The Change of Facebook | New Name of Facebook (2022)

New Name of Facebook: The social media app “Facebook” that you must have been using for the last 17-18 years. Many memories of people are associated with Facebook and the name of Facebook can be changed soon.

So today you guys will know through this post that What is the new name of Facebook and Why Facebook wanted to change its name.

You all must know that the meta logo is visible on WhatsApp. This means that all the rumors that are being heard about Facebook may be true.

Facebook is a very big company, this company started making its name from its very early times.

If you ask anyone about Social Media Application, then the name of Facebook comes first on their tongue.

From children to old people, everyone must be using the Facebook app and we also have some memories which are associated with Facebook.

Some people are also spreading such rumors that Facebook may be closed.

Let us first know the reason behind this, what happened after all due to which Facebook has to change the name of such a big company.

I know very well that how much you people must be interested to know that Why is Facebook going to do this? So according to a report from The Verge, to maintain the bonding of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and some of their different services, their company is being formed under a new name, whose purpose is going to be completely different.

So about all these things, today we will give you complete information in this post.

One reason for this can also be that Mark Zuckerberg, who discovered Facebook, wants to make his social media application ‘Facebook‘ a metaverse.

Which means something completely different. By reading it, you can get complete information.

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What does metaverse mean?

Mark Zuckerberg is focusing on making his Facebook app a metaverse.

This word ‘Metaverse’ means that a virtual world where people from all over the world can interact with each other and it will be a very different kind of virtual environment. In which argument ‘Reality and Artificial Intelligence’ are also being used.

News is also coming that you will be able to feel all those things here as we live in our real life.

Mark Zuckerberg has hired about 10,000 people to make this so that he can make this metaverse, so how many of you are already interested in using it as many people as you can Those who are interested, they must tell us by writing in the comment box below.

What could be the new name of Facebook?

If we talk about what will be the new name of Facebook, then I want to tell you that no confirmation has been made yet.

But what can be the new name of Facebook can be guessed.

Facebook had held a conference on October 28, 2021 and said that the name of Facebook is going to be changed. It was believed that on this day Facebook can also talk about this metaverse project and the name of Facebook can also be changed on the same day.

More recently, Facebook has changed the name of one of its products, which was named Facebook Gaming to Horizon Gaming.

Past rumors

So it may happen that Facebook may rebrand its name to Horizon.

But it is only for now that we know about it on the Internet. It has been learned that Facebook has not released any official name related to this.

If Facebook does not rebrand its name to Horizon, then it can instead name ‘I Tower‘ because as we just told you that, Facebook is trying to create such a platform by combining Argument Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Where a virtual environment can be created.

So that is why according to the information we got here, Facebook rebrand its name to ‘Metaverse‘.

So how did you all like the new name of ‘Facebook’?

You can tell it by writing it in the comment box below or if you want to suggest another name from your side.

10 Brands That Successfully Rebranded Their Name

Do you guys want to know which are those companies that have rebranded their brand name or if they changed the name of their company to a new name.

All those companies are successful in today’s time. Once people start knowing a company by its name, then no brand wants to change its name.

But Facebook is going to take such a step and it has done this in the past, maybe if you know about it.

If you don’t know, I’ll tell you.

Facebook made its debut in 2004 with the name of ‘The Facebook‘, which they changed to ‘Facebook‘ in the next year 2005.

And now it may be renamed to some other name in 2022 as well. So in the same way, there are other brands which are doing a good job after changing their name, so let’s know about these brands and what were their names earlier.

Old NameNew Name
Jerry’s Guide To The World Wide WebeBay
Auction Web Yahoo!

So these were the names of some such brands who started their company with this name in their initial time, which they changed after some time to this new name and today you know all these companies by this name only.

Last Word

In today’s article, you  got to know about  What is the reason for changing the name of Facebook and what is going to be the new name of Facebook?

I hope that you would have liked this article. And if you find this benefit, then share it with your friends and comment bellow. Thank You.

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