iOS 16: 5 Features, Apple ‘Acquired’ From Google’s Android OS

iOS 16: 5 Features, Apple ‘Acquired’ From Google’s Android OS: Apple releases new updates every year for its user’s convenience. This year Apple is going to present iOS 16. And in addition to this new macOS, iPad os, watch os, tv os, Home paid and Airtags with and much more to be launched

For iPhone users, iOS 16 is another new paint layer that will make your iPhone feel like ‘new’. First announced in Apple’s feature speech at the World Developers Conference (WWDC), a product update for the iPhone will be available in public beta a month later, and even more widely, with the iPhone 14 being released in the very near future. will be forwarded with But assuming you’re an Android client, some of the new highlights in iOS 16 don’t look “creative” or “converted” to the highlights accessible from Google’s versatile Tasks framework for a long time. Here are iOS 16: 5 features that Apple “acquired” from Google and Android.

iOS 16: 5 Features, Apple ‘Acquired’ From Google’s Android OS

iOS 16: 5 Features

New lock screen insight

One of the most discussed highlights in iOS 16 is the new lock screen customization experience where you can add gadgets to rapidly upgrade your lock screen look. This incorporates the climate, your AirPods battery status, and forthcoming schedule occasions, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The new lock screen in iOS 16 looks perfect, yet a component appeared on Android in 2012 with the arrival of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

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As a matter of fact, Google has permitted clients to add tickers, schedules, and different components to their lock screen. In Android 5.0, Google eliminated this element, however, Samsung OneUI offers preset lock screen gadgets. Apple is vigorously roused by Google for its brilliant lock screen.

Translate camera

When iOS 16 launches in the market, iOS users may find it easier to translate messages in photos captured through the iPhone’s camera application. All they have to do is open the camera app and dictate the text to be decrypted. Hands-on Android customers will increasingly understand a handy component in the Google Translate app that lets you point your camera at text to overlay the interpretation on the live viewfinder. Although Apple has been releasing this component for iOS customers for a long time, it is restricted in nature. Annotation Highlight draws an image and then overlays the annotation into a message on the captured image.

Scheduled Sharing in Photos

A profoundly mentioned highlight in iOS 16 that customers needed for quite a while is shared photograph libraries. Finally, Apple has made it simple to set up a different photograph library that up to five individuals can utilize, because of the iCloud Shared Photo Library. For the people who don’t know, Google has had shared libraries starting around 2017.

So Apple’s iCloud Shared Photo Library highlight has been lifted straightforwardly from Google’s page book, less a couple of changes to a great extent. iCloud’s common photograph library element can be imparted to up to five others, and every giver approaches add, alter, number one, inscription and erase photographs. In correlation, Google Photos permit ‘limitless’ supporters of a collection, however, you likewise get to utilize the Partner Sharing element that cutoff points imparting your library to only one individual.

Live Captions

One more feature that came to iOS 16 which is already accessible on Android is Live Captions. Apple said Live Captions can decipher any sound substance – FaceTime calls, video conferencing applications, or in-person discussions – in English across the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Google began pushing Live Caption highlights with the arrival of Android 10 and are currently accessible in English on the Pixel 2 and later gadgets. It’s great to see Apple, at last, finding Google and carrying Live Captions to an enormous number of individuals.

Undo/schedule sending of messages

iOS 16 will permit individuals to plan their email and fix sending. This is the kind of thing Google previously included in Inbox, a trial option in contrast to Gmail. Sadly, Google killed the Inbox application Inbox in 2019. At any rate, you will want to utilize similar highlights with iOS 16’s in-constructed Mail application. For iPhone’s Mail application clients, the capacity to plan messages to be sent early and the choice to unsend that email when required (you will get only 10 seconds to drop the sent email) makes Apple’s local mail application serious with rivals like Gmail.

Other features

iOS 16 will also see several improvements to features already released by Apple, such as Live Text (which translates texts in real-time) and SharePlay (which allows you to listen to music and watch movies, videos, and series with friends).

Live Text, which is similar to Google Lens, is being updated to be able to read the text in videos in addition to still images. SharePlay is now with all apps with access to FaceTime.

Check out other features of the new iOS 16 below:

Messages: Users will be able to edit recently sent messages, recover recently deleted messages, and mark conversations as unread so they can come back to them later.

Focus mode improvements: the feature that blocks notifications at important times now allows for greater customization, even being able to receive specific wallpapers, in addition to selecting which notifications are important in Email, Messages, Calendar, and more;

Apple Pay later: Apple’s installment administration currently upholds portion installments. Installments can be made at regular intervals, with a most extreme term of as long as about a month and a half;

Sports News in News: The news apparatus presently shows sports news from the client’s number one associations and groups. Among the data shown will be lists of competitors, game times, and competition rankings;

Correspondence Improvements: The application offers another on-gadget experience that permits clients to consistently switch between voice and contact. Clients can type with the console, tap the text field, move the cursor, and enter QuickType ideas, all without intruding on Dictation. Furthermore, Dictation highlights auto accentuation and emoticon correspondence;

iCloud Photo Sharing: For families, this feature allows folders to be created to create a large collective library of photos.

Wrap Up

In this article “iOS 16: 5 Features, Apple ‘Acquired’ From Google’s Android OS” you got to know, what are those features that can give some features of Android in iOS?  And thanks to all these features, Apple makes its iOS even more simple to use. And it was probably the demand of iOS users that Apple will be able to fulfill because as I have told earlier that Apple cares a lot about the convenience of its customers.

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