What is Android One Phone?- It’s impact in 2021

What is Android One Phone?- It’s impact in 2021- You’re thinking about buying a new phone particularly if you’re looking at cheaper options or more budget models then stop. What is Android One Phone ,this article will help you to find out something that you may not know about.

In this article we will know about   Android one phones. And it makes a big difference how good your phone is or at least how good it is to use.

What is Android One Phone?

So what exactly is Android one why should you care? Well the outcome is you’re  getting an Android phone there’s no third party skins no bloat ware no ugly themes.

And you’re getting pretty much a Android experience and generally you’ll get updates quicker as well. So really it’s a lot like the Google picks or phones. Android One is Google’s product and it works under Google’s certification.

But we shouldn’t confuse Android one with the actual software version of Android that the phone is running.

An Android One phone basically is just a name as a logo that tells you this phone runs a stock version of Android.

what is android one

The rest of the smartphones you see, such as a Mi phone or Oppo or Realme or Huwai, all have a customized OS. Now you will ask, friend, what is this customized OS, then firstly I will tell the same so that you can understand it better.

What is customized OS?

Customized OS means that the original OS. It means changing some of the original operating system and then your phone operating system has inserted, so that you get to see something different, it is called customized OS.

Just like you must have seen in Xiaomi’s smartphone that when you buy mi phone, you see its customized OS named MIUI in it,

Now in order for IPhone to be Android One certified it has to meet various Google requirements.  Although Google doesn’t actually specify and make public what these are now.

Google first introduced Android One way back in 2014 and was designed to address a universal need for smart phones.

Those are fresh and secure and bring the Google apps and services that people loved originally.

Android one’s impact in 2021-

Android One has aimed at cheaper phones in growing markets like in India and Asia continent.

But now all that has fallen under the Android Go name and which is a new version of Android.

It is optimized for lower powered devices but now we’re seeing Android One phones hitting the streets.

In UK, US, India and all over the world right now we’ve got a bunch of phones like the 3.1, 5.1, 7.1, and 8.1.

Now a days it has upgraded to Android10, Android11 and the latest version is Android12.

There are so many android devices that they differ in specs, design, quality, battery life.

But what ties them all together under that is Android one name. It is that stock Android experience which makes them much easier to use.

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You can’t buy a bad phone

Now to be honest you can’t really buy a bad phone anymore and it’s great that we have so many budget options to choose from.

But the biggest issue with cheaper phones other than the fact that the cameras are usually a little bit terrible.

Because the software of normal Android you’ll have manufacturers own software or skin like something experience UI.

And while these can add some cool features or offer different UI styles on the whole they are bit slower.And they need more powerful high-end specs to keep them feeling fast and responsive.

So when you have budget phones with mid-range processors and maybe less RAM can often impact the performance of the phone.

what is android phone

Now that isn’t to say that all Android One phones are equal. And so the specs of course still make a big difference.

You will get nicer and smooth experience in android one phone than just sticking with stock android.

I always prefer phones as a stock Android experience whether it’s the one plus or of course the pixel. 

Now I doubt that we’ll see that a time soon but hopefully some manufacturers will soon start offering higher-end Android one phones. At least we’ll have more options in 2022.


To be clear though just because a phone is Android One doesn’t suddenly make a cheap phone. Amazingly it’s still worth checking the specs and reading the reviews.

A cheap Android One phone will feel  be a bit nice to use get updates quicker and be more secure than another cheap Android phone.

Without it and with some manufacturers scale on top so keep that in mind if you’re thinking about buying a new phone.

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