How is Google TV different from Android TV?

Google TV is Known as the upgraded version of Android TV. Google TV is a new type of Android TV built on the Android platform itself, and launched with more advanced features than ever before. It is a smart TV that is part of the Google ecosystem full of artificial intelligence.

If we are talking about Smart TV, then first let us know the difference between Smart TV and Android TV.

What is the difference between Google TV and Android TV?

Everything has changed in today’s era. TVs came first, followed by LCD and LED TVs, but in 2008 the first smart TVs were released. However, there was no information about this in the market.

That’s why some people do not know much about Smart TV. Smart TVs run like Android. But sometimes many questions come in the mind.

What is Google TV? What about Android TV? What is the difference between Google TV and Android TV? What is the difference between the two? There is a lot of confusion among people about this.

We all know that Android is an operating system which runs on devices like mobiles and tablets. And this is the place to install all your apps and can run the app.

Before knowing the difference between Google TV and Android TV, let us know what is Smart TV.

What is Smart TV?

Smart TV is meant to make things easier in a smart way. Internet connectivity, advanced technologies like gesture, recognition, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi make your job easy.

Today’s LED TVs come with many options. There are tons of new options available, including USB ports, HDTV ports, HDMI ports, and more. And most people know it. But apart from all these options, did you know that TVs are starting to look like cell phones?

Where you can run, download and install Android apps, Internet browser, Google Assistant, Google Maps, etc. Can play multiple apps like Movies, Channels, News, YouTube etc.

You can watch anything online anytime on this Smart TV, because earlier people had to recharge to watch channels on Dish. But on today’s smart TV, you can watch everything from internet data to free.

Features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Hotspot and Android support have started coming. That’s why it got the name Smart TV.

What is Android TV?

This Android TV works like a smart TV so you can call it as smart TV. But TVs made with the Android operating system. The same name is Smart TV. All types of TVs have come to Android TV. However, smart TVs from some companies are not made on Android.

That’s why there are many TVs with Android. You can run any app. You can also install and download apps. You can also install APK apps. Like mobile, there is a Google Play Store. Anyone can download the app from there. You can even play games.

What is Google TV?

Google TV, an Android (operating system) based smart TV platform from tech giant Google, is available for Chromecast and Smart TV devices, and will soon offer free TV channels to users.

Along with the Navbharat Times news platform, Google says it will soon add these channels to its free and ad-supported streaming provider’s Smart TV platform, allowing users to enjoy the TV experience with commercials in the traditional way.

Since Google TV is a streaming platform based on Android, Google plans to launch this platform on all smart TVs and Android-based streaming devices by next year. Apart from this, there are some other differences between the names of the two names as well as one that must be understood.

Similarities between Android TV and Google TV

Android TV and Google TV offer a variety of the same smart TV apps and games, while Google Assistant also provides support for voice commands. You also get intelligent home controls, chrome casting and media streaming. The two smart TV systems also provide video games through Google’s Stadia Cloud Gaming service.

Difference between Android TV and Google TV

Google TV is not a replacement for Android TV, as it is not an operating system, but a new interface built on the Android TV operating system to better manage content, with applications to search the main TV screen. Instead of crowding with a streaming service you want to watch, the new Google interface will allow you to add the streaming services you want to your account for easy access.

In short, like Google TV with Android TV operating system, Smart TV has its own interface that allows you to navigate using the remote control and easily access the content you need.

Wrap Up

From this article, you got to know what are the similarities and differences between Android TV and Google TV.

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