How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages on Android- 4 best Methods.

Have you got your Snapchat messages deleted? And looking for its recovery solution for your Android device? Don’t worry Here I am with you.

This is such a social media in which the images, videos and files a user send to the receiver remain for short time of period and later get deleted. It provides time limited instant messaging service. In this blog post I will share some methods to recover your deleted Snapchat messages on Android device.

Use of Snapchat App

Snapchat is an application that many people are using now a days. This application is giving some such unique features that people are liking to use it. But on the other hand it also becomes a cause for concern.

This is a social media app that self-destructs the sent content or messages after some short time of period.

This app is mostly used by the user with his close friend or his family member because it is easy and funny to do it.

If user does any message through this app, this message is automatically sent after 10 seconds to the receiver. It depends on the settings you made. This feature is what attracts the users a lot.

Because it gives you the security that, your message should not be discovered by the third party. But on the other hand, it can also put you in trouble. Because you sent messages get permanently deleted after the limited time of period.

Note: When the receiver open the message chat the message will disappear after 10 seconds.

But you should also know that your deleted message is stored in your mobile and remains invisible. And to recover all these messages, user can take help of some powerful software.

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Can you save Snapchat messages?

Before how to recover it, it is better if you know how to save your message. Because ‘Prevention is Better than Cure’. The steps that I will recommend will help if you do not have an idea how to save them.

  • 1st you download and install Snapchat app.
  • Then sign in
  • Then start chatting

Here it comes the process to save the message

  • Tap on the message that you sent and Hold it
  • The options appear ‘Save in chat’, ‘Copy’ or ‘Delete’
  • Just click on ‘Save in Chat’.
  • It will be grey coloured and saved
  • If you need to remove the messages then click the massage and hold it until grey color is gone.

It will help you to save your message line by line in your chat.

Note: You can also save by taking screenshot of those message chats.

How long can Snapchat messages be?

Users have Passion to use Snapchat but not concerned about privacy. So it shows that sometimes the receiver does not open the sent message.

We know that the message is self-destructed only after the receiver has read the message, but what if the recipient has not opened the message at all?

  • Snapchat servers are designed to self-destruct automatically if the user or recipient doesn’t view the message.
  • There is erase rule in Chat settings that will allow to delete the messages after 24 hours if those are not viewed by the receiver.
  • In case of images or video files are not opened they get automatically delted after 30 days from the servers.

How to get back deleted Snapchat messages on Android Phone?

Method 1:  to Recover Snapchat Messages on Android Phone.

 I previously talked about using powerful software the user can recover the deleted Snapchat messages. With the help of the software user can not only recover the messages but also recover the images and the video files. And the powerful means it is secure also.

It will be the rescuer for the user. The following steps wil guide you to recover the deleted messages.

Step1- Download the software and install.

Search the software and download it in your windows. Then install it and run the software.

Step2- Connect your Android phone to the PC.

First you have to connect your android device to the computer or PC. Via USB cable you can connect your android device with the PC.

Step3-  Scan the files that you choose

The software will scan your Android set for the recovery process. It will check all types of data or files that supports. After completion of scaning your data you have to choose the targeted data type that you want to recover.

Then select the targeted deleted file and let it be scanned. 

Step4- extract deleted chat messages

Locate your Android option and click to recover the file. It will scan an show the recovery lists. From the list that it will show, you have to select the files that you want to recover grouped in ‘Chat’.

Note: It may ask you to root your Android device if you want to then you can chose or not.

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Method 2: Recover deleted messages from Snapchat on Android from Cache Files

Previously I mentioned that deleted messages is actually not deleted but stored in the memory of your Android device but invisible.

The file is renamed and stored in .nomedia extension. So you have to locate .nomedia extension and rename it. The following steps will lead you to the location of .nomedia extension.

  • Step1- Download a phone file manager and install it.
  • Step2- Then lunch file manager
  • Step3- Then find folder
  • Step4- Check out files with .nomedia extension.
  • Step5- After finding the file rename it.
  • Step6- Remove the extensions named .nomedia. Whatever is inside the file will allow it to show to other applications.

Method 3: Retrieve Lost Snapchat messages taking help of support team of Snapchat on Android.

By sending a request to the Snapchat support team to retrieve lost Snapchat messages on android. They will help you to get back your data in the form of a zip file.

The following steps will lead you-

How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages on Android- 4 best Methods.
  • Click on the option My Data
  • Then log in to your Snapchat account using your email id and password
How to Recover Deleted Snapchat Messages on Android- 4 best Methods.
  • Tap on only option Submit Request
  • Wait for the mail that support team of Snapchat will send you in the form of a zip file.

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Method 4: By using pc you can Recover your Lost Snapchat messages

Following steps will show you how to do it.

  • First through USB cable connect your Android Mobile to your PC.
  • Then open Android Folder on your PC
  • You have to click on Data folder option
  • Then click on and you will get the targeted messages that you want to recover.


Millions of user there of Snapchat who have passion to use this app but they are not concerend about the privecy. That’s why some times unneccesary situations create that you should aware of it. And the deleted Snapchat messages may be the one of them.

Because there is no backup facility available in Snapchat app so I hope the above methods will assure you to get back your deleted Snapchat Messages. If this post is helpful to you then comment below and let me know. Thank You.

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