The Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama television series released on Netflix, created by Hwang Dong-hyuk.

Squid Game Season 1 hinted at some games that might be intertwined in Season 2 episodes.

Biseokchigi is a Korean stone game that involves crossing a line with the help of your body (without placing a hand).

More games like Gongji, Tuhu and Hide & Seek will also be included in Season 2. All these games will be featured in a very special way in all the episodes

New Games & Thrill

It is learned from the squid game that until someone is shown dead, do not consider him dead. Never believ that character is dead

Come back

Jun Ho is Alive

In the future, Joon-ho may make a comeback and reveal the dark handiwork of the squid game

How Guards get selected

In Season 1 Gi Hoon was given the option of 2 cards in the Dag Chi game if he had chosen a red card then he would have been selected as a guard.

That is, in Season 2, the process of becoming a guard and what is the thrill in becoming a guard can be seen.

In season 1, a VIP said that there is a lot of fun in the Korean squid game, this means that in season 2 the squid game of outside countries can be revealed.

international franchise

Everyone has a flashback of life, so flashbacks of frontmans can be seen in Season 2.

Flash back

All previous winners will return and participate in the Squid game and one will be champions of champion

Champions of Champion

Gi-hun and Joon-ho will team up and expose the criminals, VIPs of the squid game