Thop TV- The Free Platform For Watching Live Cricket

Thop TV: IPL 2022 has started and you can watch many games. However, many people cannot enjoy these games. They face many problems when watching online games. So today I will tell you the solution to this problem. It also provides information about How to Download Thop TV and how to watch IPL for free on ThopTv.

To watch an IPL match online, you will have to pay for some online streaming apps. But you can watch IPL matches for free on ThopTv. All you have to do is download the latest version of the Thop Tv App and then enjoy your IPL match.

So today I will only tell you how you can download the thoptv app on your android phone and how to install it.

ThopTV is an Android app. It works on both Android phones and tablets. Install this free app on your device to watch all TV channels around the world live from your mobile phone.

Live cricket games are the most-watched on ThopTV. You can watch all channels on ThopTV. If you also want to watch a live IPL match, you can download the ThopTV APK.

How to download ThopTV

The ThopTv app has been removed from the Google Playstore due to allegations of copyright infringement by television stations. This is because it does not follow the rules of the copyright policy. This app steals the content of other official apps and displays them in that app.

To download the Thop TV app, you need to visit the official site of thoptv. You can download the thoptv app from the same app. Apart from this, there are many sites on the internet where you can download thop tv app, and you can also download it from there.

Step 1: Go to Google and search for Thop TV App. Click the first result you see.

Step 2: Then find and click the download button

Step 3: After this, the ThopTV app will be downloaded.

Next, you need to install the ThopTV app. So how do I install the Thop TV App?

How to Install ThopTV APK?

After downloading the ThopTV app from the official website, it’s also very easy to install. Here are some steps to download ThopTV. This makes it easier to install the thoptv app.

Step 1: Download the ThopTV app from the official page.

Step 2: After downloading the app, go to the download manager and click on the app.

Step 3: Then click the Install button.

Step 4: If you have not enabled the unknown source option, enable it first and then install it.

Step 5: The thoptv app is now installed. Please open this app and have fun.

Use VPN (If necessary)

You can use a VPN as Thop TV may not work depending on the network in your country.

You know that when you have network connectivity issues, your app will not work properly.

And I want to tell you that keeping in mind the security and privacy, if any app does not work in your country then do not use that app without the help of a VPN.

You can go to your Android mobile’s play store and download any VPN according to the review and rating.

If you want to know about VPNs then you can read my article Quick VPN Apk Mod- The best VPN for Android devices.

How to watch IPL live match on Thop TV

If you install Thop TV, you can watch cricket matches. If you don’t have information on how to watch a cricket match on Thop TV, follow the process above.

Open the Thop TV app and type Star Sports in the search box to search. After this, the Star Sports Channel will appear. Then click on the channel you want to watch the cricket match and enjoy the cricket match.

What does Thop TV offer you?

Live television broadcast

In this section you can watch Live TV Channels from different parts of the world Live TV includes many channel categories like Movies, TV Serials, Sports, and News.

Live cricket match

Live cricket matches on ThopTV that too free. This differentiates the Thop TV app from other exclusive apps. If you are a cricket lover then ThopTV is a good option for you.

With ThopTV, you can watch live streaming of upcoming IPL2022 and ODI cricket matches for free.

And in the future with the help of this app, you can watch ICC Champions Trophy.

TV Shows

Thop TV is the haunt of many TV shows where you can enjoy serials.

It is especially beneficial for women


Who is not crazy about movies, every person likes to watch movies, whether it is for time pass or wants to make his boring life a little fun.

In such a situation, Thop TV proves to be helpful. Through this app, you can watch whether new or old movies.

What are the Advantages and Harms of Thop TV


  • Thop TV application shows full IPL live for free
  • It also offers other premium facilities like movies, web series, and more for free.
  • Now you can watch cricket, soccer, hockey, kabaddi, and more games all over the world completely free of charge without spending 1 rupee.
  • In a sense, this is an all-in-one free live streaming application.


  • Thop TV is a third-party app not available on the Google Play store.
  • Thop TV is also illegal because it steals someone else’s content and shows it to others for free.
  • This threatens the security of mobile phones and risks leaking important data.


Q1. Can I watch IPL2022 for free with the ThopTV app?

Answer-  Yes, you can watch everything for free with this app. There is no charge. You can also watch IPL2021 completely free of charge.

Q2. Can I watch live TV channels on ThopTV?

Answer- Yes, you can also watch live TV broadcasts from this app. The app also has streaming soccer, cricket, and many other shows.

Q3. Is there a premium version of the ThopTV app?

Answer- No, there is no premium version of this app. This app does not ask for subscriptions, fees, or logins. You can watch all the TV shows free.

Q4. Is ThopTV APK safe?

Answer- Yes, the thoptv app is safe for all users. You can watch VivoIPL in real-time for free.

Final Word

This app is a third party app so I would recommend you to use it with the help of VPN.

Today in this article we got to know about Thop TV. In this article, I told about everything that you want to know. So if there is anything else left about which you want to know more, then you can ask by typing in the comment box, I will try to tell about that too. Thank you

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