‘Windows Vista’ or ‘Windows 7’- Easy guide to take a Screenshot ?

Windows Vista: It is very important to take screenshot in every device desktop, computer, laptop or mobile phone. Like everyone knows that screen shot can be taken easily by pressing the “windows + print screen” keyboard button in windows computer.

But there are some ways to take screenshot in windows computer which very few people know in the bare. Is post me I am going to tell you in unhi tariko ke bare. So let’s move on to How to Take Screenshot in Computer Laptop – Simple Way to Take Screenshot in Windows Device.

Many tools can help you take screenshots, if you use one of those, great. However, if your screen capture needs are very simple and you don’t have any third-party tools installed for your purpose, you can launch Windows’ inbuilt Snipping Tool (Windows 7 and Vista).

Windows gives you the option to capture the screen using the Print Screen button, but it is not a hassle-free method. The cutting tool is much better.

Note: The method described here only works on Windows XP, Vista, or OS. These tricks don’t work on all older versions.

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Windows Vista or Windows 7- How to take a Screenshot ?

How to take a full-screen screenshot:

If you want to take a full-screen picture, you can easily take a full-screen picture by pressing the shortcut key Windows+ Print Screen keyboard button. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. First, you need to open the part where you need to take the whole screenshot.
  2. Press the Print Screen key with the wrong Windows key. You must press both key buttons at the same time.
  3. Then open File Explorer.
  4. Then click on the image option on the left.
  5. Here you will see a folder of screenshots, open it, it will contain your captured picture.

If you don’t want to open File Explorer, that’s fine. After taking a screenshot, you can open MS Paint, Clipboard, or any photo editor and press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot.

How To Take a Screenshot of a Specific Part Of The Screen:

Did you know that Windows Vista and Windows 7 come standard with a tool called “Snipping Tool” that is useful for capturing screens (taking screenshots)?

This “Snipping Tool” makes it very easy to capture the screen

“Press the “Print Screen” button to capture the screen > Paste in paint > Trim screen range”

In Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can use the Snipping Tool to take a screenshot of part of a window or the entire screen. Here are the steps to open and manipulate.

Step 1: Click on the Windows Start button. Then type “snipping tool” in the search bar. Click on a search result to open it.

Step 2: Click on the “New” button and you will see several options. Snipping Tool provides four options for taking screenshots. And those are Free-form snippet, rectangular snippet, window snippet, and full screen snippet.

Free-form Snippets is a really good option to help you take freehand screenshots.

Step 3: Click any option and drag the mouse pointer to mark the area of ​​the screen you want to capture. The Snipping Tool takes your screenshot and opens it in the built-in editor.

Step 4: An options panel is also available. A variety of options are offered. Similarly, after capturing a snippet, you can choose whether to show the selection ink (border color). There is also an option to show icons in the Quick Access Toolbar.

Here is an example of a screenshot taken with the Snippet Tool.

Window capture

Take a screenshot of the entire window. Hovering over a window creates a red border around the window to select it. Now click on the window to take a screenshot.

Free Form Snippet

The best option available in the snipping tool is Free Form Snipp. You can use the mouse to take free screenshots of small areas. You can use the mouse pointer to draw any shape.

Rectangular piece

Rectangular Sniff Mode can be used to take screenshots of small rectangular areas anywhere on the screen.

Sniping tool editor

The Snipping Tool Editor provides several tools to edit images, such as the Pen Tool, Highlighter Tool, and Eraser Tool. In addition to these editing tools, you have the option of sending pictures to other people via mail. Click on the image and you will be redirected to Microsoft Outlook.

Images can be saved in PNG, JPG, or GIF format.

Overall, it is a great tool for taking screenshots quickly. This is useful when you only take occasional screenshots and you don’t need advanced features.

How to take a Screenshot of Open Windows:

Follow this table if you have multiple apps, software, window, and browser tabs open on your PC, or if you want to take a screenshot of a single window, app, or browser.

  • Open the app or window for which you want to take a screenshot. Note that these windows must be open in the foreground, not the background. The window you want to take a screenshot of should be displayed.
  • AB Alt + PrintScreen Press the keyboard button.
  • Then open MS Paint or any photo editor app or press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot.
  • Yes, you can see that only the screenshot of the Windows you had open in the foreground is showing. Now you can design it according to your choice.

Final Word

As a friend, can you take screenshots from another connection on your computer/laptop? I have mentioned 4 methods here, you can follow the method you want or simply find it.

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