Top 5 Ring Lights for Reels Video or Live Stream on FB or even Make Up at Affordable Price

Everyone who makes reels on Instagram uses lights to improve the quality of their videos. So today we are going to talk about Best Ring Lights for Reel Video.

Ring Lights

You don’t need to make a reel video just from these ring lights. If you too are looking for ring lights to shoot YouTube videos under Rs 1000, then we have also covered the cheapest ring lights in this post.

If you want to increase your Instagram followers, then you should know very well that you can also use social media to make your career. For that, you have to keep the quality of your video good. Whenever people want to see your video and want to follow you.

What is Ring Light?

When you are learning to make or shoot videos, at that time you don’t know many things like how to make a good video or how to light in a low-light area. It takes time to master all of this.

And if the light is less then use a light bulb, in that case installing a light bulb will not work, you should use a tube light or other light bulb, and in the video, you can see some quality that I understand.

But the problem with this is that you have to set all these lights multiple times. A ring light is the only solution to avoid all these hassles. These are also a type of light.

It has a round shape with a small LED light inside which you can increase or decrease the amount of light as per your need.

This ring light is mounted on a tripod stand and you can use the mobile holder to position your phone in the center of the ring light to take videos.

The light from the Ring Light falls directly on your face, so the video quality is very high.

Top 5 Ring Lights for Reel Videos

A ring light can be used to make portrait or landscape videos, but for videos in a good light, a softbox is used and costs around Rs 18-20,000.

You should keep that softbox too. If you don’t have much room in your room, a ring light that you can pack and keep in your bag is the best option.

Find out again about the best ring light for reel video. If you are also thinking of buying a ring light, then take a look.

1. Osaka 10-inch Ring Light with Tripod Stand

This is a 10-inch ring light from a company in Osaka. If you want a small ring light, you know better because the lights are said to be great.

If you are looking for a ring light with a stand under Rs 1500, then this is a good deal. The tripod stand measures 9 feet. If you don’t need such a large stand, you can make it smaller. can do.

This is a 10-inch ring light with 220 LED bulbs. Using it gives a very good effect. If you want to add filters, you can also shoot with warm, cold, and white filters. Facebook Live or Instagram Reel.

This ring light is available on Amazon. You may have to pay up to Rs 1500 and they also offer free shipping and 7 days exchange.

If you do not like this ring light then you can also return it within 7 days. The money will be returned to your account.

2. Digitech (DRL012C)

This is a ring light from a brand that is known for producing only similar products like lights, tripod stands, and more.

Ring Light

The price of this ring light is between Rs 1300 to Rs 1500, this ring light has 120 LED lights, and you can turn on the light in 3 modes (white, warm, and yellow). I can Stream, reel videos, selfies, and video chat.

If you need a ring light for any of these functions, you can buy one. It is difficult to find a tripod stand ring light at a price less than this.

You can also use the USB port of your computer or laptop to power it, but the best option is considered to be a mobile charging adapter.

There is also a remote controller that allows you to control the light emanating from the Ring Light, and it also comes with a 5-feet tripod stand that can easily hold up to 5KG of load.

3. “ADZOY 10″ Ring Light

There are two ways to make an Instagram reel video. The first is a method that allows you to dance to Lypsync or other sounds, and the second is a video that requires you to use your voice. You will also need a separate mic, but only after that, you can hear yourself.

Featured in our list of the best ring lights for reel video, this ring light is perfect for anyone who needs a microphone to record their voice-over video.

It has been given a ring light with a tripod stand for Rs 1200, so it also comes with a microphone that allows you to record audio along with the video by connecting it to your mobile phone.

This ring light is 10 inches but the phone holder is not very good and your phone can fall so it should only be used by people who have to stand or sit to take videos. alive.

Before using this ring light, please check everything first and then start making the video. Its shine is also very good. Some ring lights have been found to have more light, which makes them brighter.

Then my eyes started tingling, so this light is good. If you want to buy it then you can buy it from Flipkart.

4. Hemarex LED Ring Light 10 Inch

When someone starts making reel videos, at that time everyone has more money, but it does not apply to everyone. That’s why we want everyone to have everything they need to make the least amount of video possible.

For those people, it’s the Hemrex LED Ring Light. It is also the cheapest ring light on the list. The two ring lights I mentioned earlier came with a tripod stand, but this ring light doesn’t come with the stand.

If you already have a tripod, you can attach this ring light to shoot a reel video.

Now let’s talk about its quality. Considering the price, the quality of this ring light is quite good. The rest are also included to get a total of three filters.

To buy it, you can buy this light from the website of Flipkart. This light is available for just Rs 385, so we have named it the cheapest ring light.

5. DIGITEK (DRL 018) Professional Ring Light

If you ask me about the best ring light, I will give you the name as this light is considered good for everyone. This is an 18-inch ring light with all three filters available.

Many people need Ring Light to go to Facebook or Instagram Live, so you can use it.

You can increase or decrease the brightness as you like so that you can read people’s comments during Instagram Live, so you can adjust the amount of light you need and lower the brightness.

The Ring Light also heats up when lit for long periods, but it also has a cooling mechanism to prevent overheating due to prolonged use.

It is definitely a bit expensive light but it is a bit difficult to get the best ring light for this price it is easily available on online shopping sites as well.


Today we have discussed Top 5 Ring Lights here. If you also want to buy ring lights, then we hope that you have got information about the best ring lights through this article.

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