How to break mobile pattern lock in just 5 minutes – complete information

Today, mobile has become an integral part of our daily life. However, there may be situations when you forget your phone’s pattern lock and can no longer use your phone. In this case, you may have to unlock the pattern lock of your phone.

Speaking of this topic, in one of my previous answers, I showed you some easy methods by which you can unlock your mobile’s pattern lock. If you have forgotten your phone’s pattern lock or want to unlock it before selling your phone, then these methods are useful. You can easily unlock the pattern lock on your mobile using the above methods.

1. Try to memorize the pattern first.

If you don’t remember the pattern, you can factory reset your mobile but be aware that this will delete all the data stored on your mobile. If you can’t remember the pattern and don’t want to do a factory reset.

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2. Unlock with Google

So you also have the option of unlocking your phone and logging in to your phone using your Google account. To do this, you have to turn on your phone by pressing the Volume Up button. After this, the system will boot up and display the Safe Mode option. When you select Safe Mode, you will be asked to enter your Google Account login information.

3. Android Device Manager

If you have Android Device Manager enabled on your mobile, you can also use it to unlock your mobile’s pattern lock. To do this, you need to go to Android Device Manager and click on your phone’s name. You will then have to select the “Lock” option from there and you will be asked to set a new password.

4. Factory reset via hard reset

If your mobile won’t unlock due to a software issue, you can do a hard reset to bring it back to factory settings. To do a hard reset press together the power and volume down buttons and then go to the menu of your mobile. There you will find the Factory reset option, select it to reset the system. This will hard reset your mobile and all the data will be deleted.


Not only personal information, but mobile phone security is also important. However, if you need to pattern unlock your phone, this may not be an easy method.

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