How to earn money with the help of WhatsApp? Check top tricks

How to make money from WhatsApp? There are disagreements among people on this question, but you can indeed make money from WhatsApp. If you want to earn from WhatsApp therefore, please read this article completely. I’m not saying that you can earn 50,000 to 100,000 rupees a month from WhatsApp, but you can earn 5,000 to 10,000 rupees a month. To do this, you need to take an hour from your precious time of the day to give WhatsApp and the Internet time.

Then you can easily make income on WhatsApp. Anyway, if you are using an online app, but how to earn money directly from WhatsApp? However, you can earn money from them for a few days. But once you start earning money in WhatsApp, it keeps on growing.

Here we are going to tell some ways to earn money on WhatsApp for those people who want to earn money from mobile. Help them all to start working on the phone and earn some money. This method may not have been very popular till now, but in the future, it will be an important source of money for mobiles.

There are some conditions for making money in any way. There are some conditions for making money in any way. If you want to earn money every day from WhatsApp then you have to pay attention to some requirements for this. Since these are the ways in which you can increase your money, there are some lists to make money through WhatsApp that you will need to complete, which you will need before you start working

What are the requirements to earn money from WhatsApp?

There are some requirements for earning money or growing your channel in any way. Just like we told in the post “how to grow telegram channel“, if you want to earn money every day from WhatsApp then you have to pay attention to some requirements for this.

 Since these are the ways in which you can increase your money, there are some lists to make money through WhatsApp marketing that you will need to complete, which you will need before you start working.

1. You need multiple phone numbers (1000 or 2000 phone numbers).

If you want to make money with WhatsApp, you need 1000-2000 mobile numbers. If you have a group, you can make money on WhatsApp. If you don’t know how to collect WhatsApp numbers, you can use this tip. The more mobile numbers you have, the better, as all of these numbers will be an audience that can target suggestions and make money for you.

Facebook-You can request WhatsApp numbers from your friends and groups on Facebook. Like when you need to collect Whatsapp numbers. So I posted the number on Facebook and wrote, “If you’re brothers and want SSC exam preparation notes, use this number for WhatsApp.”

Database-There are many companies that sell WhatsApp number databases with many numbers. If you don’t want to work hard on Facebook, you can buy a database of thousands, millions, and even effortlessly here. Get data from the database by location, occupation, and age. Therefore, it will be easier for the class of people who want to aim in such a situation.

2. You need to know about affiliate marketing

Few people know about affiliate marketing, but it’s the most popular way to sit at home and make money. If you understand this well, you can earn hundreds of thousands of rupees. Affiliate marketing requires you to sell your product online when you sell it. Therefore, you will receive 10% of the product price.

For example, if Flipkart has shoes worth 500 rupees and you sell them online, you will receive 50 rupees at Flipkart. Similarly, if the product price is 5000, you will receive 500 rupees.

However, to sell a website’s products online, you need an affiliate account for that website. If you have an affiliate account on the Flipkart, Amazon, or Bluehost website, it’s very good. If not, you can create affiliate accounts for all websites from the links below.

Tip: We recommend partnering elsewhere. You can create an affiliate account and make money in one place, and VCommission is one of the portals where you can create an account and sell all your products. Here you can find all the single products you can find on Flipkart, Amazon, Mitra, Bluehost, and other websites. In this situation, one account completes the entire task.

How to make money with WhatsApp?

Now when all the requirements are met you have a WhatsApp number list and an affiliate account. Therefore, you can make money using the methods mentioned here.

I don’t want to tell you that this is the best way to do it, but it’s one of the most popular ways to make money. It helps to make money and can be used with other resources. I think many would otherwise be millionaires, but that’s not the case. You have to work all the way, which is not the best, but one of the best.

1. App Recommendations:

There was a time when Paytm offered up to 25 rupees for every recommendation. But now many apps occupy the spot and give up to 1200 rupees for a referral. In these situations, WhatsApp can help you make money. Thus, income from WhatsApp tops the list as there are many stock exchanges and other mobile apps in the market today that provide quick download and referral options. Just like you can earn thousands of rupees from the Upstox app, it does the same.

I have suggested some apps that you can try for the stock exchange. Every app you visit here gets 100 to 1200 rupees from the recommender. So in this situation, the daily income even from the recommendation of two people every day is Rs 2400.

  1. Angel one
  2. Groww
  3. Upstox

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2. Direct Promotion:

Direct promotions are available if you already have proof of how you made the conversion using WhatsApp. For this reason, selling your products using the third method, affiliates, gives people confidence.

There can be a lot going for direct promotion. You can let someone increase your blog traffic, let someone increase your subscriptions, and let someone download your app. However, all these functions can be used only after presenting evidence. In these situations, you can participate in all of the app’s CPA programs and receive money when you download the app.

If you know someone, you can contact him and say that you have a 2000 WhatsApp number. If you can reach 2000 people by taking 1000 or 500 rupees, then any blogger can pay 1000 or 500 rupees very easily.

If you are not familiar with bloggers, app developers, or product public relations, groups then don’t worry. You can reach that user by following some of the suggestions below.

  • Make a list of the jobs you’ve done, list jobs on a website like Fiverr, and ask people to do the work.
  • Join Quora and the affiliate community to find out who is looking for WhatsApp Marketing. You can target them.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

If you don’t get a direct promotion, or if you want to make more money from direct promotion then Affiliate Marketing is the best. All you have to do here is add an affiliate account product and share it with multiple WhatsApp groups.

Many affiliate network sites do not pay for conversions from WhatsApp. In this situation, create a free blog, list all the products there, and then share the link.

Wrap Up

Friends, if you want to know how to earn money from WhatsApp? So this trick is best for you to earn money from WhatsApp. I have tried to explain to you in a good and easy way in this post so that you can understand how WhatsApp Application is used to earn? If still you have any problem with this post or post it about If you have any suggestion or idea then you can comment us.

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