How to recover deleted system apps on dead phone (Android) in 2021?

How to recover deleted system apps on android– Sometimes it happens that by mistake we get our apps deleted in our Android phones. And it is not found by searching at the time of need.

In this article I will discuss several ways to recover our deleted system apps and files on Android.

In this article I will share software solution that will help you to recover your deleted apps. And some manual solutions that will fix your recovery process of deleted system apps easily.

The Best software, To Retrieve Deleted System Apps from your android Smartphone.

Different softwares are there that will help you to recover your deleted system apps. And I am going to tell you about a software named ‘Disk Drill’. It is easy to recover your deleted system apps or files using this software.

This software is very well known to recover any type of deleted files or apps including office documents, messages and media files quickly.

  • This software works for windows very well and is free to use. It will help you to retrieve deleted apps or files from any kind of disk based storage media like HDD or USB drive.
  • It is a Reliable Windows data recovery software that can restore video files, audio files or images as well.
  • And it can recover your data from a variety of devices like PC/MAC, HDD/SSD,USB drive SD/CF card, iPhone or Android devices also.

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1st method: Mobile Data recovery ‘Software’ to recover deleted system apps or files from Android

By the help of Disk Drill software

Step1- Download the software and install.

Search the software and download it in your windows. Then install it and run the software.

Step2- Connect your Android phone to the PC.

First you have to connect your Android device to the computer or PC. Via USB cable you can connect your android device with the PC.

Step3- Select the targeted drive that you want to recover.

When you open Disk Drill the interface will look like

Then you have to select the drive from the displayed list in Disk Drill.

It will scan the drive for complete recovery results. It will show storage devices that are deleted or lost.

Step4- Found files

Disk Drill will provide a preview of the files found at the end of scanning process.

Step5- Choose the files

The status bar Found files will be shown and you have to select the files that you want to retrieve. Choose by clicking the files.

Note: You can use ‘filters’ to select your specific files. Search files and check for reinstallation.

Step6- Retrieve the lost files.

After selecting targeted files that you want to recover just click the Recover button. Then it will ask you for storage location to store the recovered files.

Note: You can select files up to 500 MB for free. You can’t choose the same storage location for the recover files to avoid further corruption.

Possible reasons that can lead to delete system apps in Android.

Android mobile is used b most of the people. Because it is very easy to use as compare to other OS. And Android has become a medium where people store their data.

Whether it is picture, videos or important documents, all are available in internet and people just download those files and save in mobile. But they leave without taking care of their file backup.

In such a situation, there are many scenarios due to which there is a fear of loosing your Android mobile. Let’s know what all the possible reasons are-

  1. Virus Attack

The use of internet is increasing day by day. And the more internet you use the more chances you have of entering a virus. Because there are insecure websites in internet and by chance you browse the site there is a chance of virus attack.

It will lead to harm or delete your system apps in Android.

  1. Accidental cause

There are many such situations, which divert your attention from your Android device and accidentally fall from your hands. And it can damage your screen so that you can not use your apps.

  1. Android Restore

There may be a possible that you may accidentally click on the option on restore or it may be clicked by children. Then it will reset your Android device, which may lead to deletion of your system apps.

  1. Third party apps

There are many such third party apps which attract your attentions and you download them. And there is a chance of your system being hacked. And it will be the cause of deletion of your system apps.

Deleting system apps or losing important files is very disappointing for the user. Because these apps or files play a vital role in user’s business or life. So it becomes very important to restore it.

So how to avoid these situations and what should be done after such situation.

There are some ways that you should pay attention.

  • To avoid the accidental cause, choose a strong cover for Android mobile.
  • Keep up to date your installed antivirus.
  • Use cloud storage for backup your Files and Apps.

How to Retrieve Deleted System Apps on Android Device.

There are some basic methods by which you can restore your deleted system apps or files .

  1. Re-Enable Disabled Apps

There are some apps that are not in use so user disable those apps. Some of the deleted  apps store as disabled so check to recover deleted apps on Android.

  • Go to settings
  • Open apps
  • Tap on the app Icon to App Info
  • If it is disabled Enable/Start option will be shown and just enable it.
  1. Check the Hidden Apps

Sometime you hide Apps and forget to unhide it. So make sure to check the hidden apps.

  • For that you have to open the launcher installed in your Android Phone.
  • Then go to settings
  • Hide apps options
  • Click the Hide apps and unselect it.

If it doesn’t work then

  • go to App Info and click on the three doted icon.
  • Show system apps
  • Select targeted apps
  • Unhide them.
  1. Check Google Play Store’s Library

Apps that are deleted or uninstalled are available in the Google Play store’s Library. So check there for recently deleted apps and Re-Install them.

  • Open Google play store
  • Go to My Apps & Games
  • Updates, Installed and library option will pop up
  • Tap on Library option
  • Install the required apps.


By using Disk Drill software you can recover your deleted systems apps on Android with external backup. It’s upon you which software you prefer but it will retrieve your data.

I hope this post will help you to recover your deleted systems apps on your Android Phone. If you think this article is valuable then comment bellow. Thank You.

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