Ceir App Download- Not to worry… Track Your Stolen Phone

Has your phone been stolen too? So you can use this government mobile tracking app to track your mobile phone and keep the data on it safe. For this, you have to download the ‘Ceir app’.

Ceir App

You must be well aware that the IMEI number is used for mobile tracking, so you can use this number to track your lost/stolen mobile. Anyway, it was made by the Ministry of Telecom. The app is there, so you can count on it.

This app can also be used while buying a used phone, but as is often the case, using a stolen phone while buying a second-hand phone can also land you in trouble. The ‘Ceir app’ will be very helpful to find your lost phone.

What is Ceir App?

You already know that the Ceir app is a government mobile tracking app. The Ceir app is developed by the ‘Center for the Development of Telematics(C-DOT), whose full name is Ceir (Central Equipment Identity Register).

Google has also made an app in your service to recover lost mobile. But it is believed that the Ceir app, is much better than Android Device Manager a tracking app made by Google.

If your close relative or friend’s mobile is lost, then it is advisable to use this app. It is not only useful for Android devices but also beneficial for iPhone users.

When was the Ceir app released?

If It becomes very important to find Stolen phones because it contains information about your work, so you must do this ‘Ceir app’ for it. It is built for both Android and iPhone operating systems and this app for Android mobiles was released on August 28, 2018.

Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can still use Ceir to track your lost/stolen mobile. This can be done using the web portal or also by using the SMS to block the IMEI number.

Features of Ceir App:-

We will know about the features of the Ceir app because these features will come in handy for you. The smartphone has become the need of everyone right now and for this need, the Ceir app is needed so that your mobile can be saved from theft or loss.

Accidental theft or losing your phone can be a big problem, so you must be aware of all the features of this app.

  • If your phone is stolen then you can easily track it through this app.
  • If you don’t want unauthorized access to the data stored on your phone, you can still lock your phone after it’s stolen.
  • If you find your phone later, you can also easily unblock it using your mobile number.
  •  Before buying a second-hand phone, if you want to check if this phone has been stolen, you can do IMEI verification.

How to Download Ceir App

Friends, how to download the Ceir app has become the most important. If you go to the Google Play Store to download this app, you may not be able to download it because it has been uploaded to the Play Store under a different name.

I’ll tell you what need to do to download it. We have covered both Android and iPhone devices here.

Step 1:- First of all visit the official website (https://www.ceir.gov.in).

Step 2:- On the same home page scroll down a bit and you will see a section with the Ceir app to download. Click it.

Step 3:- If you want to download for android mobile then click on the play store icon. For iPhone devices, you’ll need to scan the barcode there.

In this way, you can download the Ceir app on your mobile. Anyone who wants to download this app on Play Store for Android mobile can search it by typing “KYM – Know Your Mobile”.

You will see the same app at the top which you can download and use on your mobile.

How to track mobile with the Ceir app?

It is very easy to track lost/stolen mobiles with this app. After your phone is stolen, you should get a police complaint or FIR, but you can also block your mobile at the same time. You can have whatever you want on your mobile phone.

Some important steps are given below for this. Following them, you can submit a request to track your lost cell phone.

  1. To do this, you need to visit the official website of Ceir.
  2. In the “Ceir Services” menu, click on “Block Lost/Stole Mobile”.
  3. After this, a form will open where you will have to provide your mobile IMEI number, mobile phone number, copy of FIR provided by the police, Aadhar card, etc.
  4. After this, an OTP will be sent to the mobile number entered by you.
  5. After confirming this, your request will be sent.

Thereafter, phone tracking will be initiated by the Telecom Authority and your mobile will be blocked immediately so that your mobile data is safe.

Now I know how many cell phones are stolen every day and I need to keep track of them all. So it may take some time. If you wish to know the status of your request, you will be given a request number.

Go to Ceir Services, Open Check Request Status, Enter the Request Number there and Click on Submit. With this, you will know the status of your lost/stolen mobile.

Once you have found your mobile, do you know how to unblock it? It’s also very easy.

  • Again visit the same website, the official website of Ceir.
  • Then click on Unblock Mobile Found in Seri Services.
  • Here you have to fill in your request ID, mobile number, and reason for unblocking.
  • An OTP will be sent to the mobile number entered by you, so confirm it.
  • This will give you a secret code. Your mobile will be unblocked as soon as you type on your mobile.

This is how you can track or block stolen items using the Ceir app.

Advantages of Ceir App:-

  • With the help of this app, you can track your stolen phone.
  • If you have personal data on your mobile then you can block your mobile.
  • With IMEI verification you can check if your phone has been stolen or not.
  • This app is completely free. For this reason, getting a premium subscription is not necessary.

Disadvantages of Ceir App:-

  • With so many mobile phones being stolen every day, it takes a long time to track them down.
  • Mobile tracking of lost/stolen items would have been nice as the Ceir app currently only allows IMEI authentication.

Ceir App Alternatives

Would you also like to know about apps that work similarly to Ceir app? It works great, but there are other apps you can use.

  1. Find My Google Device
  2. Where Is My Droid
  3. Lost Android
  4. Find My Phone : Find Lost Phone

These are the four apps that work just like the Ceir app. If you want to download an alternate app, you can download the above app.

Wrap Up

We hope you found this article written by us explaining how to track your friend, download the Ceir app, Features of the Ceir app or how to track mobile with the Ceir app. Information has been given about this, so be careful.

You can easily track your lost/stolen mobile whenever you need it, so if you have any queries or suggestions, write them in the below comment box.

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