What Is AutoGPT ? | Is It Better Than ChatGPT ? | How To Download? Complete Guide

We will learn AutoGPT vs ChatGPT in this article. Last year, OpenAI introduced the popular chatbot model ChatGPT. This one chatbot model was a big draw for everyone else. Apart from this, another AI tool entry is also being done.

Last year, ChatGPT started a new era not only in the world of technology but also in the world of the internet. Users saw the expertise of AI-based chatbots and wanted to use them. ChatGPT has become a favorite of all users due to its ability to generate human-like text, but more than that, Auto-GPT entered the tech world.

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What is AutoGPT

Apart from ChatGPT, OpenAI’s chatbot model, there are discussions about AutoGPT. A model based on the same technology as ChatGPT, but better than ChatGPT, may surprise all users. ChatGPT generates human-like text based on human gestures, while AutoGPT works without relying on human interaction.

What is the difference between Auto-GPT and ChatGPT

First of all, let’s talk about Auto-GPT. The term came after ChatGPT. Auto-GPT is also an AI tool, Developed by Vital Gravitas.

This AI tool was posted on March 30 this year. This open-source Python application is based on GPT-4. Its specialty is that it can do big things with a little human cooperation.

Auto-GPT, a step ahead of ChatGPT

On the one hand, using ChatGPT requires users to run commands one after the other. Auto-GPT on the other hand is a step ahead in this regard. Auto-GPT is easy to use and allows users to answer only one question covering all relevant aspects.

In other words, with Auto-GPT, users rarely feel the need to ask another question. Auto-GPT as the name suggests is automatic. It also answers many other questions related to one question of the user.

No user is required, work is done automatically

Unlike ChatGPT, Auto-GPT requires a user only for nominal purposes. However, for topics on which the user wishes to obtain information from the model, the user’s initial question must be entered for this to work. Auto-GPT is built on the same framework as ChatGPT. Still, Auto-GPT is a step ahead of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Modus operandi is different from ChatGPT

Auto-GPT is an experimental AI tool to explore the possibilities of AI. We’ll talk about how ChatGPT works to find answers based on questions asked by users. Separately, after the user’s question, the AI agent prepares answers to all the related questions on behalf of the user.

This AI tool is based on AI agents from action execution to decision making. However, this type of technology is starting to be used in many practical applications.

Auto-GPT is now emerging as the foundation of AI of the future.

How To Download AutoGPT?

The process of downloading AutoGPT looks something like this

The next level model AutoGPT handles the task automatically. When a user asks a question, the AI tool will cover all aspects related to the question with answers.

In other words, the model answers all possible questions related to the user’s question without asking the user. This AI tool is based on GPT-4. This article describes how to download AutoGPT.

  • First, go to gitforwindows.org. Next, you need to download Git for Windows.
  • After this, you have to go to python.org. The latest version of the app should be downloaded here.
  • “Add python.exe to PATH” must be enabled during installation.
  • After selecting the drive, you need to create a new folder for AutoGPT.
  • After navigating to the folder’s command bar, type “cmd” to open the command window.
  • You should find AutoGPT on GitHub. After this, you should open the file with the highest number of stars.
  • After clicking on Code, you have to copy the HTTPS code.
  • Paste the HTTPS code into the command window and click Enter.
  • GitHub files appear in the AutoGPT folder.
  • You should be returned to the AutoGPT page. pip install -r requirements.txt should be copied.
  • Open the AutoGPT folder and open the command bar. Here you have to paste the copied link after E:\AI\AutoGPT>.
  • After installing AutoGPT on your system, right-click on the .env.template file in Notepad from the folder.
  • Go to Pinecone.io and generate your AutoGPT pincode key here.
  • You need to paste the pinecone key and region in the .eve.template file.
  • Go to openai.com/account/api-keys and create your private OpenAI key here. You need to click on the .env.template file key. Must be pasted.
  • You should save the .env.template file and rename it to .env.
  • AutoGPT is now available.

Disclaimer – Users should install AutoGPT solely at their responsibility and understanding.

Wrap UP

AutoGPT is truly revolutionary and will prove to be a huge game-changer in the future, especially for small and medium-sized businesses looking to reduce operational costs. If you found this article useful, share it with your friends .

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