How to Fix Face Unlock Issues After Android 12 Update

How to Fix Face Unlock Issues: If you use Android 12, then probably you must have faced the problem of Face Unlock Stopping at some point.

If you face such a situation, it will show you the error like “Can’t verify your Face. Try Again” or “re-add your face”.

This can make it difficult for you to unlock your Android device with the face lock process.

And this issue is preventing you from unlocking Android device via Password or PIN.

If you are facing this problem then read this article till the end and you will get your solution to this problem “Face unlock not working”.

Reasons for having Face Unlock Issues

Some reasons that can generate this issue are given bellow-

  • Somehow your protective case covered in front of your Android camera
  • If you are wearing glasses or mask while unlocking mobile with the help of face unlock app
  • Check if Face Unlock is somehow disable due to Exchange ActiveSync® security policies. Such as the Device Administrator app being activated.
  • If you or someone else enters the wrong password on your phone too many times, your phone may be locked for some time.
  • Face unlock app can’t recognize your face if there is a slight change on your face like, your face defers due to surgery, suntan, beard or mustache growth.

Solutions For the Above Causes

  • Adjust your protective showcase before Face Unlock
  • Remove your glasses or mask before Face Unlock process
  • Deactivate Device Administrator app
  • So make sure to avoid unnessery wrong password typining or wait till the mobile unlocked
  • If Face unlock app can’t recognize your face then you have to reset your face

Appart from these reasons that I discussed above, I am gonna tell you some other fixes that will help you to resolve Face Unlock Issues.

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How to Fix Face Unlock Issues After Android 12 Update

I am going to tell you some methods that can be useful to solve the Face Unlock issues like ‘face unlock not working‘ after Android 12 update. So let’s move on-

Method 1: Reboot your Android Mobile

Where the operating system is only to kill the apps running in the background, but still there are many apps that keep running in the background and hijack the memory of the phone.

So it may be the cause of face unlocking issues. So if you face this issue then definitely Reboot your Android device for once.

Method 2: Disable and Enable Android Face unlock

If the above method doesn’t work then you can try this method where you have to disable and then enable the face unlock option on Android phone.

I recommend you to apply this method because this process has worked in many times. This will help you to solve the Face Unlock issues.

So follow the steps –

  1. First go to the Settings
  2. Then tap on the Security option
  3. Toggle to the Disable section and click
  4. Lastly wait for 10-12 seconds and Enable

Method 3: Check whether the Software Updated or Not

Sometimes it happens that we do not keep our Android software updated, then this can also be the reason why Face Unlocking is not working.

So check whether any software update avalabilty is required or not. If required then make sure to Update the software.

Follw the steps given bellow-

  1. Go to your android phone Settings
  2. Then go to About section
  3. Here you can see Software Update availabilty
  4. If there is update availabilty then update the software and install it.

Sometimes it is unable to update the device, so wait till the official update is released.

Method 4: Resetting Android Face Unlock Feature

Even after applying the above 3 methods, if the solution to the face unlock issue is not found, then follow this method.

Sometimes it happens that your OS is unable to recover the lag issue due to which your system may crash.

It can be affect the Face Unlock feature, that is why you can try resetting your Android Face Unlock feature.

So follw the steps given bellow to perform this method-

  1. Go to Seettings section
  2. Toggel to Security section
  3. Click on the Face Unlock option
  4. Now just re-register to make verify everything is ok or not

Method 5: Clear App data and Cache

When you use too many apps on your Android device then, a lot of cache data gets accumulated which can be a reason for Face Unlock Issue.

So what you have to do is just clear the all cache data of your apps.

  1. Open settings section
  2. Then go to Apps section
  3. Tap on the 3 dots
  4. Browse Show System Apps Option
  5. Get into every app click on Storage option and Clear data/cache.

Method 6: Factory Reset

If none of the above methods are working then in the end there is only one option left which is Factory Reset of your Android device.

There are some 3rd party apps that can cause this problem. Because the updated OS may not be comaptible with it.

Malicious malware can also be the reason, when you have visited a third party website and malware has havoc your device.

So the last solution to Face Unlock Issues is to reset your android device. After Reset, your device will be like newly purchased phone.

Before resetting your device, make sure to keep your important data’s backup for future uses.

  • First open Settings
  • Go to Back up and Reset then click on it
  • Chose Factory data reset
  • Tap on the Reset option
  • Enter the password or pin that you want
  • At last tap on Delete all option

You can Use Android data recovery, repair tool-


how does the Face Unlock feature work in Android?

Face Unlock technology is a combination of facial and iris technologies tgether to improve security and accuracy.

Last Word:

Apply all the methods given in this article (If necessary) because it will definitly solve your Face Unlock issues.

Comment bellow if the article is useful or not and share to your friends or relatives. And you can join me on FB. So till then thank you.

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