Google Pixel 6A Review | Specification and price (1st Aug)

Recently, Google launched a new smartphone with all the latest features of Android. In such a situation, I give you the information about the Google Pixel 6A  price, specs, and where to buy.

If you prefer to use your Android phone in this situation and want to buy this new smartphone from Google, then go through the detailed specifications and pricing of the Google Pixel 6A listed here first.

This is because the Google Pixel 6A mobile has just been released. The price ranges from around 40,000 to 70,000 rupees. Google has made this mobile keeping in mind these customers. People who prefer small mobile phones to big screen mobile phones.

The best thing about Google Pixel 6A is that the processor used in this mobile has been made jointly by Google and Samsung. This processor is a 5 nm-based processor and is reported to deliver the same performance as the Google Pixel 6 Pro. This can be seen only after reading the review of the Google Pixel 6A.

Specifications of Google Pixel 6A

Just as Apple only sells its flagship smartphones, similarly all Google smartphones are priced in the range of Rs 70,000 to Rs 80,000. Both the camera and processor are excellent on these mobiles and are also called the best in terms of design.

But now, Google has also launched a new smartphone for customers who buy mid-range phones that cannot be purchased from Flipkart. But before that, you need to know about this mobile spec.

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The design of the Google Pixel 6A is very good. Glass has been installed on both sides of the mobile phone and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection is available. When you use your mobile phone, your fingerprint will appear on the back. Hence, it is more effective when used in conjunction with a phone cover.

This time Google has made some changes in mobile. This is because almost all Android mobiles use Snapdragon or MediaTek processors. But here Google used the name Google Tensor. It has been made jointly by Samsung and Google.

When you buy this phone, it only comes with a USB Type-C to Type C cable. A charging adapter is not included. You will need to buy another adapter to charge your mobile phone.

By the way, this phone supports a dual sim. However, if you remove the SIM card slot, you will be given the option to insert only one SIM card. Because the second sim card is for taking an e-sim card.

Google Pixel 6A comes in three different colors. You can buy any of these three colors (Black, Green, and White). What I mean is that there is only one type available for this.

CameraRear Camera = 12.2MP + 12MP
Front Camera = 8MP
Processor  Google Tensor Processor
Screen15.6 cm (6.14 inch) OLED Display
Battery4410 mAh Battery
Storage              128GB
Connectivity      5G
Charging Capacity          18W

1. Design of Google Pixel 6A

This phone is made by Google. So its design will be liked by almost everyone. Before designing a new mobile, Google does a lot of research, then it makes a new mobile.

There are two rear cameras available in Google Pixel 6A. By the way, all the smartphones that are made today have big screens and one of them is also mobile. I found it to be a very useful smartphone.

If you do not like big phones then you can buy this phone, but before doing this you should know about the rest of the features.

I like Google’s smartphones, but this time the mobile that Google has launched has many drawbacks, which is why I wrote the review of the Google Pixel 6A. learn more about.

2. Google Pixel 6A Display 

The screen of this phone has a 6.14-inch OLED display which is very good because it is a very bright display. If you need to use your phone outside somewhere in the sun, no problem.

By the way, this phone also supports HDR 10 and you can watch all your contacts by playing them in HD on Netflix, and Amazon.

By the way, the screen is used quite well in this mobile. One problem is that if you spend a lot of money then you should get a smartphone with at least a 120Hz refresh rate for the same price, whereas the Google Pixel 6A only offers a 60Hz refresh rate.

Normal users will not have any problem, but everyone who plays games or uses their phone a lot will see this problem.

3. Google Pixel 6A Camera

Other smartphones of the same price are going to come where when reviewing the cameras, the Google Pixel 6A is the only winner, as the image quality of the camera is very good. Although the main camera of 12.2MP will be available, with this you can click very good pictures.

It has a 12 MP camera for ultra-wide. You can click a very nice picture, but it takes a lot of time to post-process the image this is the only drawback I noticed. But when you click on a photo and save it, you can see its colors and the details very well.

I told you in my last post. If your mobile has a 108 MP camera, then you shouldn’t be the only one who can click perfect photos with it. Since we only get 12MP and 8MP cameras here, we can set this example on this mobile.

Talking about video recording, you can also use Google Camera to record up to 4K 60FPS. Along with this, OIS and EIS are also supported.

4. Processor

Many people will ask if they can play the game on this mobile. I would like to answer this, but if you want to play a game you can. However, it does not give a very good performance.

Compared to a smartphone under Rs 40,000, the display should deliver performance not available on this mobile, which may disappoint the customers who buy this mobile.

If you have a smartphone that can run both video editing and games at top speed, then according to us this mobile is not worth it. Instead, you can buy the rest of your smartphone for the same price.

5. Battery

Almost all smartphones in this price range come with at least 4500mAh – 4500mAh battery, with slightly less battery life. But it is not much to consider, but still, I think it would have been nice if there was a little more battery.

By the way, Google’s smartphone has Android and it has a smartphone that consumes less battery. According to him, this battery is enough, so in terms of charging capacity, I found it a bit unsatisfactory here.

This is because it can only support 18W charging. If you spend around Rs 40,000 on just one smartphone, it should be at least 33W or more. Therefore almost all facilities should be provided there.

Google Pixel 6A Prince in India

If you want to buy this phone, then you have to buy it by visiting the online shopping site Flipkart. The price of the phone is ₹ 43,999.

Axis Bank credit card holders can avail of a minimum discount of ₹3000 on the purchase of this phone. Go to Flipkart and find the discount details.

Let’s talk by reading this post of ours, there are many smartphones in the market at the same price that you can buy. But if you want to buy it only from Google, then you have bought it.

Here I thought this mobile is too expensive, or if you want to buy a good photographer, stock an android smartphone and you can buy Google Pixel 6A.

It also has some drawbacks, such as mobile charging supports only 18W charging, and is a bit weak in terms of performance.

Wrap Up

Dear friends, how did you feel after reading the review of the Google Pixel 6A in Hindi? Also, if you need any information related to this phone, then you can ask by writing in the comment box below.

You can also read mobile reviews and technical articles on this blog of ours. Thank You.

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