Quick VPN Apk Mod- The best VPN for Android devices

The internet became such a means in which people can do their work sitting at home. Similarly, hackers also can hack your data through internet sitting at home or from anywhere. This shows that the internet is a risky place. So to avoid all these risks, we use VPN. In this article “Quick VPN- The best vpn for playing BattleGround Mobile India” we will know about the Quick VPN.

Battle Ground Mobile India (BGMI) has been launched in India and Pubg players are very happy right now. But some glitches are there and performance is little bit down. Except this we have more important work which we have to do through internet.

There are people in this world who are trying to make money illegally ad hackers and snoopers come in this category. To keep safe from these type of culprits, Internet security also getting upgraded day by day.

In today’s day, we can breathe a sigh of relief because ‘VPN’ come as a medium by which we can do our work safely in the internet.

You must have listened about it or you must have used the VPN for a reason. But hardly anyone know what it’s real work is. Before that let’s know what is Quick VPN?

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 What is Quick VPN?

Talking about Android phones, Quick VPN is one of the best VPN which is compatible with android devices. The ads that appear may be irritating but in the mod version of quick VPN doesn’t show ads.

  • It is very easy and fast to use
  • Solve the access to any foreign services that are blocked from your country.
  • Supports Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, 5g

Quick VPN Mod Apk Features:

  • Fastest global VPN servers
  • Providing a secure Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Unlimited bandwidth for streaming & gaming\ Protect your security and privacy
  • 3-day free trial for premium features
  • You have to just one tap and it will connect to the selected server.
  • No log is saved from any users
  • Your server is Secure from any type of tracking

How to download Quick VPN and install?

You can download Quick VPN from Playstore. It is secure to download from there. You can download this Apk from other websites also. If you download from third party sites then you will get your APK file on your browser’s ‘download’ section .

You can search anywhere on the internet to download it. You have to make sure that your device is allowed to download this third party application or not. To do that, you have to allow the option that will appear as a confirmation window to download third party application.

You follow these steps to make it possible-

Firstly open your menu bar> settings> security> unknown search option then allow this to make your download possible. It will allow download applications from any other third party medium other than Playstore.

The above steps are for Android devices.

You can also download it from Playstore. Then simply you have to install it and tap on the button and you can run it now.

FAQS that people ask:

1.Is it best VPN for Pubg lite?

Ans: Yes, It is. It will boost your speed connection to your game and you can play it without any lag. It is a secure VPN that will give you better experience than before.

2.What is the release date of the Quick VPN Mod?

Ans: The released date of this APK is 1st week of Feb 2021.

3.Why do we need app permission to download it in Android device?

Ans: if you are downloading apps from third party websites then the android security will check it and will notify to allow to all the permission required to run the application.


  1. It increases online security – When it comes to online safety, browsing the Internet through Quick VPN is really very secure, it protects your web data very well. In another language, having a strong antivirus and a standard firewall, as well as a VPN, adds an extra layer to our security.
  2. It Helps You To Watch Any Shows From Anywhere – Geo-restriction is very annoying, but it does happen. In such a situation, Quick VPN can help you a lot to access geo-blocked websites, there is no border restriction in it that can stop you from watching any shows.
  3. You have to do good research for good connection speed – Often all network traffic is encrypted in a VPN, because it uses a lot of resources which reduce internet speed. That’s why you can use a Quick VPN to get faster speed.
  4. Apk files have the advantage of allowing users to bypass the carrier to get the latest Google updates whenever it happens. The advantage of this, is whenever you get an update from Google , you can download it directly before the time it takes to publish it. And your time will not waste.


Let’s get complete information about the Advantages of VPN.

  1. Not all available VPNs can be trusted – You might be aware that VPN IPs are often not unique, they are shared with many people. There is chance of IP address blacklisting or IP spoofing.
  2. Sometimes VPN services can also be more complex – While some VPNs are simple, there are many complex ones. This means that the process of setting up a VPN is very complex, due to which many users refrain from using it.
  3. There are a lot of traffic are often encrypted in a VPN, because a lot of resources are used in it. So it can reduce internet speed. That’s why a paid VPN proves to be good to do that.


It has always been my endeavor to provide complete information about how VPN works to the readers, so that they do not have to search other sites or internet in the context of that article.

In this post i tried to give all information about Quick VPN Apk. Comment below and let me know how you liked it or not. Thank you.

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