PDF Full Form | what is the full form of PDF?

What is PDF? 

PDF full form- In today’s time, PDF has become a very common word, which is recognized by all. But there are many such people who do not know what is PDF full form and its meaning or how they can use it?

So in this post “PDF Full Form” we are going to discuss about what is the full form of PDF and how can we use it? And will also get information about other facts.


In today’s world, the importance of studies has been accepted by everyone. The one who has studied, gets good respect in today’s society.

You must thinking that why i opened the class here and sat down to preach about studies.

So friends, what does it mean to say about studies that whoever studies more or less, so as a proof of that, we get a certificate which you will get in the form of a paper.

After that we search for jobs and have to run from here to there, be it for the test or for the interview. What I mean to say is that the chances of losing our certificate in such travel are very high.

PDF is such an option with the help of which we can reduce this risk.

What is the PDF full form ?

‘Portable Document Format’ As its name suggests, it is a file format In which the elements of the printed document have been stored in electronic or digital image like text, image or hyperlink. Its extension is ‘.pdf’.

Today, whatever work we have to do, it is very difficult to do without internet and computer. And from this all the documents have saved in digital form.

Now it has become easy that we can keep our documents as text as well as images in file format.

And we do not have to carry it in our physical index and can save it anywhere in the file format.

In this way, whatever documents we have will be safe.

PDF Full Form | what is the full form of PDF?

If we go out somewhere or travel to a far away place, then it is not safe to carry documents with us or carry them around.

If we have to send the images related to our document, then it also wastes our time in sending one by one.

In such times PDF proves to be very helpful that all these problems in the pdf format can be reduced.

We can carry the document with us by converting the texts or images in to digital form and we can easily transfer it to any body through internet or bluetooth.

Password system helps protect PDF file even more, yes you can also set a password that no one can see your important and personal information.

History of PDF

Research and development of PDF ended in 1990. PDF had created by Adobe in 1990.
Adobe’s research and development team, called Camelot who researched PDF and developed it. John Warnock, who was the cofounder of Adobe, was leading this team.


But then it was Adobe’s property and no one could use it. But in 2008 Adobe announced it free to use for public. Means, Adobe confirms it to be royalty free.

Adobe is the most widely used file format since then.In the 1990s, PDF was created to share such documents in which text, images, links etc. in computers that did not have the same type of software.

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How to read pdf in computer?

Nowadays everyone is worried about keeping their personal information safe but in PDF format we can keep our personal data secure.

If you want to edit your PDF file then you can do that too. And editing it in laptop is a little easier. But before editing it, how should we read the PDF file in laptop or computer?

For this you have to download Adobe’s ‘adobe reader’ software or ‘Microsoft office’ software and in it you can read the pdf format files.

How to make pdf file?

How to make pdf file in laptop or computer?

1.      By Adobe photoshop

2.      By MS word

The document or the image that you want to convert it to pdf file then what you have to do is

Step1: open the document or the image in adobe photoshop or MS word

Step2: then you will see the File menu option given above, click on it

Step3: After that there will be many options out of which click on the ‘save as’ option

Step4: After that you will see the option with *pdf, on which you can save your PDF file by clicking on it.

At last your document will convert in to pdf file. Apart from this, you will also find many websites in Google where you can convert your document in to PDF file.

How to make pdf file in mobile or smartphones?

It is easy to create PDF file in laptop but it is not possible to take it with you everywhere.

You can create your pdf file by uploading your document in those servers that helps you to convert you document in to pdf file.

But it doesn’t mean it is secure to do that. Because if the server is from third party then there is a risk of losing your data or information.

It is very easy to create PDF file in laptop and PC and it is even easier to create it in mobile.

Nowadays every smartphone has their application that installed form the beginning. And you can open your document in it and you can convert it to pdf file.

If there is no such application has installed then you can download ‘Adobe’ or ‘Microsoft’ application from playstore.

Advantages of PDF ·

  •  As the name suggests, it is a portable format which means you can take it anywhere.
  •  With the help of pdf, large files or separate files can be converted into smaller sizes or even in a single file.·
  •  Due to the password feature, you can set a password on your file, which is very important in terms of security.·
  •  It is very easy to open it in any type of device like laptop, computer or mobile phones.·
  • You can also take a print out of your document in the time of need.

Some ask:

Q- What is the full form of pdf in computer?

AThe computer full form of pdf is : Portable Document Format


In this post “PDF Full Form | what is the full form of PDF?” I gathered some important facts that you need to know. I think this much information will help you to understand about ‘pdf’. If you liked this post comment below and let me know your response. Thank you.

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