How To Know The Location By Phone Number- Easy to find

Location by phone number: Worried about getting calls from your Unknown number? Do you want to check the location of the person who is calling you? And want to know more information related to that person from your mobile. If you get a call from someone and you want to know more information along with his location, then there is an app for you called “Mobile Number Locator- Truecaller ID Name”.

You all must know about Truecaller and ‘Mobile Number Locator – Truecaller ID Name’ is like Truecaller, which tells you the location of the caller.

But in this app, along with the location of the person calling you, you get to see all the extra information, through this app you can find the location of the hotel mall, hospital, gym, shop, etc. near your location. Let’s know how to find the location by phone number with the help of this app and about some more information.

How To Know The Location By Phone Number

Mobile Number Locator Vs Truecaller ID Name

You may have needed Truecaller at some point, Sometimes we get irritated by getting repeated calls from unknown numbers So then we have to know who is making this call, again and again, then we use Truecaller App.

This app lets us know about the location of the caller along with the name of the caller. But sometimes Truecaller fails to give us the correct information, due to which we are not able to get the information of the person calling.

But when we want to know the current location of that person, then we cannot find it with the help of Truecaller. To find the location of the caller from the mobile, the mobile number locator app has to be used. This application has been downloaded by over 1 million people and has got a rating of 3.6.

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What Are The Benefits of Mobile Number Locator ?

Through this app, you can do many other things along with knowing the location, such as the live location of the number entered in this app, along with the STD] ISD code of the number, the name of the place, and the name of the city.

In addition, you can block unknown numbers and block spam calls from unwanted companies with this app. Apart from this, if you have lost your mobile, you can trace it with the help of this app and can find your lost mobile. Location is detected by GPS in this app.

Before receiving the call, all the information of the caller will be shown to you on your mobile screen so that you will be aware in advance. In this app, you can see your call history which keeps updating from time to time. In which records of incoming calls and outgoing calls are kept.

You can easily delete any number you have sent to someone. You can make this app default on your phone so that you can make high-quality calls without any limit, this app is a very lightweight Truecaller App with many features. It protects you from spam calls like fake calls, robocalls, marketing calls, and your time wastage also decreases.

Use of this Mobile Number Locator app to know Location By Phone Number

We have learned about this in detail, so now it is the turn of how to use it.

Step 1– Go to your Android phone’s play store and search it. After searching, you might get confused to recognize this app because there are many apps similar to its name.

That’s why I have shared an image below so that it will be easy to find this app.

Location By Phone Number

Step 2– Once you find the app, install and open it and click on Get Started.

Step 3– After opening, tap on the Find Location option in its dashboard.

Now you have to allow some permission to proceed

Step 4– After this, the option of number locator will appear on which you have to click. And after this, you will get to select 2 options, select the option which you want.

To see the location of your mobile number, you need to click on the mobile phone location option. After clicking, you will need to enter your information. You must enter the country code in the first and the mobile number in the second.  This will tell you which city and state your company number is in.

To view the GPS location of a phone number, you must click GPS Location. Then click on the GPS location and the coordinates will be displayed along with the actual location of the phone number.

Step 5– In addition to these options, the app not only lets you see the locations of nearby hotels, stores, hairdressers, ATMs, etc. via Google Maps from Nearby Place Option but also gives you advance notice of bad roads and traffic jams in the traffic finder.

Final Word

This app is available for free on the Play Store. With this app, you can display details such as number search, surrounding location, traffic information search, SIM card information, bank information, and so on. Mobile tools are also available with this app.

 I hope you like this post “How To Know The Location By Phone Number” and you can easily find the location of all your mobile numbers. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this, please ask in the comments.

Thank you.

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