Samsung Galaxy S series evolution from Samsung S1 to S22, Easy guide

Samsung Galaxy S series evolution: When it comes to Android, Samsung is the most talked-about after Google. And it was the Samsung galaxy S series that led Samsung to its peak. Since the launch of the Samsung galaxy Sseries, Samsung has been doing something remarkable from time to time.

In this article, we’ll talk about the journey from the first Galaxy S1 to the Galaxy S22 and its evolution.

Samsung Galaxy S series evolution from Samsung S1 to S22

Samsung Galaxy S series S1

The Samsung Galaxy S1 arrived in 2009. If seen, more than 2 dozen different phones were launched inside the Galaxy S. All were launched with different names.

Samsung Galaxy S, it’s a powerful phone, and because of its powerful and fast processor, it also surpassed the iPhone 3G at that time.

At that time it came with 512MB of RAM and was updated to 2.3 Gingerbread with Android 2.1 Eclair.

Its screen used to come with an AMOLED display with 480p resolution. And at that time when there was a shortage of AMOLED displays, then Samsung launched it with LCD display. And at that time it was Samsung’s biggest hit phone.

Samsung also launched phones with some weird names like Samsung Galaxy S ProClain, Galaxy S Showcase, Galaxy Stratosphere.

Samsung Galaxy S2

This phone was launched after Galaxy S1 and this phone came with a lot of costs and 40 million units were sold.

Speaking of processors, it came with 2.3 Gingerbread and was getting an update to Android 4.1 Jellybean. And its success also grew very fast.

According to the information, more than 3 million units of Samsung Galaxy S2 were sold in 55 days. And it was the first time Samsung had used a Qualcomm chipset. And this is where the story of Qualcomm vs Exynos started.

After the launch of the Samsung S2, Samsung started competing with a company like Apple. And Samsung became the world’s No.1 smartphone maker. And that year, the Samsung Galaxy S2 becomes the best-selling mobile phone in the world after Apple’s iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3 gave so much competition to the iPhone as soon as it came in the market that it came to be called the real iPhone killer.

Galaxy s3 had the story of Exynos and snapdragon but at that time the performance of Exynos was much better there were more cores and people started liking the s3 a lot.

The Galaxy S3 also got Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and sold 10 million units in just 55 days. Even it got 1GB RAM, but still up to the 2GB RAM model was also released.

And it also got the support of custom ROM and with it released phones of many colors, that too with plastic bags. And because of this Samsung Galaxy s3 was very successful in the market and made the name of Samsung even more famous.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Compared to Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4 did not prove to be so effective. Even though the name of the S4 was big but due to some faults, it could not show such performance.

Galaxy S4 appeared to have a heating issue, Samsung S4’s touch UI was not that good back then and there was terrible bloatware and because of all these issues, Samsung Galaxy S4 didn’t perform so well.

However, in terms of sales, it reached a record high, with sales of 20 million units in just two months which made it successful. It also came with interesting features such as air gestures and touch UI, and was updated up to 5.0 Lollipop on Android 4.2 Jellybean.

And the total sale of Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile was up to about 80 million units. And that was the reason why Samsung Galaxy S4 became the best-selling Android mobile.

And radio FM was not found in S4 but a special edition was found in it which was Google play edition which came with stock android. And it made the Galaxy S4 exclusive.

Samsung Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S4 was followed by the Galaxy S5 era which gave you access to a fingerprint scanner but you had to swipe down. The 3.0 port of Micro USP was introduced and the back cover was plastic and also included the IP rating feature.

The 8.1 processor was seen in the Galaxy S5, which competed with the iPhone 5S of that time.

Samsung Galaxy S6

After Galaxy S6 came after Galaxy S5 in which we got to see a lot of changes and got to see the use of glass build. The Samsung S6 and S6 Edge were the first to appear. The S6 Edge is a version of the Samsung Note Edge in which the unique idea of a curved display was implemented. And its price was so high that it was beyond the budget of the average person, could not afford.

But the Galaxy S6 manages to capture the attention of the people here. Instead, the build was great and came in an all-new glass design. The rest of the mobiles used to come with USP core Type C while the S6 used to come with Micro USP. But the Galaxy S6 didn’t have the IP rating as the Galaxy S5. And Samsung had given the Samsung Pay feature at that time.

At that time Qualcomm Snapdragon was showing a lot of heating issues that’s why Samsung included Exynos in samsung galaxy s series phones.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Talking about the Samsung Galaxy S7, it was a refined version of the Samsung Galaxy S6 which was launched as a plus model. Here got to see the use of micro sd cards as before.

The Galaxy S7 was released on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. And the USP port Type C was also seen in this phone.

In Olympics 2016, Samsung also made a Special Edison for the Olympics. And overall it proved to be a good phone in the line of the samsung Galaxy S series.

Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8+

The early feature of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and galaxy S8+ was to have an under-display fingerprint scanner, but the technology was not so developed at that time, so the scanner had to be moved to the backside. Whose position was next to the camera, that’s why people did not like it so much.

This phone has seen a lot of improvements in terms of design and 18: 9 aspect ratio along with this, the feature of the iris scanner was also there. And there was also the facility of face unlock which wasn’t Considered that Secure.

This phone was running Android 7.0 and was also getting the update till Android 9 Pie. Overall, this phone was going in the right direction as people wanted to try a new form factor by skipping the 16: 9 ratios.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has fixed several bumps, fixed the position of the fingerprint scanner, and implemented variable aperture technology.

The software update was also improved in Galaxy S9, even at that time many companies were removing the headphone jack but S9 had retained it.

In 2018, Samsung was moving towards a new era, which was making its new 1 UI, so that by correcting the mistake of its old software, it was providing a new software experience with better updates.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Multiple mobiles came in the Samsung Galaxy S 10 series which were S10, S10+, and S10e. Even the world’s first 5G phone was the Galaxy S10 5G.

5G compatibility was seen in the Galaxy S10 5G, which was released in the limited market. The Galaxy S10 was a regular series that came with 4G, in some places with Snapdragon OS and in some places with Exynos OS.

Removing the bezels here and moving on the whole punch, Small size medium size and large size mobiles were available. And that’s what managed to get everyone’s attention. Improvements have also been seen in the Android update, which used to support Android 12.

These mobile phones were given the functionality of an under-display fingerprint scanner, which replaced the optical fingerprint scanner with an ultrasonic display fingerprint scanner. Despite being a flagship mobile, these phones also had a micro SD card slot.

And for all these reasons, Samsung galaxy S series lineup is likely to improve significantly in the future.

Samsung Galaxy S20

As the Galaxy S20 series arrives, here comes a twist as Samsung unveils its first Ultra version. And these phones get the facility of periscope-based 10X zoom camera.

The technology that should be put, they put it and the regular model also releases. S20, S20+ will get 3 software updates inside, and S20 Ultra which came in the market as a super-premium phone. And this phone was far ahead of the prices of all other phones.

Another smaller phone was released in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series, which we know today as the S20 FE. And this mobile has been released with all the features of S22 at cheap prices.

Galaxy S20 series is available in the market in both 4G and 5G models.

Samsung Galaxy S21

The standout look in the Samsung Galaxy S21 series was the addition of 5G and, for the first time, the Note series was seen combining with the S series. The Galaxy S21 Ultra used to come with S-Pen support, where you had to buy the S-Pen separately.

Talking about the camera, the 108MP camera has been improved in it and a new design has been introduced, and it also included Dynamic Amoled Display Screen, which is being liked by the people.

Samsung Galaxy S22

When the Galaxy S22 hit the market, it looked like it was a replacement for the proper Galaxy Note series. The S22 and S22+ look similar to the previous phones but the Galaxy S22 Ultra looks exactly like the Galaxy Note. Maybe Galaxy S22 Note was about to come this is its replacement.

The S Pen, which was supported on the S21 Ultra, which had to be purchased separately, is now available with the Galaxy S22 Ultra mobile.

In the S22, the functionality was enhanced, the design was unique, the camera performance was improved using a new image sensor and software optimization was also worked on.

Here in terms of software updates, Samsung has overtaken Google to provide 4 years of software update Android version in Galaxy S22 series mobiles. And a special thing about Galaxy S22 is that you get Qualcomm’s Snapdragon OS in it.

Exynos S22 phones have been launched in some countries outside, but in those mobiles, you will get the support of AMD’s GPU. This has proved to be the best product of the samsung Galaxy S series so far.

Wrap up

So this was where the story of the Samsung Galaxy S series started and where is it ending and let’s see what new will be seen in the coming future. I have tried to give as much information as I can about Samsung Galaxy S series through this article.

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