Explained – What is meant by e-passport and how to apply for it? features,benefits

Everyone must have heard the name of passport and many must have made it too. But what is an e-passport? There will be very few people who have hardly heard about how to apply for it. In this case, here you will get more information about ePassport in India. Also, if you want to apply for e-passport, you can get that information.

Not long ago, the government made available information about making electronic passports available to the general public. For this reason people are very curious about e-passport. Everyone wants to get all the information related to their e-passport. But everywhere people do not have complete information related to this passport.

What is meant by e-passport?

Today, I will try my best to provide you all the information related to this passport in this article and also tell how to apply for this passport.

An electronic passport is such a passport, through which all the information related to you will be completely safe. The Electronic Passport was created to make your travel more comfortable and quick. Preparations for providing electronic passport-related facilities have been going on for a long time at most of the airports in India.

With the help of a chip embedded in it, your passport can be easily scanned at the counter while traveling abroad. Electronic passports are more secure than physical passports and make it easier to verify fake passports.

What is the difference between an e-passport and a normal passport?

The special thing about the e-passport is that it has a chip. The e-passport cover is slightly thicker than the regular passport due to the internal chip.

This chip serves to provide personal biometrics and personal information. Biometric information consists of human fingerprints and eye scans. The weight of an e-passport is slightly heavier than a regular passport.

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What is the reason for introducing the e-passport?

The reason the government introduces electronic passports is to significantly reduce immigration time. Earlier this passport was available only for certain people, but now it is available for the general public as well.

This electronic passport will prevent people from using fake passports. This chip has been prepared by an ISP (Indian Security Press) in Nashik.

How long does it take to get an e-passport?

Initially, you can generate an e-passport in 15 to 20 days, but the government has started efforts to reduce the period, and after a while, you will be able to generate an e-passport in 7 days.

At what age can One apply for an e-passport?

People above 18 years of age can apply for an e-passport.

The minimum age for e-passports is 15 years, but these passports are minor and are valid for 10 years only.

How does e-passport work?

Your e-passport will be scanned when you travel so that all the information about that person is displayed on the screen. The chip in your e-passport can store up to 64 kb of memory. Companion: This tip also makes it easier to store people’s travel information.

Can one apply for an e-passport online?

Yes, currently only online applications can make passports, but there are a few things you need to be careful about. All the details to apply online are given below.

And for Android users, they can download the application by searching the name of mPassport in Google’s playstore and can apply online.

How to apply for an e-passport online

Applying for an e-passport is very easy. Please be careful not to be slow down the internet when you sign up and read all the information provided carefully. The process of e-passport is very similar, to the way ECR and non-ECR are applied to passports. The whole process is the same.

Step 1. Open the Passport Seva website in your browser and click on the new user box on the website. Click to display the registration page.

Step 2. Then select the Passport Office of your city. Enter the name given on the document, enter the rest of the information, and click on the registration option.

Step 3. Registration is complete. Launch the website again and click on the login button. Enter your email address, click Continue, and enter and capture your email address, and password.

Step 4. Choose your passport to re-apply or re-issue click here to fill out the online application form and fill out the form carefully.

Step 5. If desired, you can download the form and fill it out later to transfer it to the same website. To do so, you need to click here to download the soft copy of the form. (If you accept our suggestion, please fill out the form at the same time, which will save you a lot of time)

Step 6. It will generate a new page in front of you. On this page, you have to select a specific option as per your convenience and click on the Next page.

Step 7. On the page that appears you will have to enter all your personal information. Make sure the information you enter is the same as the document you have with you. After entering all the information click on the ‘submit’ option at the bottom and right side.

Step 8. After entering all the information, go back to the New Passport Application and Passport Resume page and click on View Saved/Submitted Applications.

Once the application is submitted, the rest of the steps are to be done while making further payments.

Electronic Passport Payment

Whether you apply for a regular passport or an electronic passport, you will have to pay online. Once you pay, you have three chances. Once your application is submitted, you need to follow these steps to make the payment.

Step 1. Now when you see the option of Payment and Schedule Appointment, click on it. Select Online Payment and press Next.

Step 2. By doing this, you will get a list of Passport Seva Kendras near your home and the date and time of your booking will be written. To choose the option at your convenience, you need to click on New in the dropdown right next to the PSK location.

Step 3. You have to enter the capture and click on Next. Then click on Written Payment and Booking Appointment.

Step 4. This will generate a page in front of you where the booking confirmation will be written and will fill in all the information related to the booking. Please read the page carefully.

Step 5. After this, you have to click on Print Receipt. With this, you will be able to read all the information in a better way. After this click on Print Receipt.

Step 6. Do this so you can see off-receipt reviews. Now you have to apply again. This will allow you to print the application confirmation. You have to present this printout with your Passport Seva Kendra.

Please reach out before the scheduled time and take all your documents with you. Once the police verification is complete, you will be given your passport.

Benefits of e-passport

  • The biggest advantage of e-passports is that due to their arrival, fake passports will be stopped.
  • E-passports are more secure than physical passports.
  • Passenger biometric data is stored in your e-passport. In such a situation, passengers do not have to face any kind of problem in case of loss of passport.
  • Most importantly, once your e-passport is received, you can save a lot of time for verification.
  • In addition, immigration is much easier and faster.

Final Word

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