The Rising of MediaTek Processor From Worst to Best

The Rising of MediaTek Processor: What happened before was that all the processors used by Mediatek got hot very quickly. And which used to be cold in performance but now makes cold processor which is very hot in performance. I mean to say that the performance has improved a lot.

But what did Mediatek improve so that Mediatek’s processors, which used to heat up very quickly before and no one even recommended it, but today are on the verge of dominating the market.

Mediatek has also announced that if there is only one company in the market whose processors are hot, which is not Mediatek. The new processor is cooler than the old processor of Mediatek and is also successful in maintaining dominance in the market.

So today in this article we are going to know why Snapdragon processors are heating up quickly and why Mediatek’s processors are becoming so successful.

Why did Mediatek’s processor get hot?

It is not that if you are using a smartphone and its processor does not heat up, it has to be.

It is natural that if you play the game on your mobile then its processor will be hot. But the problem is when it is too much.

And what happens with this is that the performance of your mobile starts to lag, the performance starts to throttle, the frame drops and becomes excessively hot. And this is overheating.

And all these problems had to be faced in many processors of Mediatek. Looking to do even better, Mediatek unveils its Helio X series.

Mediatek’s focus was on releasing the Helio X series to give a tough competition to Snapdragon. And that’s why what they did is that they started inserting multiple cores into the processor, octa-core, delta core.

And this was the reason why his processor started overheating. Yes, Mediatek was cheap but the problem of overheating was a lot.

Mediatek processor was cheap because it did not make high-end smartphones but processors for cheap phones or budget phones.

Cheap phones that were made from other countries and countries like China, only Mediatek processors were used in the majority.

And that’s why the processor it had wasn’t optimized well, and whatever it was, they put it on the same phone.

Such sloppy work continued and some companies did not do well, MediaTek had to pay the price.

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A Turning Point For Mediatek

A phone of Realme came in the market in the name of Realme 1, in which Mediatek’s helio P60 processor was installed. And that too in just under Rs. 10000.

What’s special is that Mediatek has properly optimized the Mediatek Helio P60’s processor, is energy efficient, and Realme has properly optimized the UI software.

And for this reason, Realm Mobile’s performance starts to improve, battery efficiency is good, and heat doesn’t get faster either.

And when a mobile has such a good processor at such a low price, then the demand for this feature has increased significantly.

And after that, the story of MediaTek and Realme changed completely.

New MediaTek Processors

When Mediatek started giving good performance in the market, it did not stop and Mediatek started launching the G series processors.

G80, G85, G90T all these processors were made keeping in mind the increasing demand for gaming in the future.

The number of gamers is increasing and not all gamers can buy high-end devices. So the demand for a gaming device with a good processor at a cheap price was bound to happen in the future.

Mediatek’s concept was that the gamers should have a good GPU and CPU and get a good gaming experience within Rs 10000-11000.

And mobiles with G80 and G85 processors proved to be very good, which can get good gaming fun for 10-11 thousand rupees.

Then mediate launched the G90T processor. It provides a great gaming graphics experience with a great GPU.

And after that, the series ‘G’ series started moving forward and G95, G96 was also launched in the market. Slightly modified the G 85 came out as the G 88.

And likewise, the G series succeeded Mediatek and solved the heating problem with the best gaming experience. Mediatek started competing with Qualcomm in exchange for such great features at a low price.

Mediatek Dimensity 5G A Big Thing

Qualcomm first took out 5G’s processor 5G modem but Mediatek played a different game with Dimensity.

Mediatek didn’t think that only the best processors needed to have 5G. In that case, looking at the Dimensity concept, the price of all Dimensity processors is very low, and affordable chips like the Dimensity 700 are based on 7mm technology.

Cortex A70 cores are displayed, have integrated modem, and then started making 5G chips, whose price is also very low.

And Qualcomm keeps different prices according to the 5G band, while Mediatek’s 5G chip costs very little.

And for this reason, all the Mediatek processors of the 5G lineup started to become famous because 5G chip at a low price, which can be a better deal than this.

Because of Dimensity, we get Mediatek processor phones that were below the price of 30,000. This is the perfect blend of performance and power.

And then Mediatek came up with the dimensity 1000, 1200, which provides good GPU for the gaming experience.

Some issues with Mediatek

  • Support for mm-wave was not seen in the 5G chip
  • Custom RAM not available
  • Corner source not available
  • Updates come very late in mobile with dimensity
  • G-CAM is not supported

Dimensity 9000 A proper Flagship Processor

Talking about the Dimensity 9000, some changes are being seen as it will compete with the 8Gen of Snapdragon.

OnePlus mobile companies that didn’t allow Mediatek processors also have Mediatek processors on their mobiles. And it is speculated that the next ‘Oneplus 10′ will use the Dimensity 9000 processor.

Because performance-wise the benchmarks are coming out, the CPU performance has outperformed the Snapdragon 8 GEN1.

It is also based on better technology, such as TSMC’s 4nm, so it is more efficient than Snapdragon, has more cache, and has better clock speeds as well. That means, it is a powerful processor.

Changes in Mediatek

  • In earlier MediaTek processors, mobiles used to heat up quickly, now this problem has been solved.
  • Earlier there was no good technology but now good technology provides
  • Earlier the battery used to drain quickly which is not the case now.

Mediatek is not only for phones

Mediatek has made a place not only on mobile phones but also in other places. Like all Android TVs of Sony, you will get to see the majority of Mediatek processors, the majority will be seen in Smart TVs, Mediatek chips are also seen in Amazon Echo’s smart speakers.

Final word

In today’s article, I’ve tried to explain all the information about Mediatek processors, why Mediatek processors were inferior to previous Snapdragons, and how they can give Snapdragon today a fierce competition.

If you like this article of mine, please let me know in the comments. If you miss any other information, please comment. I will definitely try to provide that information as well.

Thank You.

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