which is better Jio Fibernet | Airtel Fibernet in 2021?

which is better Jio Fibernet | Airtel Fibernet in 2021?

The present age is the age of the Internet. If told, it is not possible to do any work without Internet. As the use of Internet is increasing gradually people are looking for high speed Internet.

The Fiber net connection has proved to be effective in giving you High Speed Internet.  And in this article “which is better Jio Fibernet | Airtel Fibernet?” I will give you brief Information about it today.

What is Fiber Net?

We also call Fiber Optic Internet as ‘Fiber Internet’ or Only ‘Fiber’. It provides us the facility of high speed Internet Up to 1000 Megabits (Mb) with low lag.

It is numerically capable of sending data with a speed of about 70% of speed of Light.

Fiber is beneficial for connecting multiple devices at once for multiple users. With the help of fiber connection you can

  • Get the stability of a landline on your Smartphone
  • High definition home calling service
  • Upload your large File and Photos and Videos quickly in cloud without any lag
  • Indoor security will provide 24/7

How Fiber Net works?

Fiber Internet is a technique in which light is used as data transfer rather than Electricity. The two components that make a major contribution to making Fiber Net very fast are ‘Optical Fibers’ and ‘Last Mile’.

Optical Fibers are thinner than a human hair about 120 microns. Many Fibers are bundled together to form and converted into a cable.

And in this cable the Pulse of Laser light or LED light is transmitting information as a binary form.

After the information is transmitted to its destination it converts in to electric form. After that an Optical Network terminal device which sends the signal to our devices and we use it as Internet.

Jio Fibernet

which is better jio fibernet or aiertel fibernet

Jio Fiber Net provides so many services that you will love to use it. Services that it provides are

  • You can use your land line or smart phone for intercom calling within your society
  • With Jio‘s all weather entertainment and you can enjoy your rainy day without any network problem
  • It gives you high definition home calling services with Crystal free voice calls
  • Upload your large files and important data in cloud for back up quickly
  • It gives you no lag gaming experience

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Airtel Fibernet

This service provides some interesting service those are

  • Airtel Fiebernet gives you 3300 GB of high data at a speed up to 40Mbps
  • Unlimited calls and complimentary subscription to its Airtel streaming services
  • It offers you subscription for Disney Hotstar VIP, Amazon Prime video, and ZEE5
  • You can enjoy latest web series without any lag by using Airtel Fiber Net

Which is better Jio Fibernet | Airtel Fibernet ?

Jio is giving 30 day free trial. That means you can use it first and if you are not satisfied with it then you will get your money back. But Airtel doesn’t provide such services.

In Jio Fiber Net you have to access prepaid facility but in Airtel Fiber Net you can access postpaid facility. That means if you have to use Jio service then you have to pay first but In Airtel service first enjoy then pay for the service.

Both Services will give you high speed Internet facilities. But in case of Jio Fiber Net you will get higher internet speed than Airtel service.

Jio will give you up to 150 Mbps while Airtel gives you up to 40Mbps.

The cheapest plan for Jio is 399/mo where it gives you 30Mbps speed Internet. And Airtel’s cheapest plan is 499/mo where it will give you 40Mbps speed of Internet.


Guys both Fiber Nets are good enough to use. By using some speed test websites, you can check the speed of your connecting Fiber Net Internet.

Airtel gives you nearly more than it’s mentioned Internet speed for downloading or uploading. Where Jio’s speed testing result is quietly less that it’s mentioned internet speed.

Both fiber net services will give you a boost in speed of internet. So guys you have to decide which is better to use by using these services.

But Jio’s service is providing a reasonable price and speed of internet. And Airtel has stood in its stated plan. So comment bellow which service you are using. Thank you.

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