What is TataNeu? How to download this?

What is TataNeu: Recently, Tata has just released a new mobile app called Tata neu, which you all must have heard or else you would have seen its promotion through IPL. After buying the IPL title sponsorship, Tata made such a spectacular entry, which everyone would have guessed about Tata Neu. However, few people know what TataNeu is. How to use it? And is it Tata’s cryptocurrency coin? Can I make money from now on? Questions like this are also prevalent on the Internet.

Meanwhile, I wondered why it was necessary to explain the name in detail about how to download and use the Tata Noi app. What are its main features? And the biggest thing is whether anyone can use it. If you have any questions about this new Tata product in this situation, you can understand them by reading this post carefully.

IPL is currently underway and Tata has been the title sponsor of IPL since this time. So, at the time of the logo match, a new product name was seen in Tata Neu, so people were very interested this time that ‘Ratan Tata’ and his team launched something that people didn’t know about. However, some things are not suitable for everyone. But still, we all have the right to know.

What is TataNeu?

This is an all-in-one mobile app from which all types of facilities are available as rewards. From here, all users can do many things we use in our daily lives, such as ordering food, booking tickets, paying bills, and more. All that work is done through this app, and you can even shop from now on if you want.

The most important thing about this app is that if you make any purchases or payments from here, you will receive some rewards, which will be in the form of Neucoins that you can use later to get discounts on your shopping.This is mentioned on your shopping site TataCliQ. The value of Neucoins is equal to Rupees and can be used by TATA NeuApp users anywhere.

What is Neucoin?

This is a universal reward point available to users of the TataNeu app and can be earned by completing certain tasks. Or if you shop, pay, or recharge, you will get some points with it. It can be used for discount shopping. The value of 1Neucoin is equal to 1Rs.

What can you do with the TataNeu app?

As mentioned earlier, this is an all-in-one application. Here you can do everything you use online daily.

  • Fashion, appliances, grocery shopping, etc.
  • Air ticket and hotel reservations.
  • Order food online.
  • Invoice payment and recharge.
  • Personal loans etc.

How to use Neucoin?

Neucoin is used for discounts when users make ticket reservations, shopping, recharges, or other payments. Therefore, you have the option of paying with Neucoin and the discount will be applied at any price, depending on the conditions specified. For example, if you have 100 new coins and you place a similar order for 500 rupees. Therefore, it may be possible to make 50 rupees with Neucoins.

Will Neucoin expire?

Yes, it will expire in 1 year or 365 days if not used by the user. In this situation, if the user has a coin, it should be used within a year and can be applied to many products here. Therefore, users can use them anywhere.

How to download the TataNeu app?

Anyone can download the TataNeu app today. However, there are some conditions that we currently use. This is explained below. TataNeu can be run on all smartphones running Android 5 or later. With IPL2022 in progress as of today, people save the internet to watch the game. It’s only 47MB in size, so you can download it in a very small amount of MB.

The name of this app is very viral. However, only people who have downloaded 10,000 rupees so far. Therefore, if you want to download. To do this, follow these simple steps to download.

Go to the Google Play Store and search for TataNeu to find it and use it directly on the phone.

App NameTataNeu
Updated27 March 2022
Current Version1.4.2
Requires Android5.0 and up

Download Here

How to use the TataNeu app?

You can download this app, you can create an account on it. However, it cannot be used without satisfying the conditions. Here, we will explain step by step when downloading and installing. So how can you create an account and what will happen to it?

Step 1. After installation, as soon as you open the TataNeu app, you will see a screen like the one below. There are three dots, which are displayed below. You need to click.

Step 2. Enter your phone number here and check it like any other app. Verification is done via OTP.

Step 3. In the next step, you will be asked for a crop email or referral code. I don’t have these because they are currently only available to those who work for Tata.

TataNeu Corp Email or Referral Code

After doing this, the app will not be accessible because it is not currently available to everyone. Tata is currently sending this to employees by text message, and updates will be provided when it’s made public, so you’ll have to wait until the TataNeu app is available to all users. This will make it available to all users.

Here you can get a glimpse of the home screen. It looks like a regular purchase or is called a UPI app like PhonePe, but you’ll get more cool features that you might not have anywhere else.


Is TataNeu only for employees?

Earlier it was such that only Tata employees used to get this facility but now this app is available for all the people.

Wrap Up

Here we have described how to download the TataNeu app and many features that will help you use the app. The most unique feature of this app is Neucoin, which is used to buy products, and you can buy any product with cash and Neucoin. We hope you like this information. If you have any questions or suggestions, please be sure to let us know in the comments.

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