What is eRupi digital payment solution in 2021? | How to download the eRupee App?

What is eRupi in 2021? | How to download the eRupee App?– On 2nd August 2021, the Government of India has launched a new payment concept called eRupi or eRupee. Because this is a new name and a new payment system, so many people will not know about it.

What is eRupi? Isn’t this a cryptocurrency? People will be confused right now. Like I said this is a new system and people will not know much about it. That’s why in this post I will give you all that information.

In the current times, the dominance of Bitcoin is very high and everyone is aware of its name. Because the Indian government has said that it is going to be an electronic currency, everyone thinks that it will be the new cryptocurrency of India.

It’s not like that. If you read further in this post, you will get everything in detail. And I will tell you is there any eRupee available or not if yes how to download it.

What is eRupi?


eRupi or eRupee is the advanced version of the UPI payment system. And its full form or full name is ‘Electronic Rupee Unified Interface’. This is an electronic e-voucher designed keeping in mind BHIM UPI.

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eRupi or eRupee is a payment solution which has been made by the Government of India to remove the problems of payment system in India and the problems of rigging.

E-RUPI will be a contactless and cashless payment and will be used through SMS and QR codes. It will be sent in the form of a ‘QR (Quick Response)’ code to those who have smartphone and through SMS (Short Message Service) to those who do not have smartphone.

This will work for a specific person with a specific need. This means it will be given for a specific purpose and only the specific person to whom it is given will be able to do that work.

Research has been done on many such payment solutions before bringing in eRupee. This is a prepaid e-voucher that is the Indian Government’s first step towards providing a secure and smooth payment method to India. Going forward it will be upgraded according to its use.

At present, it is being implemented on health sector benefits. In future, it will be implemented in other schemes also.

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Benefits of e-RUPI                         

In E-RUPI, you will mainly see some such features

  • E-Rupi is a contactless and cashless payment system.
  • In this, eVouncher will be given to the beneficiary through a QR code or SMS.
  • The payment will be sent directly to the beneficiary’s account through just a voucher code.
  • Beneficiaries will be able to make payment from this at the service provider center on behalf of the government.
  • The eRupi voucher will be directly linked to beneficiary’s mobile number so that no one else can use it.

Who Made eRUPI?

As I am telling from the beginning that the eRUPI is an Indian government’s production. NPCI (National Payment Corporation of India) has made eRUPI with contributions from Financial Services, Ministry of Health and Welfare and National Health Authority.

Note: NPCI is also called the umbrella of the payment system. Because all the transfer payment systems work under NPCI. NPCI controls the money transfer systems.

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How eRUPI works?

E-RUPI or E-RUPEE is a cashless and contactless digital payment solution system and it will be sent directly to the beneficiary’s mobile through SMS, QR Code.

If you understand it in simple language, then it will be a kind of prepaid e-voucher which will be used for payment.

As you must have seen your gift vouchers like Amazon gift card, Phonepe voucher, Google pay gift voucher etc. In which, there we will get a voucher and we can do any shopping online with it.

No one else can use this voucher except you. And what happens in the gifts that you get that you can only buy that thing and you can buy the same amount as that amount would have been added to the voucher.

For example-

Let’s say that a farmer has to buy urea fertilizer and the government has sent the eRUPI code of 1000rs to that farmer to buy urea fertilizer. But if he went to buy household items by using the eRupee code instead of Farmer Fertilizer, then when he scans it, this eRupee code will show invalid.

NPCI has a major contribution in the above example. NPCI make the 2 same codes and sent it to the two person i.e the farmer and the urea fertilizer company. When the 2 codes will match then the payment will be done otherwise it will show invalid.

RBI has got the recognition to make E-RUPI, for which banks can also use it in the form of vouchers. So far not all banks have got permission to use it, but in future, its use will be visible in all banks.

How will these e-RUPEE vouchers be issued?

e-RUPI system is under control of NPCI and NPCI is building its UPI platform. You will get access of from there. And banks can issue their own eVoucher. After that they will issue their own eVoucher on the UPI platform which can be purchased by paying in advance.

If the person has an account in any bank and uses the UPI App, then he can create a voucher himself and can send it to another person as a gift voucher. For this, the name and mobile number of the beneficiary are necessary, only then QR code and SMS can be sent.

Where e-RUPI can be used?

Because it is still in its initial phase, so government will initially use e-RUPI for government organizations. And in future it will available for private sectors also.

Through this, the government will send direct vouchers to all the beneficiary in the country, such as medicines under the TB identification program, facilities like Ayushman Bharat, Pradhan Mantri Yojana, fertilizer subsidy and nutritional support will be given through this.

Along with this, private sector companies can also use it to give all these facilities to their employees and when everything goes right, it may become an electronic currency which can be used by anyone and everywhere in the country. You can make payment through this.

How to download eRUPI App?

I discussed about how eRUPI works and where it can be used. Now I will tell you whether there is any app of rupi or not, if yes then how to download it. But till now there is no separate mobile app for eRupi.

According to NPCI, it will be integrated with UPI App and users can use it from there itself. This means in all the UPI apps, you will see the usage of e-RUPI.

Because it is still in its first phase, that’s why you are not able to see it but in future you do not need to download any separate app for this. But you must have UPI app.

The process of BHIM UPI payment system started from 2016 and till now it has undergone many improvements and upgrades. And e-rupee is its upgrade version, so it is obvious that through UPI systems you can use e-rupee.

In this you will get to see all the new updates of e-Rupee. If the government is going to give you any benefit, then you will get the information on this too, for this there are some things which are important to keep in mind.

Use the mobile number which you use to fill the form of National Scheme or the phone number which is registered with your bank account.

Because the vouchers will be sent to the beneficiary according to his mobile number, in such a situation, if you have put any other number in your scheme and the account has been created from someone else, then you can also be deprived.


In this post I shared all the information about e-RUPI or e-RUPEE. I hope you all got the idea about what is e-RUPI? How to use it? and Where to use it? So comment bellow how you liked it or not. Thank you.

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