How to fix Horizontal Lines on your android mobile screen? 7 Solutions

How to fix Horizontal Lines developed on your android mobile screen: Are you seeing the horizontal line on your Android mobile phone? If it is, then you must be worried about it and looking for its solution. I have come with some solution for your problem, definitely read till the end.

This is such a problem; probably everyone must have faced this problem at some point. This problem is common on any Android device. That’s why I am going to discuss some solutions to this problem with you in this blog post. And I believe that the methods which I am going to tell you can get rid of this problem.

So let’s first know what could be the reason for this problem.

Reasons for Showing Horizontal Lines On Android Phones

There are many reasons due to which you may have to face this problem (Horizontal lines) on your device screen. And from those, which are the most common reason, let us know what all that can be.

  • When the mobile falls from your hand or if it falls from a high place
  • If your device’s hardware turns out to be defective
  • Sometimes if your mobile is not fully charged
  • If water enters the mobile screen
  • When the mobile screen comes down to you while sleeping
  • If you are fond of playing mobile games, and due to the high pressure of your fingers on the screen (Sometimes).

For all the reasons I have told you above, you may have made all these mistakes unintentionally. All this is the reason due to which there is a danger of getting horizontal lines on your mobile.

Now we have come to know that what can be the reason for the developed horizontal line, so whenever you do it on your Android device, definitely do it carefully.

So let’s know what the solutions are if you are facing the problem of your mobile horizontal line due to all these mistakes.

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How to fix Horizontal Lines developed on your android mobile screen

Method 1: Rebooting your Android phone

Whenever there is an issue developed in your Android device I believe that you should try restarting the device first.

Horizontal Lines

 Because this method is easy and everyone knows this trick that’s why before trying any complicated method, definitely try it. So I recommend that you reboot your device first and see if this will help to fix the issue of the Horizontal Line developed on an Android phone or not.

If this trick will not work then you can go to the next Method.

Method 2: Use an Android Repair Tool

Whether an Android phone is working properly or not depends on its operating system. According to me first, we should check whether there is any problem with our android system or not. So for this, you will need Android Repair Tool.

Android Repair Tool helps you to solve software errors on your Android device. If the reason for the developed horizontal lines on your Android Mobile is related to the software, then Android repair tools will be helpful in this.

Some Features of Android Repair Tool

  • It works quite fast
  • Detects system errors easily on Android devices
  • It is very beneficial to fix bugs
  • Easily repairs frozen device

You will not need any technical skills for this. In Android Repair Tools, you will get an option System Repair, you have to click on that option, after that follow whatever next steps it will tell.

Method 3: Keep Your Android Mobile Fully Charged

I am mentioning this trick here because while I was looking for the solution to this problem, I heard about the use of this trick. By using this trick, the problem of your horizontal lines can be solved.

I believe that if you are facing any problem, then I should provide you all the information so that you can get the solution to your problem.

I have to say that if you are facing the problem of horizontal lines, then definitely apply this trick.

If even this trick does not work then follow the next method.

Method 4: Restart Your Android device in a safe mode

I have told you how to solve the horizontal lines problem using your Android device ‘Reboot‘ trick. And now the trick which I am going to tell is also similar to some previous trick.

I have told you earlier that this problem may be software-related. And third party applications may also be involved in this.

So I recommend you can apply this trick. What do you have to do about this?

Let’s know how to restart your Android device in Safe Mode

  • First of all, press and hold the power button of your Android device until it is switched off.
  • After that again press the power button of your mobile and enter safe mode.
  • After that click on the ‘Now’ option and your mobile will restart on safe mode.

If this trick solves your horizontal line problem, then you can be sure that a third-party application is behind your problem. After that, you remove that third party application

Method 5: Check the mobile screen whether it is in its Original place or not

Sometimes it also happens that we use our mobile in a very rough way, due to which the LCD of the mobile is get separated from its original place from a logic board.

So due to this your mobile screen does not work properly and horizontal lines develop.

That’s why you have to press gently on your mobile screen to see that the separated LCD comes to the original place of your display.

Note: Before trying this trick, keep in mind that don’t press too much on the display, or else it can completely damage your display.

Method 6: Factory Reset

If all the above tricks do not work, then, in the end, the last option is to reset your mobile to the factory.

Mostly it happens that if any trick doesn’t work then only factory reset works. Because this can be the cause of software malware, that’s why you must follow this trick.

When you factory reset your mobile, all the files, documents you have on your mobile will be erased.

Note: Before Performing Factory Reset, keep the backup of the necessary documents, files.

After this, your mobile will start working as a whole new phone.

Steps to Perform a Factory Reset

  • First, open settings
  • Then go to the system
  • Then tap on backup & Reset >> Factory Reset
  • Click on the Reset Device
  • Now you will be asked for your PIN or Password enter your password or pin that you use to unlock your lock screen
  • Tap on the next option and click on Erase all the data option
  • The factory reset will perform on your mobile

Method 7: Handover Your Mobile to the Nearby Repair Center to fix the issue of Horizontal lines developed on your Android set

If you are not getting the solution to your problem even after doing the above-mentioned methods, then you will need to seek help from the nearest repair center.

Perhaps your mobile’s software or components have completely deteriorated, that’s why horizontal lines are developing on your mobile screen.

The workers of the repair center have more knowledge about all these, that’s why you should take their opinion in the end.

And whatever the issue with your mobile, they will completely fix it and give it to you. That’s why you must show your mobile to a certified repair center

Wrap Up

I have provided you all the information in this blog post so that you can fix your mobile horizontal lines issue.

But before performing all these methods, keep your important documents or files as a backup.

I hope that this article of mine will be completely useful in getting you the solution to your problem. If yes then please comment below. Thank You.

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