How to Make Payment Without Internet From PhonePe, Gpay or Smartphone? Easy Guide

How to Make Payment Without Internet From PhonePe, Gpay or Smartphone: In today’s era, every smartphone user has the internet on their phone. But what if you suddenly need to send money or buy something and suddenly the internet goes off or your internet bill goes down? You can still switch from your smartphone without the internet though. Many people ask how to pay on PhonePe, Google Pay without the internet.

In today’s article, we’ll show you an easy way to send money without the internet. Before that, you need to know what a UPI is. This article provides all the information about online payments. Knowing this is very important because it can happen to anyone. Guys read the article till the end for this.

What is UPI?

UPI’s full name is Unified Payments Interface and it was launched after Demonetization (Demonetization) on November 8th. A UPI is an id that is generated only once from a number. Online payment with PhonePe and Google Pay is possible only after the UPI ID is created.

Before UPI, online payments in India were not as fast as they are today, and before UPI, people were afraid of paying online. At that time, Indians mainly used debit cards, credit cards, and payment wallets (Paytm).

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How to Make Payment Without Internet From PhonePe, Gpay or Smartphone?

People who have received a lot of education and have become rich have come here. The trend of online payments in India increased in 2016 when our Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced demonetization. When there was a problem with cash payments (after demonetization), the general public understood that they were cashless, and people began to use online payments instead of cash for their daily payments.

After that I started using online payment too. That’s why the Government of India launched the UPI system with the BHIM app, some private companies also released their apps, and Google released the Tez app, now known as the Google app.

Who Introduced PhonePe?

Along with this, Flipkart has introduced the PhonePe app, which continues to compete in the market. This brings a lot of benefits to the average customer. Customers can now make UPI payments from any app, depending on their profits, and receive payments in minutes, from small to large. Nowadays, even breakfast sellers, stores, malls, and even vegetable sellers don’t agree to pay online, so you don’t have to carry cash with you while you’re on the go.

Nowadays, QR codes are installed everywhere, so you can pay for free from any UPI payment app and promote Digital India. With UPI payments, money is sent directly from your account to the sender’s account. You don’t have to create an additional account or keep another app.

How to create a UPI account?

To create a UPI account, you need a bank account, an ATM card, and a mobile phone number. Your mobile number must be linked to your bank account. Then you can create an account with any UPI app like Google Pay, PhonePe. If you don’t have a smartphone and you have a simple phone. Among them, you can also make UPI payments without the internet.

It is also very usefull who have no smartphone.

How to do Payment Without Internet on PhonePe, GPay ?

Step 1: Go to Call Dial on your mobile phone and dial * 99 #. After this, the menu list will open and may take some time.

Step 2: The list shows all the options for the bank-

  1. Send Money
  2. Request Money
  3. Check the Balance
  4. My Profile
  5. Pending Request
  6. Transition
  7. UPI Pin

These options are available as needed. If you want to send money, click the Send Money option.

Step 3: A new menu will open. In this menu, you can send money from your mobile phone number and enter your bank account number and IFSC code to send money to your bank account. If you want to pay to PhonePe or Google, you need to go to the UPI Pin option.

Step 4: After the above steps, you can enter the UPI ID or mobile number you want to transfer. Then enter the amount, click the next button and enter the UPI PIN to complete the migration. In a few seconds,  you can also save the number. Apart from this, there are other options which are very useful to us.

What Happens Payment Without Internet Online?

1. (USSD) Unstructured Supplementary Service Data This service is provided by all carriers except JIO such as Airtel, VI, BSNL, MTNL. Jio users will not be able to use this service. Jio cannot support the platform on which this technology works.

2. (CDSM) Even if you have a SIM card equipped with CDSM technology on your mobile phone, you cannot perform UPI migration without the Internet. But in today’s era, all smartphone companies are announcing SIM cards with GSM technology. It can be used if you have a GSM SIM card.

3. Transition Fees:-To make UPI payments without internet, you need to have an SMS pack with your mobile phone’s main balance. You have to pay for each migration.

4. Limit settings:-You can make small transaction without a net by UPI payment, but you can only pay up to 5000, but no more.

Final Words

This service is useful if your mobile phone is not connected to the internet, or if your network is not functioning properly and you need to pay for internet services urgently. This way you can pay with your GPay or PhonePe account.

You need to pay someone urgently because your phone doesn’t have internet or a poor network connection. At this point, this service is helpful. This way you can do your payment without internet.

So, friends, if you think this article “How to Make Payment Without Internet From PhonePe, Gpay or Smartphone” of ours has been helpful, please let us know in the comments.

“How to Make Payment Without Internet From PhonePe, Gpay or Smartphone”

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