Former WWE referee passed away at the age of 68

It was June 28, 1998, when the Hell in a Cell match was being played between Mankind and The Undertaker.

And in that match Mankind (Mick Foley) got injured during the match. And the referee of that match was Tim White

Seeing this, Team White proceeded to postpone that match there but.....

Mick Foley stopped him saying "Don't stop the match" and the match ended with Undertaker winning

And today that match is considered one of the best matches.

Tim White was known for another reason, he was known as the manager of WWE's legendary Superstar 'The Giant'. Tim white is no more...

It has been revealed from the official website of WWE that Tim White has left this world in 68 years.

'White' began his illustrious career in 1985 as a part-time referee and 'manager of André the Giant'. ,

White is also the former owner of "The Friendly Tap", a bar in Cumberland, Rhode Island, and has been featured on WWE TV several times.

We WWE fans are saddened to learn that long-time referee Tim White has passed away.

Condolences to White’s family, friends and fans.