Top 5 Mobile Stands Under Rs. 300 For Table

Now almost everyone has a mobile phone. Many of these people spend most of their time on mobile. If you do any work with your mobile or for any reason you need a mobile stand, then today this article will give you complete information about the top 5 mobile stands under 300 on the table. After knowing what you can do about it too, you can buy a good mobile stand at an affordable price.

Various facilities are available by using the mobile stand. There are many types of mobile stands in the market, but you need the best mobile stand at the lowest price so that you can work easily. For this, you have to read this article till the end. We have provided complete details about Mobile Stand under ₹300 For the Table and you can easily find out by reading this article.

What is a mobile stand?

A mobile stand is an item for keeping a mobile. Today many people use the mobile stand to facilitate their work, watch all kinds of videos on their mobile for long hours, or do other work as per their requirements.

One can buy a mobile stand through both offline or online mediums and can use it as per their requirement. There are both cheap and expensive mobile stands in the market.

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Top 5 mobile stand price under ₹300 for table

There are many mobile stands available both online and offline, but when it comes to cheap mobile stands, only one question comes to mind: cheap mobile stands are bad? I need more money to buy a good mobile stand. The table below will make it easier for you to buy and use the top 5 mobile stands under ₹300 as per your requirements after knowing the complete details.

1. ELV Aluminum Adjustable & Foldable Dock Mobile Holder

This is a great mobile stand in the top 5 under 300 ‘mobile stand’ for the table. You can use it at your home office or anywhere. It currently costs ₹299 on JioMart. The price on Amazon is also ₹269. You can also buy from nearby markets.

More ELV Aluminum Adjustable & Folding Dock Mobile Holder information

The mobile stand is available in 3 colors. You can choose your favorite color from Red, Black, and Silver. It can be used for tablets, smartphones, telephones for calling, etc. You can change it if you want. It is made of aluminum with a weight of 167G, a height of 13.1cm, and a width of 7.5cm.

2. ELV Desktop Cell Phone Tabletop Stand

Mobile Stand for Tabletop, this is an excellent mobile stand that is in the top 5 under ₹300. At present, this mobile stand is liked by many people at a low price. It is rated and rated highly on ‘Flipkart and Amazon’.

As for the price, it currently costs just ₹137 on Amazon for Black color but for gray it is ₹179.

You can easily find it from where you can buy it in offline stores as well.

More about ELV Desktop Cell Phone Tabletop Stand

This mobile stand is an ELV brand, and can be used with both tablets and smartphones. Talking about the material from which it is made, is made of stainless steel.

It cannot be folded. It comes in two colors, black and grey, and is priced as above. Width 72 mm, height 80 mm, weight 130 grams. With this mobile stand, you get rubber protection and multiple premium design to keep this mobile and tablet from slipping.

3. Florican Height & Angle Adjustable Mobile Holder

If you want to take your hands off your phone, that is, use your phone without touching it, if you want to see something on your phone, talk on the phone, watch YouTube videos. For example, you can buy the Florican Height and Angle Adjustable Mobile Holder.

You can hold your mobile firmly on this mobile stand. Mobile is also available if you want. You can fold this mobile stand and take it to a certain height when needed. A mobile stand that can be used anywhere.

You can take it with you on trips, use at the office, use at home, and easily keep it in your bag or pocket. Its price is Rs 278 on the Flipkart e-commerce platform. On the other hand, its price on Amazon on other e-commerce platforms is Rs 299.

More information about Florican height and angle adjustable mobile holder

This product belongs to the Florican brand. Talking about materials, the Florican height and angle adjustable mobile holder is made of plastic. Can be used for all types of smartphones. It can be folded as required and is black in color.

4. Portronics POR-1196 Modsk Plus Card Holder & Mobile Holder

If you are looking for a great mobile stand to perform any task, then Portronics POR-1196 Modusc  Plus Card Holder & Mobile Holder is the top-notch quality mobile stand.

It can be used in both mobile and tablet which is made of stainless steel and is lightweight. This mobile stand is lightweight yet protects your mobile tablet. It ensures that your mobile never slips and protects your mobile well. You can buy it as per your purpose.

The product is currently available on both e-commerce platforms Flipkart and Amazon and can be bought for less than Rs. 300. Talking about the current price of this mobile stand, this is the current price on the Flipkart e-commerce platform. 183, but you can also buy it offline on Amazon’s e-commerce platform for Rs.149 from a store in your nearest city.

Know more about Portronics POR-1196 Modsk Plus Card Holder & Mobile Holder

Coming to the branding, it comes from Portronics and is made entirely of stainless steel, and is available in black color. It is strong and cannot be folded. It can hold up to 7-inch smartphones or tablets.  Portronics POR-1196 Modec  Plus Card Holder & Mobile Holder in. It is 8cm wide, 9.5cm high, and weighs 122g, and you can get it on both Amazon and Flipkart if you want it. You can also buy offline.

5. Tizum Foldable Portable Desktop Stand for Phone, Tablet Mobile Holder #JustHere

If you watch videos, read books, play video games, listen to podcasts, or spend a lot of time on your mobile for any purpose, you must use a mobile stand if you use your mobile excessively. Yes, you can watch a video without touching your mobile.

Listen to music, listen to live streams, and play video games. The Tizum Folding Portable Desktop Stand, Phone, Tablet Mobile Holder #JustHere is designed to keep your phone safe and looking amazing so you can use it wherever you are. Recipes must be made in the kitchen and can be used there as well. This is because you can easily watch recipe videos by keeping your mobile phone on this stand.

Talking about the price of this mobile stand, it is currently priced at ₹164 on Flipkart. On the other hand, when it comes to Amazon’s e-commerce platform, you can buy it from there for just ₹89.

More about Tizum Folding Portable Desktop Stand for Phone, Tablet Mobile Holder#JustHere

This mobile stand is Tizum branded and made of plastic material which can be used for all types of phones and can be used for iPads as well. It can also be folded if needed. You get this mobile stand which is black in color, 10 cm wide, 8.8 cm high, and weighs 100 grams.

Information about the top 5 mobiles under 300 on the table

As mentioned above, the information about the top 5 mobile stands under 300 is given in the table. Along with the information, the price has also been given. Prices change frequently, so whenever you buy one of these mobile stands, the mobile stand price will be applied accordingly.


1. Which is the best mobile stand?

The ELV Aluminum Adjustable & Collapsible Dock Mobile Holder is the best mobile stand available today. Although many mobile stands have come on the market today, how much mobile stand to buy depends on your budget.

2. Top 5 mobiles for tables under 300

• ELV Aluminum Adjustable & Foldable Dock Mobile Holder,
• ELV Desktop Cell Phone Tabletop Stand
A mobile holder that allows you to adjust the height and angle of your Florican
• Portronics POR-1196 Modesc Plus Card Holder & Mobile Holder
• Tizum Folding Portable Desktop Stand for Cell Phone, Tablet Mobile Holder #JustHere

3. Why you should buy a mobile stand

If you spend a lot of time on your mobile, then you need a mobile stand. You can watch videos or you can read articles, so it will help you easily do your work by keeping your mobile on the stand. , you can learn recipes in one sitting. You will be able to use a mobile stand depending on the circumstances, so if you want a mobile stand, you will have to buy a mobile stand.


Through this article on the top 5 mobile stands for tables under 300, you have come to know about all the mobile stands that you can buy for under 300 rupees. Even after knowing the information about the top 5 mobile stands through this article, if you still have queries related to these, you can ask them in the comment box. We will answer your questions. And I have to share today’s article with all my colleagues so that this important information reaches them too so that they can buy a good mobile stand for themselves.

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