Tiki App | When and How To Get Money On Tiki App ?

Get Money On Tiki App: Friends, are you making videos from the Tiki app to earn money online? Earn money by making short videos from this app and earn money in a month from the Tikki app. This post provides information about that entire process.

Tiki App

If you also have some similar questions, then definitely read this blog post because here we provide complete details about the TIki app. Many of you have made videos from this app and gained millions of followers but are not able to earn any money from it.

There are also many ways to earn money from the Tiki app which can be used to create a means of additional income. Those who have information about them are earning 50-60 thousand rupees monthly comfortably from the Tiki app.

If you also want to know about these methods then read the article till the end.

What is Tiki App?

Tiki is an app that allows you to upload video records that can be viewed by anyone using the Tiki app. If you like the video then you can also like and comment.

These 60-second videos let you showcase your talents in dance, singing, art, comedy, and more. Tiki App has almost every type of audience who want to watch the content you create.

If your videos are not going viral on Instagram reels, try downloading the Tiki app once. Due to the low number of creators making videos on this app, there are more chances of your video going viral.

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How to download the Tiki App

If you want to earn money by making videos from this app, or if you just want to use it for fun, then you must download this app first.

Downloading this app is a very easy task. You can follow the steps given below to “Download Tiki App”.

Step 1. First of all open Google Play Store on your mobile.

Step 2. Go to the search box and search “Tiki App“.

step 3. Click on the first application in the displayed search results.

Step 4. Then you will see the Install button. Click to start downloading this app.

Once the download process is complete, it will automatically be installed as well and will be ready to open and use.

How to create an account on the Tiki app?

You don’t need to create an account just to watch videos, if you want to earn money from the Tiki app, then you should create an account for it. It also has many advantages such as you can like and comment on the video you like.

Please tell me how to create an account on the Tiki app because I can earn money only after creating an account.

To do this, you will need a mobile phone number that allows you to create an account on the Tiki app. Then follow the steps given below to check the details.

Step 1:- As soon as you launch this app, you will be presented with several options as below. Click on the last profile icon.

Step 2:- Write your active mobile number on it and then the OTP which will reach on Tiki app.

Step 3: – Now your account has been created but your profile is not complete. So, you need to enter the details like name, date of birth, etc.

Step 4:- If you want to set your profile picture then you can upload the picture clicked earlier.

Step 5:- After that, if you want to write something in your bio below your profile then you will also see that option. You can also leave it.

Friends, you can create an account like this on the Tiki app. It was a very easy method. You can create an account by entering your Gmail ID instead of your mobile number, but most people prefer to create an account with their mobile number only.

How to upload videos on the Tiki app?

Now how to upload videos on the Tiki app becomes the most important task. You should know that this is a short video platform and we have been told that the platform allows uploading of videos of up to 15-60 seconds.

But there are also a lot of 7-8 second videos in the app, so let’s talk about how to upload videos to the Tiki app. There are two ways to do this.

Firstly, you can upload pre-recorded videos. You can then record and edit dancing, singing, and lip-syncing videos and upload them from the Tiki app.

To upload a video from this app first open this app and click on the + (plus) icon.

You can see that your phone’s camera is on. After that, select music will appear at the top and click to add your favorite music.

If you want to add filters, click on the Beauty button to apply filters. This will improve the video quality.

After doing this you will see a yellow round button, also known as the record button. Press it once to start the video recording.

Once the video is recorded, click on the tick icon.

Now you can edit this recorded video. So if you want to add text, stickers, or filters, you can apply them.

After this write a caption or title for your video. If you want a thumbnail, you can also upload it. Then click on the Post Now button.

By doing this your video will be published on the Tiki app and everyone will be able to watch it. earn money.

When will I get my money on Tiki App?

To earn money from the Tiki app, people say that the more views the Tiki app gets, the more money it will get, but the Tiki app has never given views money to the users to date.

However, some people have spread the rumor that if you go live and send stickers to the audience watching you, you get paid and hardly make any money out of it.

Don’t be discouraged. Because we told you how to earn money from the Tiki app where you can earn 50,000 to 60,000 rupees per month.

How to earn money from the Tiki app?

By now you must have known that the Tiki app does not pay for uploading videos. With the help of this app, you can earn good money using other methods.

I am sure many of you know that making videos on the Tiki app has gone viral. Alternatively, if you have an ID, you can use it to earn money.

So, you have learned about these methods, how they work, and how to earn money through Tiki App.

1) by app reference

There are many apps like Winzo, Ludo Gold, etc which earn very good money per referral. Some apps can give you up to Rs.800-1000 for each referral.

There are many trading apps like Groww, 5Paisa, and Upstox which are great for getting new clients. To do this, you must first download the app and register.

After that copy the reference link you will get. Then you should make a short video explaining how you made money using all these apps.

You can tell your audience about earning money and ask them to download the app through your referral link. The more people download the app using your link, the more money you can make.

2) Sponsorship/Brand Deals

There might be some brands working on Tiki apps right now, but they make a lot of money by making videos. You need to make a video and explain your product to your audience.

In return, you can also donate a substantial amount. For example, some people can earn Rs 20,000-25,000 per video.

To do this, you must first increase the number of followers on your Tiki account. Otherwise, brands themselves may offer deals or email brands. We explained how many likes and views a video can get for your Tiki account.

You can promote your betting app and get branded deals fast and in the right quantity. If not, then you should not be promoting all these apps.

3) You can sell your products

Today everyone is bringing their business online. Short videos are considered the best medium because in this way you can promote your products for free.

To do this, just make a short video, like if you run a business of t-shirts, jackets, shoes, or other similar products, and you can showcase your amazing collection in your video.

If someone likes your collection and wants to buy it, you can give them your cell phone number in the same video. This is how they can contact you.

Just like making videos on the Tiki app, this app will give you more reach than Instagram Reels.

4) By sending traffic to your blog

According to YouTube, the earnings from the blog are high. If your blog has only 1000 pageviews, you can easily earn $4-5 from Indian traffic.

In the Tiki app, you can make short videos like this and ask people to download the app. For users with only the download link available on your site, you can show a video on how to download the app.

For example, you can go to the Tiki app and see the Hoga Toga, Tech Droid Hindi page. Both of them make a good amount of money using this method to drive traffic to their sites.

5) By creating a youtube channel

YouTube is also considered a good source of revenue and many viewers would love to see your lifestyle if you make videos on the Tiki app and become famous.

For them, you can create a daily vlog or other videos to entertain people or learn something.

Once your face value is created in the Tiki app, anyone who recognizes your face will see your video, automatically getting you an organic view.

Also, if you have millions of followers on TIki, you can promote your YouTube channel from there to get more subscribers and earn money from YouTube.

6) by promoting other Tiki accounts;

Many people want to get followers very quickly with their Tiki accounts ready to spend money. Now you can find people who want to promote their accounts.

Another way to do this is if someone wants to promote their Tiki account they can message them in their Tiki profile bio.

For this, money can be charged according to you. In that case, you can promote your account in several ways, such as by uploading videos to your account.

By doing similar work, you can also earn money by promoting other people’s accounts.

FAQ – How to earn money from Tiki App?

Q1. When will I get money from the Tiki app?

Answer. The Tiki app does not offer money. You have to earn money in other ways.

Q2.”Tiki App” is the company of which country?

Answer. The name of the company making the Tiki App is “DOL Technology PTE”. And it is a “Singaporean” company.

Q3. Who is the owner of “Tiki App”?

Answer. The name of the owner(s) of this app is Mike Audi.

Q4. How to make a Tiki app video viral?

Answer. The only way to make your video go viral is to make a music video that is trending at the time, or if you are making a comedy video, make it 30 seconds or less at first.

Q5. How to get a blue tick on the Tiki app?

Answer. To get blue ticks on the Tiki app, just focus on increasing your followers and going viral for your videos. By doing this, a blue tick will automatically come to your account.

Wrap Up:-

Friends, I hope you have ever got a question in your mind “When can I earn money from Tiki app?”. You must have got the answer. So now we have told how to earn money from Tiki apps and how to earn money from Tiki app.

If you need any information about the Tiki app or how to earn money then please contact us by commenting below. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

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