Know How to earn money from Instamojo? ₹ 500- ₹ 5000

How to earn money from Instamojo? ₹ 500- ₹ 5000

In today’s time employment is very less and who does not want to earn money. Along with the development of the world, many such methods are being developed by which anyone can earn money.

Internet has become a way where you can earn your money and increase your business. So today in this article I am going to tell you one such medium where you can earn money by selling your skills and your product.

For this, you have to read this article completely till the end.

What is Instamojo?

You must have seen and heard about Instamojo on the Internet. It is a payment gateway of India. I am India’s only payment gateway. With the help of this, you can transfer money only through the link and you can also earn money on it.

Instamojo is a Payment Gateway company which is from India. It’s headquarter is located in Bangalore. You can use it for both your personal and business purposes. Most of the people use instamojo to receive payments digitally.

As such this platform is very beneficial for all those people. Those who want to start their own business online. And online payment helps them a lot in getting the payment.

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Features of Instamojo

  • You can upload and sell digital goods on Instamojo and in this the buyer is paid through the Instamojo payment gateway and everything is taken care of including delivery,
  • No setup fee is charged. It can be started absolutely free and it takes 5 or maximum 10 minutes to start,
  • You can request for payment by sending SMS,
  • You can create a discount code for your product.
  • All product pages can be SEO optimized with canonical tag support
  • You can allocate different commissions for different affiliates
  • You can export your sales or affiliate and import your sales to your email to increase its selling.
  • You can add features like SMS alerts and affiliate programs in both Free and Paid apps of Instamojo.
  • Only 1.9% transaction fee is available.
  • Google Analytics integration can be done.

How do people use Instamojo?

As we have mentioned that it is a payment gateway. It is used by people distally to receive payments. Let us understand this with an example:-

Suppose you have a small company.

In which you want to sell some digital products such as ebooks, software, books, etc. things online. For this, you need a payment gateway to receive payment from the internet.

There are many such payment gateways available, using which you can get online digital payment through internet. But Instamojo provides you such a platform.

In which you can get paid digitally by listing and distributing both your digital products and non-digital products. In this example, and I know a person who, with the help of instamojo, sells the ebook written by him online. made a means of. My neighbor, Sharma ji has a website of his own. They provide SEO related information on their website. And the PDF ebook is also related to its readers.

They have integrated their website with the help of instamojo payment gateway, to receive payment with the help of instamojo and distribute their e-book. You must have a desire to earn money and you can earn money by using Instamojo. And for that you have to create an account. Let me take information about how you can create an account on Instamojo.

Instamojo Account Types

You can create 2 types of accounts on Instamojo.

                1. Consumer

                2. Business

If you want to earn money from Instamojo, then you have to create a business account. Actually, with the consumer account, you can buy the products given in Instamojo. Like you buy products from Flipkart and Amazon and for that you create an account there. And the same type of account is called Consumer account in Instamojo.

If you are creating a business account, you can open your digital e-store. And here you can sell and provide your own product or your service. Here you can also earn money by sharing the link.

So let’s know without delay how to create a business account to earn money-

How to create account on Instamojo?

Creating an account on Instamojo is as easy as creating a Facebook account for yourself. To create an account on Instamojo, first you have to go to the official website of Instamojo.

Step 1- For this, you can go to the official website by typing on your Google browser.

Step 2: Now on the top right corner you will get see a Signup button, click on that Sign Up button.

Step 3:

earn money from Instamojo

When you will click on signup button it will give you some options from which you have to choose an ID to open your account. Such as Google id, Email id or Facebook id.

You simply enter your Email Id here and choose a password. Here you have to fill up the form by filling your email address, name, etc.

Step 4- Here it will ask you for your mobile number so you have to put a valid number. Then instamojo will send you an OTP to given number then fill the OTP.

Step 5:

After this you will get 2 options which is ‘Payments and Free Online Store’, we are using Instamojo to earn money so we have to click on Payment Option.

Step 6: After selecting the option with Payments, you will have to create an Instamojo Payment Link. For this you will get unique username like you get in instagram.

Note- Remember, while creating an account here, you fill all your information correctly, otherwise you may face problems while receiving payment.

How is Instamojo used?

As I have told you above that you can use Instamojo to get online payment through internet. It is a payment gateway that you can use to receive payment online.

It is very easy to receive payment from Instamojo. Every payment facility is available here. Such as – UPI, Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, etc.

However, Instamojo is more than just a payment gateway and can do a lot of things. Instamojo also provides you the facility that you provide a platform to sell any of your products, services, ebooks, digital products.

Open your online shop on Instamojo

Few days back Instamojo, has started this service on its website. With the help this service you can also open an on-line store for yourself using a custom domain.

With the help of custom domain, you have the facility to open a good online store here. Apart from this, you can sell your products on your online store. With Instamojo’s Paid, you can make and receive payments online.

How to earn money from Instamojo?

There are many ways to earn money from Instamojo. You can earn money from it in many ways.

Refer and Earn

You can earn money by inviting your friends or refer to by a link.

earn money from Instamojo

So per invitation you will be paid ₹ 500- ₹ 1500. There are some other ways that you can use to earn money. So follow the steps given bellow:-

Selling articles as e-book

If you are a writer, you have a passion for writing and you want to sell your articles as eBooks, this is a huge platform. So you can use this platform and can earn money from it.

Trade and earn

Small traders, who make things like hand craft, paintings etc. By listing your goods on this platform, you can sell them online.

Selling services

If you are also interested in software developer, game developer, etc. then you can also get your services fee through this medium.

earn money from Instamojo

Apart from this, if you want to sell some other things which are worthy to sell you can use this platform. So you can sell it with the help of instamojo and can receive payment simultaneously.

Apart from this, there are many other ways, with the help of which you can earn money from Instamojo.

Instamojo provides you a platform on which you facilitate your online shop to receive payments. Along with being a great payment gateway, it gives you many more facilities. If you want to earn money then you can earn a lot from it.


From today’s article you will get to know “What is Instamojo | How to earn money from Instamojo“. If you liked this information, then definitely comment on the comment box given below and definitely visit this website again. Thank you.

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