RBI Launches UPI123Pay , UPI Payment Will Be Without Internet

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launched its own UPI payment system called UPI123Pay. In today’s post, we will know about this new payment feature of RBI. It is a UPI payment that can be used without the internet and does not require a smartphone. As of now, all payments have been made from the internet through UPI apps like GPay, PhonePe, and BHIM.

All UPI payment systems so far work over the Internet, users must also have smartphones before they can transfer money from the bank. But in India, where the majority of the population lives in villages, many places still do not have proper internet access. Along with this, many people in this country cannot buy smartphones, so this system of RBI will be very useful.

The Reserve Bank of India will benefit from this new initiative. In such a situation, if someone does not have internet and a smartphone, then UPI payment can also be done through any of his keyboard phones. What is UPI123Pay? How to use this phone without the internet? You will get complete information about it.

What is UPI123Pay?

UPI 123Pay‘ (UPI123Pay) is a unified payment interface system. It was launched as a new service of RBI. It allows users to send money to a bank without the internet and pay through UPI from Paytm, PhonePe, and other apps that use the internet, all work without internet through UPI123pay.

According to a 2021 report, around 44 crore people in the country are still using feature phones. If you don’t have internet access and you can’t use the app. As such, many people in the country are deprived of the most efficient payment system, but the UPI123Pay system will enable these 4.4 billion people to use digital payments.

Pay Now Without Internet

It is well known that Digital India is driving cashless transactions and India is the largest digital payments country. If we want to buy products worth Rs.10, then we pay through Paytm or PhonePe. In such a situation, 44 crore people are left in the digital payment system so far. Now with this initiative of RBI, they will also be involved in this mission.

UPI123Pay is designed to allow people to make payments without the internet, allowing them to do more transactions online to reduce cash flow. Now, if you have a regular phone, you don’t need the internet to trade money. Still, he can easily send money or receive payment from anyone.

RBI Governor also launched UPI123pay helpline

It takes time for people to learn about the new system. In such a situation, RBI also issues a helpline, which you can contact to get a solution to the problem. It is a 24/7 service hotline specially created for UPI123Pay users. In such a situation, if any problem arises during payment or usage, the hotline will be resolved immediately.

Through the website “Digisaathi.com” (www.digisaathi.info) and phone numbers “14431” and “18008913333” one can get information from the helpline called “Digisaathi”.

How to use UPI123Pay?

You must know that this is an offline payment system. If this regular keyboard can be used on a mobile phone, then neither it nor the QR code system needs to be implemented, it will be directly linked to the mobile phone number and can be used for payment from there.

Earlier most people used the USSD system to make payments without the internet, but it is not an easy task. It is not easy for everyone to understand, and the response time is short. In this case, the user does not know whether it is working or not, but with UPI123Pay, the task is very easy.

According to RBI, currently, four types of transactions are possible based on four technical options.

  • Calling IVR (Interactive Voice Response) numbers.
  • App functionality in feature phones.
  • Missed call-based method.
  • Proximity sounds like the best payment.

All of you can take advantage of the UPI123Pay payment system and not only other users with feature phones can also use it. If it is in a location from where payment is to be received or sent, then this method will work without the internet. Do use it and share in your review comment how you liked the new payment mode here.

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