How to increase RAM in android to play BGMI without root

How to increase RAM in android without rooting – do you guys face lags or hang up on your android devices? Are you facing a slow access problem while playing your pubg BGMI on your low-end devices?

Don’t worry in this article you will get the idea of how to Rid out of this problem (in some cases).

This post will give you some ideas to solve issues that occurring lag problems due to low RAM.

Note: RAM (Random Access Memory) is also known as Direct Access Memory. The data or file you save is stored in RAM itself. To run a game or an application, space is needed in the mobile, it is available from RAM.

RAM is available in computers and also in mobiles. You can increase RAM in a computer but there is no option to increase in mobile unless you have rooted mobile.

It is so frustrating to use the low-end device because of this lagging issue. And you guys must thinking how to increase RAM? Right….

But there are few ways to increase RAM in android devices without rooting.

You can search some sites where they give you so many methods or ads are provided about this matter but those methods are for only rooted devices. Then How to increase RAM in android without rooting?

But the non-rooted device users don’t get so much information about the lag issue. This is true that there are fewer methods for non-rooted devices to increase their RAM.

There are very easy methods to increase your RAM without rooting your android devices and we will discuss them in this post.

Note: Apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Pubg BGMI keep upgrading day by day. And when you open or run these apps, they spend 200 MB to 300 MB of your RAM.

How to increase RAM in android without rooting

1. Use App to increase your RAM in Android without root.  

By downloading apps that will help to free your wastage data and increase your device’s RAM.

One Booster- Phone cleaner

Step1: Go to your Playstore and search One Booster

Step2: Install the app named One Booster- Phone cleaner

Step3: After installing open and the interface will look like

Step4: Then click on the option phone boost

Step5: it will now start scanning your RAM

It will give some other useful features or options that will help you to free up your devices.

Step 6: Click shield option at right top corner

Step 7: enable the necessary permissions

It will clean your junk files, storage access boost your RAM.

Step 8: Enable the option UsageAccess to free up your device’s RAM.

After all the required options are enabled the app will automatically clean up things that are not required.

These are the additional apps that you have to install to increase your android RAM.

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2. In built app- you can increase your RAM in your android Smartphone without rooting.

  • There is an app installed built-in in every android device named ‘Security’.
  • This feature is featured, keeping security in mind while making the mobile.
  • In this, you will get many options, which can save your mobile from getting stuck to some extent.
  • The ‘Boost Speed’ option will close all the third-party apps running on your android phone even after the app is closed.
  • There is an option ‘Cleaner’ which will help you to clean Cache files and obsolete files.
  • The deep clean feature will clean your big files that are not in any use like WhatsApp photos or videos. The video files are not required.
  • After all the cleaning process is over, you can Optimize and run your android mobile in a light and smooth way.

Perhaps The doubt ‘How to increase RAM’ that you have are cleared to some extent.

Hang on… there are some additional ways to free up your meomory and boost your RAM.

3. Basic method to increase your android mobile RAM without rooting.

In this method, you haven’t needed any apps to increase your RAM.

These are basic solutions that you should check every day to keep your mobile lag-free.

So check these steps before running any application like BGMI, Instagram, or youtube. These steps will help you to solve your problems a little bit.

1. You should use light wallpapers.

The look of your device is dynamic, you use dynamic wallpapers but the truth is it consumes excess RAM of your device.

The same goes with your theme selection it will look presentable interface but it will access more RAM of your device.

The thing is you have to spend more to look better. But it’s not like that you can’t set a wallpaper or theme you can but keep in mind, that should be less consuming.

It will consume less RAM on your Android mobile and will enhance your performance on the smartphone.

You can play BGMI with low lag.

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2. Preinstalled apps should be disabled

You have an android device that means you use different types of apps. And it will access RAM.

And some preinstalled apps of them which are in no use. But it eats a lot of space of your RAM.

You do not use those apps so what should you do now just delete or uninstall them. But there is a problem that you can’t uninstall those apps.

But what can you do now, you have to disable those apps. And how can you do this we shared some steps below just check it.

3. Animation off

Some animation effects are used on your devices. But it also consumes some space of your RAM.

We can deactivate or remove these options to increase RAM space.

For that that you have to go to your settings

Then search for animation, it will show the settings of animation

Then you just have to deactivate them.

Note: The thing is higher space of RAM = Smooth performance and low lag issues. So just go for the high RAM devices.


We hope that this information will help you to get rid of lag issues and about how to increase your RAM.

But I recommend you while you are buying an Android Smartphone go for a high RAM device that will help you to run applications smoothly.

If you liked this article “How to increase RAM in android without rooting” then comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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