What Is YouTube Go Live Together? A New Way To Get More Views

As the name suggests, YouTube has introduced a new feature called “YouTube Go Live Together”. This is very different from previous live streams. This is because you can invite guests.

This feature is very useful for all those who want to collaborate with other creators on YouTube, take interviews or talk to other creators. In such a situation, this feature is very useful.

YouTube Go Live Together

There are also some advantages of using the YouTube Go Live Together feature. This is covered in detail in this article. There may be many questions related to this, but complete information has been given about it.

What is YouTube Go Live Together?

This is very different from the regular live streams on YouTube. If you want to add another person to your live stream, you should use the Go Live Together feature.

Now you can invite guests. The process is very simple, you must have seen it on Instagram live where 2-4 people live stream together. It is of the same type.

However, with Go Live Together, you can only add one guest at a time. For this, you have to generate a link. With the help of this, they can participate in that life.

YouTube also tells us that Go Live Together handles YouTube guidelines. If you don’t follow our guidelines, YouTube may take action against you.

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How to get the Go Live Together feature?

What are the criteria for avail of this facility? Thus YouTube has made this rule of 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers for the YouTube Partner Program.

As such, it follows the same rules to achieve Go Live Together functionality. For this feature, it is necessary that you first complete at least 50 subscribers on your channel. Only then you can get this facility.

Once you reach 50 subscribers, you will be able to use the YouTube Go Live Together feature. Therefore, you do not need to change any settings.

Please remember that the channel does not have any copyright infringement notice or community guideline violation notice. This feature is available when the channel is alerted only.

But one should not do an active strike. Only then they will be able to take advantage of this facility.

How to use YouTube Go Live Together

By the way, this feature should be enabled on most channels. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use it. We provide complete information through this blog post.

Please let us know how you use Go Live Together so that you can use it successfully.

Step 1:- First of all launch the YouTube app on your mobile and log in with the Google account where you created your channel.

Step 2:- After opening the YouTube app, click on the + icon.

Step 3: – After this, you will see the option of “YouTube Go Live Together”. After clicking on it click on the start button.

Step 4:- Start Your Live Stream Enter a Name, Title, and Description and Select No For Kids, Then Click Next Button.

Step 5:- After that upload the created thumbnail and use it for your live stream and you will get the live stream link from there.

Step 6:- After clicking on the link to join the guest can send the link to the guest’s WhatsApp or email.

This is how you can access the Live Together stream. However, this feature only works on smartphones. If you want to live stream through your computer, you cannot do that.

So you can charge your smartphone before live streaming so that there is no interruption during streaming.

Benefits of using this Go Live Together:-

If YouTube has launched this feature, it must have been done with some thought. It has many advantages. It is explained in the points given below.

If your channel doesn’t have a lot of subscribers and views, then you can use this feature as the live stream notification goes to both subscribers and guests. This can get even more views.

This feature is very useful if you want to collaborate with someone. Recording a video first and then sending it for collaboration is a long process but very easy.

This is a great feature for people making videos for interviews or podcasts. If you want someone who lives far away from home to join your video, you can send them a live stream directly from them. Only you can take the interview.

Who receives Super Chat money from Live Together?

Have you ever wondered who gets paid for Super Chats that happen on live streams? it means you are unaware of it.

So any money you receive from them will be added to the dashboard of the person who hosted it. If you are a guest in any channel’s live-together stream then you will not get any money from that.

All this super chat money goes to the person who hosted that live stream.

FAQ – What is YouTube Live Together?

When to use YouTube Live Together

If you want to collaborate with or interview other YouTube creators, you can use the Go Live Tutor feature.

Can Go Live Together run on a computer/laptop?

No, YouTube doesn’t have this feature for computers yet. If you must use it, you can only use the YouTube mobile version.

Who gets the money from Go Live Together?

It should be the person hosting this live stream. Any money received from Monetization and SuperChat will be added to his/her account only.

What do I need to do to enable this Go Live Together feature?

Channel must be completed with 50 subscribers can be used without any type of strike.

The Final word:-

Friends, I hope you have liked this information about ‘YouTube Go Live Together‘ that we have to offer. If you are a YouTube creator, you must be using this feature.

Apart from this, it has many other advantages which have already been discussed in this post. If you need any other information please let us know by commenting below.

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