How to watch IPL-2021 Semifinals and Final in Hotstar for Free?

How to watch IPL-2021 Semifinals and Final in Hotstar for Free?: IPL is considered like a festival in India. And the IPL in India has some other reason to watch the matches. Because everyone has a favorite team and everyone supports their favorite team.

Everyone hopes for the victory of his favorite team, some offer prayers to God and some worship for it.

Now the second round of IPL has started in 2021 and the semifinalist has also been selected. And everyone’s waiting is just that who will become the champion.

But there are many cricket lovers who are unable to watch live stream of IPL matches. You can watch the match on your TV sitting at home.

If you search about it in the internet then you will get all the options but most of them are fake or show live score on the pretext of live stream.

But I will give you a genuine solution so that you can watch live stream of IPL 2021 semifinals and final matches.

But there are people who are unable to see due to some reasons. And most of the people depend on Hotstar to watch IPL live match.

But as you know that if you want to watch IPL live in Hotstar, then you will have to take premium subscription.

We can also watch IPL on mobile with the help of disney + hotstar, but you must know that you cannot watch IPL matches for free on Hotstar, for this you have to take premium subscription of Hotstar, which means to buy a plan by paying to watch IPL on Hotstar. Does matter.

In this article you will be able to know how to take premium subscribtion to Hotstar for free. That’s why you have to read this post till the end. So let’s dig in.

How to watch IPL on Hotstar for free?

Hotstar for Free

As we know that to watch IPL on disney+ hotstar we have to buy premium plan of hotstar.

Talking about Hotstar’s VIP plan, its price is Rs 399 per year but you have nothing to worry because I will tell you how to get this plan Hotstar for free.

 Let me tell you that you are not going to get any coins on Flipkart beforehand, so you have to earn coins only then you can buy 399 VIP plan of disney + hotstar for free.

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How to earn Super coins on Flipkart to get Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription for free?

Guys, earnig for a super coin on flipkart is not a difficult task, here you get a lot of options, with the help of which you can easily earn super coin on flipkart.

The simplest and easiest way to earn coins from Flipkart is ‘Flipkart Videos’. If you are an old user of Flipkart then you would know that we can earn super coins by watching videos on Flipkart.

In Flipkart Videos, you just have to answer some questions and in return you get super coins, you will easily find answers to all the questions asked in Flipkart Videos on Google.

In Flipkart, you can earn super coins by playing games, if you do not want to earn super coins by watching videos, then you can also earn super coins by playing games, but I would advise you to use the option of video because you get more super coins in videos.

How to get Disney+ Hotstar VIP subscription for free from Flipkart Super Coins?

Let’s talk about earning a super coin, now what do you have to do next? Let’s know. Once you have earned enough super coins from Flipkart then you have to follow the below steps –

 1. Login to Flipkart FliFirst you have to login by opening Flipkart’s App or website. If you already have a Flipkart account, then you have to open it and if you do not have an account then you have to create an account.

 2. Go to SuperCoin After going to the Super coin section, click on the banner ‘Get Annual Subscription For Disney + Hotstar VIP’. After that you will see the option of Explore Now or Claim Now, click on it, now you will get a coupon code which you have to copy.

 3. Go to Hotstar. After copying the coupon code from Flipkart, you have to go above the Promocode Redeem page of your disney + hotstar and paste the coupon code that you copied from Flipkart.

 4. Enjoy Watching Free IPL As soon as you enter the coupon code of Flipkart in Hotsar, you will get the VIP plan of Rs 399 of disney + hotstar absolutely free, that too for 1 year now you can watch IPL for free here.

Watch on Jio TV App

If you are a Jio user then you must have known about Jio TV. Jio TV is designed to watch TV on mobile for free.

With its help, you can also enjoy live cricket for free. But keep in mind that to use Jio TV, it is most important for you to have a Jio SIM.

Without Jio’s SIM, you will not be able to take advantage of Jio TV.

There is a link to Hotstar in Jio TV and whenever you click on Star Sports channels in Jio TV, you will be redirected to Hotstar app.

And after that you know that you will need premium subscription there.

On How many devices can we use Disney+ Hotstar VIP?

By the way, 5 devices can log in with one Hotstar VIP account. Whereas Disney + Hotstar VIP 399 plan, can be used in two devices mobile and PC at once.

But in hotstar premium subscription for a long time whenever you want to stream premium content on more than one device you get an error “Sorry more than one premium video is being requested from this account”

How to Log out in Hotstar from every Devices?

As I told you that whenever you watch premium content on more than one device for a long time in Hotstar Premium subscription, you get an error, then you have to logout to Hostar from the rest of the device.

If you are running Hostar in more than one device then a popup opens in your mobile screen. In which you have to click on log out from all other devices, after that an OTP will come on your mobile number to which your Disney + Hotstar VIP account is linked.

And after verifying it, your Hotstar will be logged out from all the devices.

How to watch IPL 2021 on mobile?

We can easily watch IPL 2021 on our mobile by buying Disney + Hotstar’s VIP plan.

Which app to download to watch Live IPL?

Disney + Hotstar is the best app to watch IPL, you can download it from playstore.

How to Watch IPL 2021 Live for Free?

With Flipkart’s Super Coins, you can buy Disney + Hotstar VIP’s VIP plan for free and watch IPL for free.

How to Install Hotstar?

Installing Hotstar is very easy, for this you first have to go to Playstore and search Hotstar, after that first click on the official Hotstar app and install it.


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