your videos clean and fine. You can upload your videos in multiple media accounts in same time.

There are 40+ live filters in it.

#2- VN 

 VN Video Editor is a free video editing app that, you haven’t to pay.

There are some Editing apps that provide many services but when you publish or export your video in social media then there is watermark of that and if you want to remove it you have to pay for it.

But in this case you haven’t to worry about watermark because it will let you publish your video without any watermark. Also there is no ads, no banners, no video ads, you can use it without any disturbance.

 It will give you pro level editing features. You can enhance your background easily. It gives you automatic created templates. Some extra features it gives you those are –

  • Aspect ratio
  • Clean UIA
  • Multi track editing
  • Video effects


In YOUCUT there is some Chinese connection but good news is, it is available in Play store.

It was not banned India when Chinese apps were banned, so you can use it.

It is very popular and it has a rating of 4.8*. You will get tired of using its features as much as it has the features.

You can merge 2 or 3 videos as well as photos. There is video transition feature in it. You can cut videos as well as combine. This is a video cutter and joiner app. Some feature that you should know about-

  • Merge video & photos
  • Cut & split
  • Video transition
  • 100% free music
  • Animated text
  • Adjust speed

#4- VLLO 

VLLO has a very good interface seems like pro version. It has tons of features like aspect ratio for resolution set, voice over, voice record in it. You can start your VLOG with the help of this app.

Some feature of VLLO-

  • Fast edit
  • Transform  (resize/reposition)
  • Overlay video
  • Mosaic (Blur/Pixelate)
  • Wide choices
  • Animation

#5- BEECUT Video Editor

 BEECUT Video Editor is a very interesting Editing App and you haven’t to pay for removing watermark and it is free.

It’s interface is very simple and powerful, and it has different types of features available like, different aspect ratios and filters and multiple transitions and music and fine tunes etc

Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps for Android Phones 2021

Guys these are Top 5 best Video Editing application in 2021 that you can use and by doing this, you can edit your videos as you wish.

You can make your videos cool and trendy. You guys use it and comment, how you liked it or not. Thank you.

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