What is Refurbished Phone? | Refurbished meaning

You must have heard the name of your refurbished phone at some point or the other and probably there will be many questions in your mind about ‘what is a refurbished phone?’ Whether to buy it or not and much more, we have been giving detailed information about it here.

Which will help a customer to understand and buy refurbished mobile.

In today’s time, almost every major mobile company’s refurbished phone is available and you must have seen Refurbished phones or Unboxed phones on many of their online shopping sites.

Their price is a little less than new phones and many customers do not understand whether to buy or not.

Because everyone wants to get a cheap price phone, but there is a little hesitation inside them that they should not buy.


keep in your mind before buying phones

Check for Warranty

The trust of the customer remains on a company as long as the company sells the right things to the customer at the right price and does not scam.

But it is also your duty that whenever you buy something, check warranty period or guarenty period.

Some of the company provides the warranty period of the refurbished phones.

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So what is the meaning of refurbished here?

All this will be understood and customers can prepare themselves whether they should take the phone or not.

Refurbished are such phones in which there is some defect in manufacturing or when new phones are sold to a customer, then the defect comes in it.

In such a situation, the company rejects that phone from the new list and puts it in the refurbished phone list, and here the phone is repaired again and kept for online and offline sale. All such phones are called refurbished phones.

These are not brand new phones, so their price is also not like a brand new phone.

The company gives 20% to 60% discount on such Smartphones.

For example, if the brand new price of a phone is 10000 rupees, then you will get 6000 thousand rupees from the same phone refurbished in new condition.

Today, refurbished smartphones are available on all the top eCommerce websites of the country Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal.

Knowing the direct customer can also buy a refurbished phone at the stores of many companies.

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How are Refurbished Phones Made?

There is always a question in the minds of people about buying old smartphones that would they be right? How would it be made? Is there any duplicate work on the phone? See, such questions are common in the mind of a customer.

Many people think that someone makes a 1-2 years old phone and sells it online again. So you are thinking completely wrong.

A refurbished phone does not mean an old phone. These are such phones, due to some mistake while making a new one, there is a defect in the design, battery, display, charging or any part.

Or to the customer who buys a new phone and returns the new phone to the company within a few days due to a problem with charging, heating, display, or any part of the phone.

So in such a situation, the company does not sell such a phone to any customer to maintain its brand value and to stay on the policy. He removes the phone from its new stock and puts it in the refurbished stock.

Here technicians, engineers together remove the defects in the phone and the company then sells it like a refurbished phone.


If you bought a Xiaomi phone and there was a heating problem with it, so returned it to the phone company within 10 days. The phone is brand new but due to a defect, you have to return it. Now the company will repair this phone and fix the heating problem, but now the company cannot sell it as a new phone.

So in such a situation, the company puts it on Amazon, Flipkart, and other eCommerce websites to sell it in the refurbished category with some discount.

What is Refurbished Grading?

No company wants to cheat on its customer because they know that cheating can be done once. After that customers will stop buying the company’s product. Therefore, the company gives information to its customer about every condition of the phone and on this basis, it gives grading to the phones.

Grade A: This is the top grade. Such phones which are brand new. But due to any defect in them, they refurbish it and make it as new.

Grade B: The phones of this grade are slightly physically damaged and they have been repaired again and put in the Refurbished list.

Grade C: Phones of this grade are not installed by the company, these phones have been used by the customer and then a seller seems to repair such phones and sell them again. A customer can find out by looking at such phones, it is an old phone.

Grade D: This is the lowest grade. Refurbished phones of this grade get maximum discounts. Because these are the used phones of a customer which are usually second-hand phones.


Can I buy a refurbished phone?

Many people remain in hesitation that they should buy such a phone or not, in such a situation there are some tips. Which will help a customer whether refurbished smartphones are worth buying or not.


When a company repairs its defective phones and makes them refurbished. So the testing of that phone is just like a new phone. The company lists every part of the phone online to sell it as a refurbished phone only after checking it properly.

Return Policy:

Every company gives a return policy along with its phone. In such a situation, if the customer does not like the phone after buying it, then he can return the phone in 10 days and he will get his money back.

Refurbished Mobiles Warranty:

6 months warranty is available with such a phone if the customer is facing any problem while using the phone. So he can get the phone repaired for free by visiting the nearest service center of the phone company. If a part is defective, they will replace it.

Benefits of Buying a Refurbished Phone

  1. The biggest advantage is that refurbished phones are cheap. On such phones, the customer gets a discount of 20% to 60%.
  2. If the budget of the customer is less then he can buy an expensive phone of a good brand in the same budget.
  3. The refurbished phone has a return policy so that customers can return their phone within the stipulated time.
  4. Warranty is available, which increases the trust of the customer in the phone company.
  5. The phone is brand new.
  6. It is much better than any second-hand phone.

Disadvantages of Buying Refurbished Phones

The product may be a bit old or it is made by repairing the defective phone.

Original charger and headphones are not available with such phones.

Its packing is not necessary to be like a new phone. 

Where to buy Refurbished Phone?

We got information about the advantages and disadvantages of knowing the meaning of Refurbish phone, so if you decide for yourself. If you want to buy a phone, then you can buy online. These are the main websites that you can trust.

These are the two websites from where you can buy refurbish phones.

Why buy from here?

The reason is that it is the most trusted online eCommerce portal.

From here the customer gets the return policy and the company gives a warranty only on the phone bill that you purchased here. In such a situation, the customer should do research first and then buy.

Many people buy phones from anywhere for less money.

In such a situation, they have to repent. Only if they buy from these websites, then by the company, you can get certified Refurbished phone.

And all the necessary accessories will also be available with it as an original charger, earphone, and bill.

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Second Hand vs Refurbished Phone

Many of you think that old second-hand phones are refurbish phones.

But you have to keep one thing in mind, all second-hand phones are refurbish phones, but not all refurbish phones are second-hand phones.

So if you are getting an old phone at one price and you are getting a refurbished phone at the same price, then you should not buy this old phone.

My Suggestion:

If there is a big difference in the price of a phone on two different websites, then only you buy it. Don’t fall in the circle of 100-500. For example, if a new phone is getting Rs 10000 and a refurbished phone is getting Rs 9000. So you buy a new phone because the new one is new after all.


Friends, here we got information about Refurbished phone meaning. And also very important information related to it, which is very important for a customer. We hope you liked this information. If you have any question or suggestion, then you can tell us about in the comment section.

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